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Bob and Nadine Johnston

4 Years Ago

Looking To Promote Your Work, This Is A Great Place...

Just submitting your images to a group, helps.
But, to increase sales, you want to have Comments
about your work on your images, and most important VOTES...

Have noticed that many have comments, but not near as many votes on their work. If everyone that made a comment, also voted and Favorited, it would improve your position in searches. If your images in a search, appear on page 20, 30, etc, few if any buyers will see them. Internet Research shows that few look at more than six pages.

Because members from more than 18 Groups are promoting here.
Some of the Most ACTIVE Members....Commenting, Favoriting and Voting here.

Please save the Link in Your Favorites, so you can return easily.

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Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

those large bold letter are really hard to read.

comments and views make up a part of the search, but won't help as much as getting people on the outside looking in. i've seen people with 160 votes not get any sales, the votes are more of a gimmick.

many of my best sellers don't have that many votes. if you comment on someone elses image it helps them and not you. and when you comment you are subscribed to their picture for life - and can't get off. what's why i dont' comment.

i can't go by what research says. if someone is looking for something in particular they will look through more than 6 pages. further, if you only rely on the search engine you won't get that far.

---Mike Savad


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