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4 Years Ago

Your Next Road Trip?

Thinking about hitting the road for about 3 days and haven't decided which direction to head. I have been to the most popular such as Yosemite, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas etc. Haven't been to Sedona, Utah, Northern California (such as Shasta and Highway 1) and haven't shot San Francisco in digital. A part of me want to hit some previous spots and attempt to take better shots of some that I messed up on and another part of me want to try to capture something that can't be found on FAA very easily. Just wondering where your next road trip will be? If I am totally honest I could stay here as there is more than enough to shoot where I am but its always relaxing to hit the road especially before summer peak season.

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Lawrence Costales

4 Years Ago

I enjoyed Sedona - and if you want excellent images visit the missions in Calif. Start in San Diego and then Capistrano etc.
one of my Capistrano images
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4 Years Ago

Its crazy that you say that because my son who had a field trip to the Mission in San Diego keeps telling me to go there and take photos. And both are so close its not even funny.


Gregory Scott

4 Years Ago

Check out the northern part of the "Grand Circle, and perhaps Horseshoe bend and Antelope Canyon at Page, AZ. The tightest concentration of wonderful parks that I know of. Zion, Bryce, Red Canyon, Capitol Reef including Waterpocket Fold, Kodachrome Valley, Notom Road and Burr Trail Road, Hole in the Rock Road (Devil's Garden, near Escalante town, 20 miles on dirt road), Valley of Fire state park near Las Vegas is worth a stop, too. I have not not mentioned all the wonderful parks in this loop.

Also: Coast highway Rt 1 in CA, from the Morro Bay to Monteray.


I am heading up to the Mackinac Island area of Michigan. From there heading west to Sleeping Bear Dunes and Glen Arbor. Haven't been there in 8 years. I can hardly wait.


Greg Jackson

4 Years Ago

I don't do long road trips for photography, and gas just increased by ten cents again, so sticking close to home as usual. :)


Dan Carmichael

4 Years Ago

Weather here in NC has been abysmal for weeks now. A few good days, but mostly rainy, dreary, etc. Our garden is suffering. Plant growth is visibly stunted because of lack of sun.

Tomorrow I think the wife and I will go to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Forecast is for 30% chance of rain or thundershowers which should provide some great drama. Sunny / blue sky pictures suck. Waaaaayyyyyy too common.

I typically maximize shoots, arriving an hour before sunrise to catch first light and staying for the sunset. That will be about 15 1/2 hours tomorrow.

We will take the "photo-mobile" - a car I retrofitted years ago for road trips that contains supply bins of everything imaginable to be completely self-sustained. This allows going into wilderness areas and not having to come out for any reason.

The Blue Ridge Mountains in summer:

Blue Ridge Mountains Parkway


Roseann Caputo

4 Years Ago

Two places I really loving going back to.

The Berkshire Mountains in Northeastern, MA because there is such beautiful landscapes, lots of interesting bits of nature and history to be found there.

And, of course, NYC. Where you get a great variety of architecture.


Mary Bedy

4 Years Ago

I'm with Digital Photographic Arts - I want to go back to Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island. It's only a 4 1/2 hour drive from my house and the last time I was there, I did not have a DSLR, just a point and shoot and I just sold one of those photos for the third time.

One thing that I found really, really annoying the last time I was there - there were these non-biting bugs that looked a lot like mosquitoes, and there were so many of them, they ruined a lot of my shots of the bridge. There were just way too many "black spots" in a lot of those photos to edit out. I have no idea what they were.

In any case, next weekend trip, I'm hoping to hit the island again, now that I have a decent camera.

@ Digital - would love to go to Sleeping Bear - I haven't been there since I was about 12 which was about 200 years ago...LOL.


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