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Dan Carmichael

4 Years Ago

Would You Buy Art Online?

An interesting article in Forbes magazine:

As an interesting sidebar is the news about 20x200, which I was unaware of.

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Roy Erickson

4 Years Ago

Somewhere "we" are lost - this is what's in those galleries:

Just scroll down the page


Roy, Artsy has a search box, so I entered FAA, and the automated reply was "add FAA to Artsy?", so I said 'yes'.....what fun!
It's a huge art world out there, almost debilitating for me just on needs perspective,!


Chuck Staley

4 Years Ago

Just like the stuff I see every weekend at the galleries, Roy. Art?

Dan, I have never heard of 20x200, and I am on the internet all day every day since the 80s, so I would say that their advertising budget was nil.

Maybe their slogan was: "Best kept secret on the internet."




4 Years Ago

I didn't know that 20x200 was offline because of lack of money. I thought they were updating the site. It has / had only or mostly very high quality art on it, as it's on invitation only and juried ( no random cat pics, etc ). But that they're now struggling to keep afloat with that model is saying something for the better ( from a commercial point of view ) model that FAA has, and most other pod sites.


Chuck Staley

4 Years Ago

This brick suspended by a moth was for sale for $26,000, but I forgot my wallet and someone beat me to it.

 photo Confused.jpg

But I did snap a picture:

Sell Art Online


Bob Galka

4 Years Ago

@Chuck.. see now that's why I say there are no throw away photos... ;O)

and you don't even need a release from the guy because he is un-identifiable in your work... not sure if that is the same title as the brick thing, but I doubt if artwork titles are copyrightable. And hey... it's only $32.00 what a deal! Nice work by the way.



Chuck Staley

4 Years Ago

Thanks, Bob. Two things: "there are no throw away photos." I agree. A lot of my early work--1950s--were not perfect, so I doctored them in various ways and many have sold.

And the guy in the picture goes to all the different openings, so I see him often. But you're right, I wouldn't need a release.

And it is the title, but titles--even movie titles--are not copyrightable.


Jan Bickerton

4 Years Ago

Thanks for the reminder to check on 20x200, hope they manage to survive. Sad there is still no news.


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