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Judy Kay

4 Years Ago

Posting To Twitter

Yesterday I uploaded artwork and it posted to my Twitter account, despite the fact that I had "disabled: the Twitter App under the default settings. What else do I need to do ?...I want to be able to select when or if I want a post to appear there.

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Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

don't upload your work to twitter because you are giving them the right to sell that image. just link the design there. the question is - do you have followers? if you don't, then you need to get them or no one will see what you sent there. or maybe one or two.

there are auto tweeters but i like to stay in control what i send and the words i use each time.

---Mike Savad


Judy Kay

4 Years Ago

Hi Mike...I just joined five days ago and have 102 followers.and working towards gaining more...I dont want to "auto tweet"...that is why I "unticked" the Twitter App behind the scenes here at FAA...Despite the fact that I "Unticked it in my default settings , it uploaded anyway...How else do I disable my uploads from FAA from being auto tweeted? I would much prefer to paste the FAA link of artwork on works that I want to tweet...when I want to tweet them...I agree with you, I would rather be in control of what I send...
I suspect that what I need to do is go to my Twitter settings, and disable the FAA app...I started to yesterday then feared I would be blocked from sending links "on demand" when I choose to do so.


Roseann Caputo

4 Years Ago


When you upload the image, on the page where your prices are listed, check the bottom and make sure it's un-ticked there as well.



Judy Kay

4 Years Ago

Thanks Roseann, I just went behind the scenes at twitter and "revoked the access"...I will see if that works too...It is easy enough to "undo" the revoke if it doesn't resolve the issue.!


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