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Gene Gregory

4 Years Ago

Need Help To Identify An Artist

This is a small ( 8 x 10") oil painting I bought yesterday in a little east Texas town. I had stopped at an antique shop on the highway after attending a funeral. I thought it might be of some value ( more than the $5. I paid ) but I can not make out the name on it. I have tried different combinations of the spelling, but so far no luck. I thought some of you might recognize the artist or have some idea what the signature is. Thanks for any help.

The righthand side of the painting did not show up here. You can click on the painting for a better view.

Wills point painting photo WillsPointPainting_zpsd264c162.jpg

Wills Point 3 photo WillsPointPainting3_zps293dd81b.jpg

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Lawrence Supino

4 Years Ago

Gumelli ?

Sumelli ?


Louise Reeves

4 Years Ago

Your best best is probably to send those images to a gallery and ask for info. They might know the signature, at least.


Gene Gregory

4 Years Ago

Thanks...... Part of the painting did not show up in the pic above.
Thats what I tried Lawrence, and a few others luck yet

Gumelli, Gunelli, Dumelli, Dunelli, Sumelli, Sunelli, .......... ?

I know a manager/part owner of a large gallery in my area. I might show it to him sometime in the future.


Gene Gregory

4 Years Ago

Come on youse guys........I know there is at least one smart person here...... LOL


Chrystyne Novack

4 Years Ago

Did a search through Google Images and Tineye on the picture - nothing found.

Are you sure the second letter is not an 'a' ? On the close-up of the signature it looks like there are some slight red tones where the upper part of an 'a' would be. Might have rubbed off over time. The biggest thing that might be the stumbling block is that that middle 3 letter or could be 3rd and 4th letters. It looks like an 'm' except for the odd separation of the last 'hump' from the main body. I tried a combination of " N ie" instead but no luck....come to think of it it would not be an 'i' after the 'n' because it doesn't have the dot over it like the 'i' at the end of the signature. Might there be any clues on the back of the canvas?


Gene Gregory

4 Years Ago

Thanks for looking Chrystyne....... I have no idea what the letters are ; )


Darice Machel McGuire

4 Years Ago

Taking it to a gallery is hit and miss. Most owners won't have a clue. You might stumble upon one who may have known this artist, but that's a long shot. An art historian might be a better person to take it to. It's a very lovely painting.


Miki De Goodaboom

4 Years Ago

I think it could be Danielli... I am pretty sure the first letter is a D. I think it must be an Italian name, and if so, it must be a name which makes sense... there are some artists called Danielli, but from what I have seen so far, their style does not match this one.


Evie Carrier

4 Years Ago

I found this:

prices look good...but it does not look like her work?


Gene Gregory

4 Years Ago

Thanks very much ladies... I appreciate your help. Maybe with all the clues I can find something. ; )


Roy Erickson

4 Years Ago

Excuse me - but signatures of artists are not easy to decipher - it isn't smarts - it's knowledge - what an artists signature looks like and their style of work. You would really need an art historian - try Antiques Road Show - or something.


Sydne Archambault

4 Years Ago

Well I found an Italian artist Giovanni Danielli, (1824-1890)

It has one of his paintings on artnet. It is too small to see his signature.


Barbara Moignard

4 Years Ago


Or could it end in 'th'


Phyllis Taylor

4 Years Ago

Have no idea if it could be hers, but she is an artist


Nathalie Chavieve

4 Years Ago

Hello Gene

I think the name looks like Sarnelli or Samelli.

I made a little research and I found this :

"Dos lienzos de Antonio Sarnelli en el monasterio de Dominicas Dueñas de Zamora

Autores: José Angel Rivera de las Heras
Localización: BSAA Arte: Boletín del Seminario de Estudios de Arte, ISSN 1888-9751, Nº. 72-73, 2, 2006-2007 , págs. 211-217
Texto completo (pdf)

El Monasterio de Santa María la Real de las Dueñas-Dominicas de la ciudad de Zamora conserva dos lienzos que representan la Trinidad con la parentela de Jesús, y la Virgen del Carmen, cuyos reversos van firmados por el pintor napolitano Antonio Samelli y fechados en 1748.

The Monastery of Santa María la Real de las Dueñas-Dominicas of Zamora keeps two canvases which depict the Trinity with Jesus Christ 's relatives and the Virgen del Carmen, whose backs are signed by the neapolitan painter Antonio Samelli, and dated in 1748."

May be it is Antonoi Sarnelli ( Samelli ), but it is only an assumption, and of course, better if you contact antique specialist for expertise this artwork.

Good luck


Barbara Moignard

4 Years Ago



Gene Gregory

4 Years Ago

Thanks Barbara and Phyllis

Thank you Nathalie. But I don't think this painting is near as old as it would have to be if it were by Antonoi Sarnelli, but I will keep looking and I appreciate your help. ; )


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