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Dariusz Gudowicz

4 Years Ago

Follow Or Not To Follow?

How do you handle all those marketing gurus and aggressive entrepreneurs on twitter?
I am new there and the first natural reaction is to accept them if they follow you.
Some of them are a bit to aggressive and they just flood you with their "genius" thoughts
about marketing. They also offer to join as your friend on Facebook to make their target
group even bigger. I am not going to make their own marketing yard from my FB page.
We all want to have many followers, it is natural, but the amount of aggressive spam
on Twitter is overwhelming.
It would be interesting to know your thoughts about that.

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Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

those people aren't there to buy your stuff. they want you to buy there stuff. you want to look for people you think matches what you sell the best. though you'll have to figure out who those people are.

on twitter you'll find a number of people. some of them auto join because they paid. other's only collect friends, like on teamfollowback. but they probably aren't buyers. you have to choose carefully because you can only follow 1999 people before the ratio kicks in, like 10% between you friends and followers.

the free version works fine. will allow you to cull out the dead beats, people with no avatar, activity, wrong language, etc. and i try to do this every now and then, if you expand the viewers and see their icons, you can grab them all in one window draw with your mouse. i try to use them ever now and then to remove people that aren't following back.

i don't ever follow people on facebook, and you don't need them spamming your site anyway. i don't need a ton of followers - just people who want to buy my things.

---Mike Savad


I always visit their profile and 'recent tweets' first, to see what kind of tweets they're in the habit of sending out and receiving. I decide each one, individually.


Roseann Caputo

4 Years Ago

If all they do is Tweet marketing crap for others, I don't follow back. Most of them will follow you to get you to follow back. Then a few days later, they unfollow you. I keep track with Who Unfollowed Me website, which although makes an error now and then, is a great way to keep track of followers.


Roseann, thanks for the tip on that website. :-)


The secret on Twitter is to always look back over their tweets before you follow them

You only need follow people who you have some affinity for or who you enjoy.

There are no rules that you have to follow those who follow you and Unfollow programmes are pretty silly in most instances (not Roseanns instance) as you do not have to follow only those who are following you.

Just watch who you follow and then unfollow if you do not like what they tweet. Unfollowing just because they do not follow you may make you miss out on some great news that may interest

I follow people in the arts, galleries and the like but, I also follow people who I have found by reading retweets etc and they do not follow me.

It is meant to be fun, as well as networking for a reason

IF you like what I tweet then feel free to follow


Roger Swezey

4 Years Ago

I had been considering starting a thread similar to this..

For I've been wondering..

Should I concerned, or is it just paranoia, that so many are FOLLOWING ME??.......

Or should I lift up a Banner and LEAD??


Roseann Caputo

4 Years Ago

Wendy, any time. I do look though because there were a couple of times they said someone stopped following me, but when I looked at them on Twitter, they were still following me. Not perfect, but makes it easier.

Abbie - LOL still trying to figure out why you follow me? (joke) I use that program because there are some folks who followed me first, and I followed back because they were also an artist of some sort - visual, musical, etc - then two or three days later, they unfollowed me! I'm like WTF, over? Why did you follow me to begin with? I don't like people who do that. There's a number of folks that I follow that don't follow me back. I followed them for the reason you mentioned, because if something that I have an interest in. :-) I've found it to be a great networking too. And if someone wants more exposure and visibility, this is one easy and non-aggravating way to do it.


LOL for the same reasons you follow me probably... we are both a little crazy in a good way ;)


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

it's actually against the rules there. they follow you so you can follow them now your friends. no wait, your not really friends they just wanted the follower. because you can have an unlimited amount of followers and the more you have the more popular you seem. and if you are popular, then others will want to join them as well. there is a ratio in place there so you can't follow too many people unless people follow you back - or you can pay. it takes a while to get more followers.

it's played the same way as the tv contest. i voted for you, now you vote for me, but because i have a limited amount of votes, and i promised many people, i will take my vote back a few days from now. only you don't know that. i will win and you will lose. and it's just all a big game there.

---Mike Savad


Chuck Staley

4 Years Ago

When someone with thousands of followers, but they follow very few, follow me, I keep watch on them with Toolspot "Who Unfollowed Me" ap.

Usually they drop you, so lately I don't even bother following. Why waste my time?


Dariusz Gudowicz

4 Years Ago

Great advice everyone, thanks.
Of course, I have followed some interesting sites that I don't expect to follow me in return
but I will keep away from those follower collectors.
I have installed that Toolspot "Who Unfollowed Me" app and it seems quite useful.


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