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Chris McPhee

4 Years Ago

New Here, Saying Hello, Looking For Critics!

Good morning everyone, from Ontario. Long-time photographer, brand new to the game of selling. I decided to set up an account this week with FAA after family & friends kept nagging me to sell some of my stuff. But to be honest, I don't know if that's the classic "ooh, your stuff is wonderful" or if there is something in the portfolio that would appeal.

If anyone with more experience than me has a few minutes to spare to look at - and criticize - my galleries, I'd be very grateful. I don't take criticism personally, I look at it as a way to improve my photography, post-production and ultimately, hopefully, sales.

Good to be here

Chris McPhee

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Joshua House

4 Years Ago

The real question is did you look at other threads where people asked for critics before you posted this or not.


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

Art Prints
it's kind of saturated and there should be a description.

Sell Art Online
the things you have listed in groups are odd, like how is this canada?

Sell Art Online
i like the top half with the trees, but not the bottom half

Sell Art Online
you really need more keywords and descriptions. people like to know what they are looking at, but google needs to know too.

Art Prints
i don't care for the effect, but the shot looks nice, it should be posted without the fake painting look - because people don't paint like that.

Photography Prints
your labels are really confusing - you can't call it a painting when it isn't. digital painting maybe. the image would look a lot better a little brighter and without that mashed effect.

you have a gallery where all the mashed ones live together, but set it up as a lie as if it were a painting

---Mike Savad


Chris McPhee

4 Years Ago

Thanks for the constructive response Mike. That was the sort of answer I was looking for...


Roseann Caputo

4 Years Ago

Yes, these would not be paintings but photo manipulation.

I like your compositions. I think you have a good eye. Beef up the keywords for sure. Mike has a couple of discussions going here on evaluating your own work. Go through them, they're very informative and have helped a lot of folks out.


Dean Harte

4 Years Ago

Maybe not so much about your actual art, but I saw this in your bio:

Much of my work hangs on my walls. Digital work is still art and is still meant to be seen on walls and in galleries, not just on the computer screen. I hope you like it.

I wouldn't include the last sentence because you are defending something that doesn't need defending. People might find a work they like,then see the digital work is still art comment and you may have a planted a seed of doubt about the validity of digital art that was not there to begin with.

Also make sure you read the threads on marketing and such. FAA does not market your work for you and the chances of getting an organic sale (ie through someone finding you here on the site) are not great since FAA use a ranking system which is based on number of sales and a bunch of other things. This effectively means you are at the bottom of the pile where hardly any buyer ventures. It does happen though and there are definitely works in your gallery which I could see hanging on a wall.


Bradford Martin

4 Years Ago

I picked one. Not one of your best, just to show you what not to do. There is a lot of noise in the sky. I don't know what camera you are using but there is no need to have this much noise in a shot like this. The subject isn't going anywhere so you should be shooting at ISO 100 or 200 or whatever the native resolution is for your camera. Use a tripod. Any blurriness should be because of the fog, not camera shake.
Sell Art Online


Chris McPhee

4 Years Ago

Thanks Bradford. I think this goes to show a difference in perspective between the photographer and the viewer. The noise and fuzziness was deliberately introduced because to me it reflected the mood and subject matter and it worked (for me) across that series of shots. That's not to say that I reject what you're saying at all, on the contrary, it shows me that maybe my original intention doesn't come across in a commercial sense.


JC Findley

4 Years Ago

Let's see here.

You have some nice work,

Good concept and well executed:

Sell Art Online

I wasn't a big fan of the misty gallery but that is me.

Now, the photo manipulation gallery I liked. And actually, the effect Mike mentioned does sell pretty well here but as others have said, it should be called digital art and not a painting. Dean was spot on too about the bio.

Photography Prints


As an artist, half of the work is marketing yourself.

Here are some good links to discussions in our forum and elsewhere about marketing your work Dan Turner's 7 Keys To Selling Art Online The Art Of Social-network Marketing Available Online For Free How to critique and edit your own work for better sales Tagging, or Keywords and Descriptions Marketing Yourself Innovative Marketing for Artists - Challenge! Niche Marketing? How Do I Launch A Local Art Show?? PRESS RELEASES what are they and how to use them YOUR Print Quality - Please Read One of the newsletters with some good info on

Be sure to stay active on Fine Art America: join discussion, contests, etc.

We have an entire Marketing section for you to utilise to help sell your work. Try using those tools to help you.

But the best place to start is telling your friends and family.


PHOTOGRAPHING IMAGES YOUR Print Quality - Please Read How to Photograph Your Art How to photograph your Artwork at Home How I Photograph Art... Letís Talk Photography Photographing paintings Rich's Tutorial On Copying Artwork Tips & Tricks for advanced painting photography

FUN and EDUCATION WHAT IS threads - Index A series of threads explaining different genres How to Debate How To Critique Someones Work How to ASK for a critique
nts' style='border: none;'>


Richard Rizzo

4 Years Ago

welcome to FAA Chris.
I'll leave the critiques to the others.


Chris McPhee

4 Years Ago

Thanks for all the feedback this morning - you've kept me busy going through keywords, categories, contests etc. And plenty of reading still to do yet.


Katie Black

4 Years Ago

Where else can you get such honest feedback? this place...Welcome!


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