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Tony Reddington

4 Years Ago

Touch Up And Tweek For Printing

I have a habit of processing images quite dark. Rich has helped me in the past with this, but I figured I would show a before and after , of Rich's tweeks.

The image is of a model on a shovelhead Harley. Because of the bike and the clothes and the fact that the image was not as sharp as I would have liked I decided to do a 'hdr' effect to mask the lack of sharpness and to go with the 'style' of the bike and models clothes.

there was a van in the bottom rh corner of the image which i cloned out
i desaturated the bg wall and door and darkened them a bit
I airbrushed new skin onto the model because the 'hdr' tends to give zombie like skin
it had just been raining so the overall image was dark, I wanted to leave that alone but lighten the model a bit, as can be seen from the halo around her head.

I'll let Rich explain what he did to tweek the image and make it more suitable for printing

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Rich Franco

4 Years Ago


Great image! The composition is right on too! The model did a great job with the wardrobe, which sometimes isn't the case. They wear stuff that makes them look good, but not anything that helps the photograph.

I used Photoshop CS6, which was overkill for this tweaking and could have been done in LightRoom,Elements or some other program. First, I opened "brightness and contrast" and poped this to over 80+!!! Even though this image is a grungy kinda image, I thought that the overall image needed more light and would print better as a brighter image. The whites, really grays, in the wall are now in the 200's, using the eyedropper to check, where before they were in the low 100's. I used the large pipe as a standard, since the wall has a lot of texture and would fool the eyedropper. HDR adds some "darkness", not a Photoshop term! and needs to be watched as it pushes down the overall brightness of an image.

I then took the dodge and burn tool and removed the slight "halo" around her head(I'm lying, I did this first, when the image was still dark and the halo was easier to see!). I didn't want to create a new darker halo, so I knocked the tool back to about 30% and worked up from there.

I then used the "patch" tool and removed the pipe from the "y" shaped connection and the clone tool to remove the small window/vent and reduced some of the stains on the wall as well. I think that was all for this image.

One tip for the day: I ALWAYS as, my final tool, open up the "brightness and contrast" box and add 10-20% brightness and sometimes more, because after fooling around with the image, it seems, to me and I might be wrong(but I doubt it) the image gets darker as you work on it. I haven't tested this yet, but every image get's a B&C bump!

Okay, I hoped this helped a little and thanks to Tony for uploading his image, for me to play with,



Tony Reddington

4 Years Ago

Thanks for explaining Rich,
I will keep your tip of the day, I need it
It looks much much better as a brighter image and I know it would print better .
I'm not sure if Rich missed it , but i certainly did, the reflection of the models leg in the battery cover, its still the zombie colour.

Maybe thats tip 2 for the day, leave the image after you process it and look at it the following day and re check it for any missed bits.


Rich Franco

4 Years Ago


I did miss it! Doesn't really bother me though,



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