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Nikki Marie Smith

4 Years Ago

Faa Artistic Merit Award Arrived!

The FAA Artistic Merit Award arrived today!

Running my fingers along the signatures of the past recipients, there is so much rich history here. I am very honored and humbled to join this amazing group of talented artists! I'm not quite sure how to sign it, though... ;)

Art Prints

You can see the full list of award recipients here, and click on the names to view their artwork.

And this thread is Christina Rollo's announcement of my award. Thanks, Christina!

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LOL!!!! LOVE what you have done there!!!


Sheena Pike

4 Years Ago

Cute photo! Thanks for sharing.....and the award so well deserved.


Tony Murray

4 Years Ago

Hah ! That image is fab !

(Please put on goggles though) Remember poor Timmy ' >)


Christina Rollo

4 Years Ago

WOW, I love the display!!! Nikki you're on the right track with the hammer and screwdriver :)


Carmen Hathaway

4 Years Ago

Looks right at home -- both of you ;) Love that sculptress & her imagination + + ++ in action!


Nikki Marie Smith

4 Years Ago

Goggles, check! Will do! (I knew I was forgetting first!)

Thanks, everyone! :-)


Andee Design

4 Years Ago

That is cute! :)


Richard Rizzo

4 Years Ago

very cool. :)


Tom Roderick

4 Years Ago



Janine Riley

4 Years Ago you !


Lynn Palmer

4 Years Ago

Etching is loads of fun, enjoy!!


Roger Swezey

4 Years Ago

I knew you must be left-handed....A True Conceptual Artist!!!!.....Great Image!!...and Enjoy the Honor, as I see you already have.


Kathi Shotwell

4 Years Ago

:D :D :D


Nikki Marie Smith

4 Years Ago

A lefty, yes, guilty as charged! :) Thanks, everyone!

Seriously though, I am a little nervous about etching it. I may have to find something to practice on, first...


Roger Swezey

4 Years Ago

Nikki, my fellow Sinistral,

I was supposed to be the first to engrave my scribble on the new base..It was so intimidating for me, I squeezed it in on the original base amongst all my heros.


Angelina Vick

4 Years Ago

LOL, love the pic you did...that's funny.

Congratulations!!!!!!!! =D


Tony Murray

4 Years Ago

You could also use an acid pen.


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