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Videletevian DeleteRSON

4 Years Ago

Want To Be Represented At Stock Site-message For Painters

This is real life, the real deal, and proof to me anyway that it's one thing to be a fine art painter, it's another to get yourself published, because, you also have to be a fine art photographer, use photoshop knowledgeably,have the best non-p/s 12mps camera....and on and on.......
An edited reply from a stock site I lets me out, and certainly puts me in my place.......pod is one thing, but, the real world of publishing is another, to be sure. Not discouraged.......all this is just fyi , you painters out there..........

"Your work is very intriguing, thank you for contacting me!
We actually have quite a lengthy submission process for potential contributors.

If you like you can check out our current submission guidelines [provided] and make sure that your images have all been photographed with a professional quality 12MP camera. If you believe they will pass our requirements you can begin to compile 10 - 15 high quality tiff files for review .........All images represented by ****must first be available by stock which is something you need to decide if you would be interested in. "

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Janine Riley

4 Years Ago

It's just a little bit stressful.
What about scanning an image on a disc Viv - can you submit that ?
& you image is beautiful BTW.


Thank you, Janine.
I haven't even begun to read their 'guidelines' answer you..........When I do so, perhaps I'll share them here....from a 'nameless' source, of course.

Stressful, yes.

Being Professionally represented is very different to being enthusiastic,talented - if one wants more than pod. There is an entire language out there that requires a lifetime's learning.


Regina Valluzzi

4 Years Ago

Viv, why a stock site and not a fine art publisher?


This particular site Publishes....they are here at FAA, but, they require you to be on their stock site, before they will represent you here....

FYI - Now You Know......................

Minimum Digital Image Requirements

Accepted Cameras: 12 megapixels professional level DSLR
Accepted Scanners: Nikon Super Coolscan 5000, 9000 or better. Imacon Flextight, Drum Scanner
Required Software: Photoshop CS2 or above
In-Camera Format: RAW Only
Computer Format: TIFF files saved using PC format.
No paths. All color correction information (curves, level, and hue/saturation) must be in different layers. Do not flatten layers.
File Size: 60mb (without layers at 16-bit depth)
Monitor Calibration: *******recommends that you use a color management system such as a Pantone Spyder to calibrate your monitor. If you are not using a calibration device, these are the settings you need to emulate our color space: white point set to 6500K and gamma set to between 2.0 and 2.2.
File Info/ITPC: Complete File Info/IPTC information required. Please see Captioning for more information.

Model Release: Image containing recognizable people MUST be model released.
Color Space: Adobe RGB 1998
Bit Depth : 16 bits per channel
Orientation: Please ensure that your images are in the correct orientation when viewed on a monitor.
Image Quality: All images must be and color corrected and retouched to be free of excess grain, banding, pixilation, or unnatural color separation. Do not submit highly cropped images.
Sharpening: None
Interpolation: None


Regina Valluzzi

4 Years Ago

There are some art licensing resources here:

If you go to her blog and page back into the older posts you can hunt down some free industry magazines.

The good art publishers want control over how the digital image of your work is created. You ship the piece to them and they do the photography, scanning, etc. I think you should forget these guys and keep looking.


Bradford Martin

4 Years Ago

The scanner specs are all film scanners, so wouldn't apply to scanning art directly. These standards are not strict at all. Pretty much the common practice for photographers. Licensing is an often overlooked revenue stream and source for exposure for all artists and musicians. Finding an agent used to be very difficult, even for photographers. Now there is open source everything. Finding an agent that can represent fine art to the publishing world to the right places at the right price is a lot harder then finding an agent for an illustrator or photographer. Explore the options.


Thank you Bradford and Regina, and all who took the time to 'read and digest' the info.........I hope it is much clearer that the reproduction of your paintings - if you want to sell fine art reproductions, or originals, via an agent..........should be of the highest seems the lowly jpeg isn't really doing the artwork justice........and certainly changes my anticipation of being a seller via an agent - am glad the pods don't have the same criteria......but.......that means pods aren't the highest sources for fine art reproductions, due to the jpg standard................a word to the wise........just saying.


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