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Cynthia Decker

4 Years Ago

Group Questions

I have one gallery that is filled with my high resolution, print ready work. That's the one I want potential customers to be able to browse.

But as I'm joining groups, I realize I have a lot of low resolution work that is a great fit, that I'd like to share.

If I make a gallery private and fill it with my web-resolution work, can I share those images within groups and here but NOT have them visible to potential customers?


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JC Findley

4 Years Ago

Yes, but the group admins won't be able to open them either if they want to look up close.


Cynthia Decker

4 Years Ago

Well that kind of defeats the purpose. :-)

Well, I have been procrastinating rendering a bunch of images out at high resolution - looks like now I have some motivation to do that!


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