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Warren Thompson

4 Years Ago

Facebook Groups

Facebook has many specialty groups mainly for the purpose of sharing art and photography.
Most groups require you to submit the original file.
We can submit our FAA links to our Homepage or to our art page.

Here are 2: Bright and Beautiful Watercolors:

International Watercolor Group:

Any groups that you enjoy?
Any concerns?

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Mary Ellen Anderson

4 Years Ago

I've recently joined one called the artist's eye.


Shasta Eone

4 Years Ago

Of the some 15 Facebook groups in which I've submitted work, ..... none required the original file.

Some of those groups will not permit a link .... others will. It was also possible to submit my work with the FAA watermark in tact.

While one can gain a fan following, ... the likes and comments have nothing to do with and bearing upon your status with the FAA search engine.

Through one of the groups and a consistent fan following, outstanding work can receive enough ( 20 minimum ) support for the work to be part of a permanent, on-line gallery which is also presented on YouTube through them. However, it takes a lot time and effort to acquire the fan following, and of course, consistent outstanding work they will support.

Many of the groups are started by individuals from other groups they've moved out of and started their own, but the "likes" and "comments" your work earns, as far as I know, isn't raising your work in any manner with search engines for it to become seen, accepted, and known by other than more fellow artists wanting their work to attract sales.
But this is just my view, from my experience.



Warren Thompson

4 Years Ago

Thanks Mary Ellen. I'll keep my eyes open on Artist's eye.

Shasta...only a few of my groups will let me submit a link.

I have no idea about the search engines.


Warren Thompson

4 Years Ago

Photographers and Painters Group


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