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Richard Gibb

4 Years Ago

Beyond The 25 'print On Demand' Images - Advice Please.

Hi there, I'm new to this site, and actually new to the idea of sharing my images for public viewing.

I've already exceeded the 25 image limit for 'Print on Demand' and I can't yet justify a premium account, so I'm after a little advice.

If someone wants an image that is not one of the 25 PoD ones, are there any online services that are able to provide the same sort of products as Fine Art America?

....or, (and I've just thought of this) is it easy to juggle which images are in the PoD list?

Thanks in advance,

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Bradford Martin

4 Years Ago

Just pay the 30 bucks for the year. I am pretty sure you will make it back.


Angelina Vick

4 Years Ago

It is easy to juggle removing the prices of one that is for sale...and putting prices on the piece you want to sell. However, if a customer clicks on an image that's not for sale, what are the chances of them writing you to say "hey could you add prices to this and making it for sale?" I think it's shooting yourself in the foot. hard is it to justify $30? ;)
It's a $30 one year experiment...see if you sell, if you don't then you can cancel it before the year is up.

Most likely, one sale would cover the membership fee, right?
Why limit yourself to only having 25 images for sale?

That's just my opinion.

Welcome to FAA Richard.

Love this shot!
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See My Photos

4 Years Ago

If you are selling then I don't see the problem. I have yet to sell but I think its less than 10 cents a day for premium plus you get your own website. But, its your money.


Justification after a 12 day run is hard to come by. If you have $30.00 to spare it opens a much greater opportunity. It's just a small investment in yourself. The question is how committed to your work and getting it into the public's eye are you? It takes time and effort.

Re hit the discussions under Community and go to the fourth tab that says "Need Help? Start Here" Lots of good info. And join 10 groups right now so that there are some pairs of eyes seeing your work. Comment on others work and many will reciprocate. Get in a flow that will help expand your horizons here and out there.

Good fortunes to you.

Glenn McCarthy Art and Photography


If you don't want to pay premium then don't. You can still have 25 images up for sale. For FREE you will get

1. customizable HTML newsletters
2. a Facebook shopping cart
3. an online events calendar
4. automatic location detection for promoting your events on our site and occasionally in our newsletter
5. printable artwork catalogs
6. 3D image rendering

You may have unlimited uploads but, you may only have 25 offered for sale through our print on demand

However, with premium you may have unlimited and your own website

In addition to that website FAA also

advertise your artwork for you on
provide the opportunity to sell your artwork to ABC Studios

When you're successful with those tools, free and premium, FAA take care of fulfilling your orders for you: printing, framing, matting, packaging, shipping, insuring, collecting payments, dealing with your buyers, etc.

On this free side, FAA allow anyone to create work, and you share a space with them. You are one among over 150,000 other people all with their own needs, wants and demands. You can stop worrying about this side of the site with a premium account. That is what you are paying $30 for to use your marketing expertise on your OWN, private part

:) Hope that explains it a little better


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

the chances of a customer finding and wanting the image bad enough to email you - very low. partly because you have to get the customer over there. partly that the ones not for sale will be in the back of the search with limited words. depending on how much time and effort you put into it, the $30 will be paid for pretty fast. and for a business, this is a tiny expense.

you'll want more keywords btw, and put commas in between the words. leave out the spaces for more words. lots of words.

---Mike Savad


Conor Murphy

4 Years Ago

To answer your question Richard , is a free POD website that I have sold my work on, there is also, but have sold nothing, To be honest FAA is the best around and for $30 a year is is very good value, If you sold just one Print, that would pay for the year, Welcome to FAA and good luck.


JC Findley

4 Years Ago

When I was on Etsy, I averaged 30/month in renewal/upload /sales fees and then had to to all the fulfillment work myself when I sold. (Oh, and I kept between 100 and 200 images on there)


Richard Gibb

4 Years Ago

Thank you all for your voices of reason! (and thank you Conor!)
I found a piece of plastic with some numbers on it and managed to use it to upgrade my account ;-)
Thanks for the kind welcome too.


Judy Kay

4 Years Ago

You may want to protect your images with a "watermark"...


I also host my work at and DeviantArt is good, but they also charge for a premium membership. Society6 is completely free, but they do a thing when you sign up to "verify" you're a legit human and not a spammer by charging $1 to your Paypal account. Beyond that, you can list as much as you want for free. They have giclee prints, canvas and framed prints, as well as few novelty things like iPhone cases and such. Quality is good, community is very good. Selection is a bit limited. They only have a handful of stock sizes. Their frame selection is also limited, and their framed prints aren't matted, but rather printed with white border then framed. That said, I've had decent luck with them. They have very frequent free shipping promotions which work on everything but framed prints, canvases and throw pillows, which is a nice marketing tool I can use to drive traffic there. (DeviantArt also has semi-frequent promotions that don't affect your markup, like right now they have 40% off all framed prints... which is great for my social media marketing efforts.)

I had intended to transition away from FAA, and I'm not making a mint by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm definitely doing WAY more than the $30 premium membership, and I think it's worth it. Take the plunge and don't be passive... you have to market the hell out of yourself to drive your own traffic, no matter where you host.


Roy Erickson

4 Years Ago

Forget the watermark - it ruins the view and probably sales. IF you plan to upload many more images - give up a few Starbucks coffees - it's worth it and one sale, as someone said, would more than pay for a year. Sales are based on YOUR ability to drive people to your images - no better way than to have your own website - and for $30 - you cannot beat that anywhere. I've been on RedBubble for years - one sale - thank goodness I don't have to pay to be there. Zazzle is too much work and forget about ETSY that is even more personal work as you have to print and ship. You have some really nice shots - btw. rd


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