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4 Years Ago

Subject Too Dark??? Need Advice Please!

I have received a notice from Dawn that this image is too dark and is blurry. I have had this printed before by FAA without any problem. The print was beautiful. Can I have your opinion???

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Heather Applegate

4 Years Ago

Helps to know what size they are trying to print and if the one printed before was smaller.


The size ordered was 24" by 30 ", on standard paper. Not at full resolution. The earlier order was one size smaller and was printed on rag. The fact that they are saying that it is too dark, has me thinking that perhaps the printing was off. The color is fine and should not need adjustment. I do not have the original image, but can sharpen any areas that might need sharpening. but I cannot change or lighten the color.


Brian Wallace

4 Years Ago

I'm not sure what is meant by "too dark". It seems to me an artist could upload a black square and if a client wants to purchase that piece it's their prerogative.

As far as "blurry", that may be true at 100% resolution. I clicked on your image to see details at 100% and there appeared to be the typical brightness surrounding the edges as if it may have been overly sharpened as compensation for original blurriness. That's just my impression.

I often wonder if there is dialogue between the printing dept. and the client, the artist is not aware of. For instance, is the statement that the image is "too dark" coming from the printing dept. or the client? We hear it as coming only from the printing dept. and so that is how we must take it unless informed otherwise.


I purchased this print myself to be sent to a buyer from another selling venue. It was to be sent directly to the client. They ordered the print from this same photo. The color has to remain the same.


Heather Applegate

4 Years Ago

I'd say just let them know you've sold it before without a problem.


Thanks all!


Nobody in the forum can (quite rightly) see your proper uploaded image. I just took a look and yes, it is dark and, for an acrylic it seems blurry so, if a larger image than the last, that would show up more and may be why it was rejected


See My Photos

4 Years Ago

@ Abbie= So would it be fair to say that what its printed on matters?


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

i dunno about dark, after all it might be that way. but it is soft up close. it just doesn't look clear. if you could scan it in so it looks sharp up close they'll stop bothering you. you might be able to run a sharpen of some kind on this anyway.

---Mike Savad


Craig, yes it matters a lot

Mike, it is dark on the uploaded version


I went ahead and made changes. This image is not dark on my computer screen or on any other screen I have viewed it on. It is how the painting is. The original painting sold but I ordered a beautiful print on Sommerset Velvet. It printed a little darker than what I see on the screen and is more vivid in color. I thought that that was just a Sommerset Velvet characteristic. I am a lot pickier than the average consumer, which is why I ended my listings on Zazzle. But the FAA print is very nice! I hope my editing has saved it, but if not I will try to change the size to a smaller printable size for FAA.

I used to have a large format printer and printed some large prints on canvas and paper. Let me tell you, that took more skill to get those prints right than to create any artwork. I can appreciate what happens on their end. It can be very frustrating and difficult!



Also, I use a lot of water with my acrylics at times and do lots of layering, so that might be the softness that you are noticing... It can be very similar to watercolor.


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