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Lee Farley

4 Years Ago

First Sale- Not Online

I made my first sale ever last week! The man requested a pirate ship on the ocean the colors mostly blue, black, grey, and white. He asked how much I wanted for it, and being that it was a rather easy thing to paint, nor time consuming.. I charged 20$ [wasnt large] and had him buy a few minor materials I needed such as paint brushes. I was so proud of the finished product, and his mother whom he gave it to, LOVED it. She said she already has two friends interested in paying me to paint them something. I am so excited, I feel like perhaps I finally have a shot.

How did you get your first sale? Online? Off line? =] Was it commission based or just simply someone purchasing a completed work of your art?

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Carmen Hathaway

4 Years Ago

Congrats Lee & enjoy the glow!

It was in a gallery/offline -- 2 original pen & ink illustrations that were in on consignment -- one of the patrons wanted to meet me.

When I walked into her beautiful home to see my piece hanging alongside one created by one of my favorite artists -- well, you can figure out the bliss factor. :)


See My Photos

4 Years Ago

Congratulations! Still waiting for my first sale.


Larry Lamb

4 Years Ago

Convgratulations Lee. My first was sale was special too. Enjoy it, and I hope you have oodles more.


Tom Druin

4 Years Ago

Art Prints congrats on your sale...lee


Congratulations, Lee -- it's a great feeling! (Time to raise the prices on your originals!)

Years ago, I sold the first photo I'd ever taken with my new, Canon 35mm SLR camera. I'd ordered a large-format print and had it delivered to my office. That very afternoon, a co-worker convinced me to let him buy it.

That was a watershed moment for me, an epiphany of possibilities I'd never even considered. :-)


Mary Armstrong

4 Years Ago

My first sale as a young artist was a crayola 18" x 24" sketch of a running greyhound dog. Was for commercial use and was not paid much. I was all of 11 yrs. old.! LOL Over time I believe my first ever sale came from an exhibition in an art museum show which included many artists. And coming up I'm planning a painting of a requested subject I am less familiar with but will give it all my attention.


congrats! hopefully you'll get more! i sell my 8 by 10 "handelskade" paintings in my parents stores for 20usd a pop as well, just to get my name out there , i use canvas panel's so its not that expensive, i really believe it takes time , to get your name out there.


JC Findley

4 Years Ago

Congrats Lee!


Janine Riley

4 Years Ago

I guess you can say " Your ship came in " !

Congrats. & many more sails to you.


Darice Machel McGuire

4 Years Ago

Congratulations Lee. Your first sail is the one you'll always remember. Mine was many many years ago, While in my twenties. It was through my parents gallery in Lake Tahoe, it was a small watercolor of a desert. I was a rebel back then and wouldn't paint Lake Tahoe. Most of the work that sold in the Gallery was Tahoe scenes. My parents kept telling me "Tahoe tourists want Tahoe paintings". Well not the lady who bought my watercolor. She was so thrilled to buy it cause it reminded her of her childhood home.


Lee Farley

4 Years Ago

Thank you everyone! I am so happy and hope that I get a sale online as well. =]


Lee Farley

4 Years Ago

Sell Art Online someone was interested in my large grouper but then dropped out of the deal., BOOOOO :./


Kathi Shotwell

4 Years Ago

Big congrats Lee!! Here's to many more!

My first was in high school, we had an art fair at the end of the year and I sold all my mounted prints plus took orders. What a thrill.. you never forget your first...


Lee Farley

4 Years Ago

Kathi- That's awesome =]


John McDonnell

4 Years Ago

When I was 14 years old I enetered a competition on television. I won. I was thrilled. Then I did some watercolours and went to have them framed. The owner of the shop was so impressed she offered to frame 2 pictures free of charge if she could keep the third. So my first sale was a barter and I was thrilled. I have only sold one other picture through an art shop. Again I took a water colour set in exchange which I still have.



Marlene Book

4 Years Ago

Congrats! When I was 13 or 14, I entered a contest sponsored by Popsicle. You were supposed to use the red circle from the Popsicle wrapper in a unique way. I used it in a bowl of fruit which I drew and colored using Crayola crayons. I loved crayola and wouldn't use anything else. It was so long ago I don't remember where I placed. But... I won a harmonica (Horner I think) which I kept for years and never learned to play. It was all I needed. It was not my motivation, nor my inspiration to keep painting. However, it was somewhat of a validation. From then on people asked me to paint things for which I never charged. I think my first sale/commission was a portrait of an old couple for which I charged $ 25. I still get elated every time I sell something. Wishing you many more sales.


Kiara Reynolds

4 Years Ago

Congrats my first sale was offline too! Actually lot of my sales are off line maybe because Tgats where I got my start before I knew anything aboutt online. I Was in middle school and I used to sell graffiti/ custom like pictures :)


Lee Farley

4 Years Ago

Crayola is amazing marlene!


Tony Reddington

4 Years Ago

congrats Lee


Andrew Pacheco

4 Years Ago

Congratulations Lee! Hope you sell plenty more, too!


Colin Utz

4 Years Ago


I remember my first sale on a stock photography site. It was a very nice feeling! After only 5 days on FAA, I have no sale here, of course.

Good luck for future sales!


Lee Farley

4 Years Ago

Thank you tony, andrew, and colin!
I just sold another!!
So proud,
I sold a drawing of this man's mother.


Phyllis Wolf

4 Years Ago

Congrats, Lee!
I was first "published" at the age of 4. I had done a drawing of a cardinal bird and somehow it had gotten into the newspaper. It might have been the rec center who contacted the paper, not parents passed years ago so there hasn't been anyone to ask how it got in. My first sale was when I was 8. There was an art show after school and someone wanted to purchase mine. I wasn't there at the time but the teacher had asked my mom if the person could buy it and I was given the money the next day. It was a drawing of a horse. I got 10 bucks, which was great at that age, I was thrilled! I remember going to the store the next day and getting a whole bag of candy with some of the money. lol!


Kathi Shotwell

4 Years Ago

Another sale! Go Lee!! :)

Phyllis, that is a great story!

I've really enjoyed reading all these first sale stories.


Lee Farley

4 Years Ago

Thanks! And that is awesome. I just had my coworker ask me to do some art also.


Congratulations on your first sale Lee ! I 'm happy for you . I did my first sale many years ago in an exhibition and gennerally most of my sales has been on exhibitions .


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