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Louis Monnich

4 Years Ago

Seeking Advice On Promoting Art!!

Hi! My name is Louis Monnich. I'm a Fantasy painter from Houston, TX, and I need some help.

You see, I'm new to the Art world, and I have no idea how to promote my work or even where to start promoting. I've posted 5 pieces on my profile, but getting the word out is quite the challenge for me. Any advice or other kinds of help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Here is my profile:

Don't forget to drop me a line and let me know what you think! ^_^

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Put marketing in the discussions search.

As an artist, half of the work is marketing yourself.

Here are some good links to discussions in our forum and elsewhere about marketing your work Dan Turner's 7 Keys To Selling Art Online The Art Of Social-network Marketing Available Online For Free Evaluating Your Own Work To Sell By Mike Savad How to critique and edit your own work for better sales Tagging, or Keywords and Descriptions Marketing Yourself Innovative Marketing for Artists - Challenge! Niche Marketing? How Do I Launch A Local Art Show?? PRESS RELEASES what are they and how to use them YOUR Print Quality - Please Read One of the newsletters with some good info on

Be sure to stay active on Fine Art America: join discussion, contests, etc.

We have an entire Marketing section for you to utilise to help sell your work. Try using those tools to help you.

But the best place to start is telling your friends and family.


Welcome to the discussions.

There are some helpful links on the Need Help - Start Here tab, at the top of the main forums

Please take a look as the rules to these discussions are in there also


If you have specific questions please feel free open a new thread for each, clearly stating in the subject line what the question is :) Either JC, our forum Moderator, myself or another member will be pleased to help

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Richard Rizzo

4 Years Ago

Hi Louis welcome.. The easiest thing would be starting a blog, they have many free ones to choose from (Blogger, Squidoo and even here on FAA), they help drive traffic in.
If you're not sure what to blog about, just do some research from others to give you some ideas.


See My Photos

4 Years Ago

I would suggest searching the boards for previous posts. This topic comes up quite often so some may be reluctant to keep posting about the same thing. Abbie has it covered for the most part. Keep plugging away is my suggestion. Economy is down so many are trying to turn hobby into profit. Lot's of competition but I can too is my motto!


Doug Srock

4 Years Ago

Start contacting animators, also you might consider specializing some of your work and become a vendor at the next Comic-con.


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