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Iain S Byrne

4 Years Ago

Problems With Upload

Just lately my uploads to FAA take ages (5 minutes for a 15mb file) and then when uploaded my galleries aren't listed on the info page neither are default prices or Facebook/Twitter preferences.
Is anyone else having these problems because I am considering closing my FAA account if they are unable to get things right>
Iain S Byrne

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Michelle Calkins

4 Years Ago

I uploaded a bunch yesterday and today and had no problems...I think I did see a thread regarding this though a few days ago...


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

sometimes it just does that. it might be a good idea to clear the cache and reset the machine. i don't think either will help, but it's worth a try as it can sometimes help fix network issues. otherwise report it to bugs. i haven't had problems uploading anything, it might be on your server.

---Mike Savad


We are having no problems at present.


Iain S Byrne

4 Years Ago

Seems to be sorted now, not sure what the cause was but on a few occassions my default settings are not there after upload.
Thanks all,


Jenny Rainbow

4 Years Ago

I have the same problem with uploading, its longing for ages and 504 Gateway Time-out.The server didn't respond in time..
Whats going on with site? So often its happening for the last months, its really difficult to work. Abbie, even you are telling that you dont have the problem with site - here it is and its already for 3 hours nothing changes, it really sucks!!


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