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R Allen Swezey

4 Years Ago

Ana Belle,

I was typing the following, when the rudeness of some caused this fine lady to close her thread, before I was able to post this:


When one takes the time to check out your portfolio, I'm quite certain that one will find a truly Fine and very Bold Artist..An Artist with a Strong EYE and HAND to produce, a series of Powerful and Diverse Paintings:

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Photography Prints

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I could have added more great images

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Richie Montgomery

4 Years Ago

I have to agree with Roger on this, you have a great talent and do not let the words of one person sway your hand from your magnificent art. Put every ounce of your being into your art and pay no attention to negativity.


Dean Harte

4 Years Ago

I dunno if it was worth closing a thread over though, didn't really find it that particularly rude. This on the other hand:
anyway forget it, i lost my interest.


Roseann Caputo

4 Years Ago

Sorry, but in no way was I rude. She asked what kind of artist she is and oddly enough, I took the question as she asked it. If she had asked what style of painting does this make you think of, then the reply would have been the same, Surreal.

Do not blame me for her over sensitivity or insecurities.


David Lane

4 Years Ago

Why anyone would defend Ana's actions is beyond me. She asked for and got honest responses.


Although this is all very nice and well, you could have done this in private and not called out members of the site by calling them rude

We are starting to get annoyed with the amount of members calling other artists bad names on this forum and will be cracking down on it

If an artist asks for comments and are answered then, unfortunately, there is not much we can do unless the answers do not follow the rules of the site.

Now, I do not think I have seen the thread yet which you are talking about. I will go and look now but, starting a new thread calling members rude is AS rude as the one you are talking about

No more thank you


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

there was no rudeness in that thread, further, its not up to us to figure out what kind of art she does, sometimes you have to make up your own name for it. like i do hdr, but i can't call i that because it doesn't look anything like the stuff people expect hdr to look like. SDR never caught on, and it sounded silly to start with. there was no reason to close that thread.

---Mike Savad


Actually Mike, I just found the thread and even I cringed at what you said.

You cannot make sarcastic (that is how it came over, even if not intended) comments to people like that.

Sorry but I agree it was out of order.

I am going to give you lessons on how to talk to new members especially new to discussions wanting to talk about their art in peace

People CAN ask what type of art they do. I have asked in here myself. THAT is what the forum is for among other things!


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

i didn't mean anything bad by it, even though it came out that way. mostly what i'm saying is, no one should put a label on themselves or you'll be stuck with that name. and if you make many different kinds of things, its kind of impossible to place a label. once you find your thing, you can place a label on it because it's what you favor. but right now it's impossible to say and only you know what you are, which right now is, confused i guess. not to be taken as an insult fyi.

like right now i have no name for what i do. it's not hdr, it's not painting, it's not really photography any more, but i don't really think about it or worry about it because it's not that important to me. i let the viewers decide. most call me a painter - when i'm not.

now to tend to my back injury.

---Mike Savad


I know you meant nothing wrong in it and so do most others BUT, what you mean and what comes over to a new person asking a simple question, are not always the same thing.

We are just reading words on a screen that is all.

Empathy is a hard master but it does need to be there when you are dealing with others.

Labels are a part of being an artist. We need to know our genre and we need to know our mediums.

Yes there are labels like Impressionist, Expressionist, Surrealist and, in some ways we need those. Not only do we, as artists need them but we welcome them and crow about the ones we fall into. We have whole movements where we make new ones

Even art rebels often label their work.

If you do not, then grand. But, you have to understand that others do and NOT tell them not to


Paul Cowan

4 Years Ago

Are we to have a sanitised, touchy-feely, empathetic Mike who no longer says just what he means? I'm sure that will add value to the forums!


No but he must not chase off people either, especially not in threads that are NOT about marketing the art

As for the marketing threads, we have no complaints with how Mike deals with those


Alfred Ng

4 Years Ago

I had read several times of what Mike and other wrote on her thread and I don't see anything being rude or offensive on what they wrote. Actual, I find she is being immature for closing the thread because others not saying nice things about her painting or naming a style for her work. if one couldn't not accept what artists opinions here just wait until you get to the real art world.


Poe Ed

4 Years Ago

Art Prints

His Confidence (Caption for Sr. Swezey's cartoon)

- Roger always thinks that he can take the whole world into his palm. He may rethinks it in an emergency room this time.


Immaturity is not a crime, nor is it against the rules :)


It is so sad to watch innocence lost.........there must be a better way....sigh


Roger Swezey

4 Years Ago


I really don't think it's a question of "Innocence" or "Immaturity"..It might be that Ana Belle is not a product of of the North-East, USA , as I am,as Mike S is..and as you, also, are


Poe Ed

4 Years Ago

A Blunt Thought About Art Of Critique

he thinks
he knows everything in the art world
from a to z
from inside out
from traditional paintings to digital photography

jack of all trades
to forget
the most sensitive fact
that everything - in the art of critique - is purely subjective

he may honestly think
he is doing a great favour for someone by sharing his very limit knowledge of the art world
has nothing
to do with emerging artists who are looking for critique
just to boost their confidence
and enhance their inspiration for more works

to other artists
may be
to meet the urgent needs
of his own inflated ego
on high



Good one, our poet laureate.

Disagree, Roger. Naivety is universal, too bad it miscues on this site. Who would be prepared for such disillusion here,there,anywhere....sigh..


Roger Swezey

4 Years Ago

I really didn't want to see my work here on this thread...But since it was already done...HERE GOES..

As being One Big Pain in the Ass...I guess "WORDS" can be as effective as Baseball Bats..

Photography Prints


Mike Jeffries

4 Years Ago

I learned very early in my art career to develop a thick skin, as the old saying goes "If you can't stand the heat, keep out of the kitchen", and that one can learn far more from what might appear at first to be negative comments.


Paul Cowan

4 Years Ago

If I were Anabelle I would be far more upset by the casual insults being showered on me from those who think Mike should not have been so insensitive than I would be about his original remark. But, hey, that's just me!


Roger Swezey

4 Years Ago


You are absolutely right.

But hey,, that's just me


This has been going on Far Too Long.

So I am Closing it


R Allen Swezey

4 Years Ago



This discussion is closed.

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