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Harold Shull

4 Years Ago

It's So Hot That...

Last night the temperature dropped below 95 degrees and I caught a chill.

Geeeeesh guys, here in good old New Joisy the temperature outside today was 103 degrees.

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William Cain

4 Years Ago

Well if you lived in the desert like I do that would be a cool day Just keep your humidity on the East Coast please.


Shana Rowe Jackson

4 Years Ago

I know this is crazy weather for New England, It is still 85 out at 8:00pm here in Maine, that is unusual!!! It must have been close to 100 out there earlier, and with the humidity it was unbearable. It's supposed to be even hotter tomorrow. It's making for some awesome colorful hazy sunsets though!!


Harold Shull

4 Years Ago

Hiya William,

I was out in your territory once when the temperature was !30 degrees. I was driving through Death Valley at the time. Let me tell you this, that didn't feel as hot as when it's 95 degrees over here with all the humidity.


Catherine Howard

4 Years Ago

I live in Canada... I love living in Canada... isn't it supposed to be cooler here? NOT!! Humidity through the roof... and no relief in sight this week. Sighhhhh


John Rizzuto

4 Years Ago

Tell me about it Harold. My central air wont get it any cooler than 71 tonight.


William Cain

4 Years Ago

I was thinking the other day that (If you came from an older generation) you probably didn't have air conditioners. Guess we just used the water hose a lot.


Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

our power went out for like 2 hours today. i'm happy they got it back on, or i don't know how i would sleep. it's on again. and ironically today was one of the cooler days. i guess my tomato's won't be flowering any time soon, and by the end of the week i'll be picking them off as sauce.

---Mike Savad


Hi Hal :)

We are baking here in the UK which is VERY unusual for us. we are not used to warm, let alone hot so, our 80 at the highest end, is incredibly unbearable in some instances.

Nobody here has air conditioning as we normally just do not need it

I have the hose out every day and, the beauty of working from home is, I have been working sitting at a garden table under my trees for days now :D

In fact, today, I worked for a while surrounded by fallow deer and swans in the deer park. Sun baked and full of picnic, I tapped on my laptop telling people how to create Facebook pages and how to get new passwords :D


Alfred Ng

4 Years Ago

it is hot and humid here in Toronto as well. I only have two small fans going in my studio but I found if I focus on my art I almost forgot the heat.


Shana Rowe Jackson

4 Years Ago

I keep seeing a ton of places on the news hitting record highs, its crazy!!


Robert James Hacunda

4 Years Ago

It was in the low 70's here in New Mexico today


Shawn Dall

4 Years Ago

it's pretty damn hot up here in canada too.. over 90.. and that's not including the humidex..


Phyllis Wolf

4 Years Ago

It's odd because usually we would have the high temps in West Texas ....but it's rained today ( everyone love's to see rain here ) and it's only 65F right now.


Bradford Martin

4 Years Ago

I was real comfortable in Cocoa Beach today. It's 81 now. Glad we are missing the heat wave.


Mary Bedy

4 Years Ago

RJ! I missed you....That sounds nice!

In the 90's here in Michigan as well, and since we're surrounded by water (some of us closer than others), we have that awful humidity as well. Only have a room air conditioner in my bedroom. I'm perched on the bed for the duration when I'm not at work.


Robert James Hacunda

4 Years Ago

Hi Mary, we are living in the mountains off the grid and I only have my iPhone and takes forever to get me signed in here. It's been hard getting set up here with hauling water up steep rocky roads and all sorts of chores that Internet has been a low priority . Miss you too and everyone as well


Christine Till

4 Years Ago

You guys need to move to San Diego.
At the moment (6:30 PM) it's 78 degrees, and it will get down to 68 during the night ... around noon it was in the low 80ies, humidity is 61%..

That's the way uh huh uh huh I like it uh huh uh huh !


Roy Erickson

4 Years Ago

The high here today was 8, it's 78 F here now in the land of sunshine. 90 % humidity, but we get used to breathing water. not bad. the spouse and I went for a three mile walk a little earlier. In the morning it's supposed to be down about 74 for my morning 10 mile walk. I'd love to be out in the southwest without the humidity. I loved NM and would move in a second - someone buy a lot of my pitchers so I'll have some money. LOL

I like San Diego - but you'd have to pay me to live there or anywhere in CA. I loved the desert out around Joshua Tree - but again - it's in CA.


A M Johnson

4 Years Ago


Gary Heller

4 Years Ago

Its so hot the Squirrels are handling our nuts with oven mitts.. . but I digress.


Barbara St Jean

4 Years Ago

Gary LOL...interesting visual...

Ya, Ya, The heat has also changed business for farmers who are using their former crop fields as giant baking pans for brownies.


Pencil Paws

4 Years Ago

125 fahrenheit (52 degrees) in Kuwait. So pleased I am going home to the UK for a visit on Friday, I don't even mind the English rain - countryside and greenary here I come!


Brian Wallace

4 Years Ago

It's so hot that I saw two trees fighting over a dog.


JAXINE Cummins

4 Years Ago

Brian, that is so funny,
I live in Phoenix and we are getting some rain in the east valley
I still don't remember what rain looks like.

All the building down town makes a very hot heat island.
If the electricity went off like Mike's I'd be painting in heaven. I hope!!!!


Marcio Faustino

4 Years Ago

It is my first Summer in South Germany and where I am they say it is the sunniest place in Germany. When the hot weather arrived I didn't expected that high temperature. It reminds the time I was in Israel. But as I can see it seems to be more hot than usual all over the world.

But it is way too hot, I spend the day sweating and I smell because of it. I hate it. The worst thing is that because I am hairy people stare at my legs when I use short, in such a way that it is very annoying, so I have to wear trouser this hot weather. :(

I was thinking going to swimming where there are women on topless so when people stare at me to the point I become uncomfortable I have a good excuse to stare at topless women too... (joking).

Marcio Faustino
Marcio Faustino - Traditional Prints
See my prints in person - Germany - France - Switzerland
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Jason Christopher

4 Years Ago

Loving the heat, near 90 past few days, baked, red (orange) and loving it.


Roy Erickson

4 Years Ago

Ah - the world's turned upside down -


Margaret Saheed

4 Years Ago

Come down to Australia! Here in Melbourne it's now 8.30pm and 60F. But last week it was extremely cold, for us, in the mornings, as low as 37F. However, we get temperatures over 100F in summer.


Mo T

4 Years Ago

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Gene Gregory

4 Years Ago

It is July....It is supposed to be hot in Texas, right? But for the past 3 days it has been cool and raining. A nice slow rain that started last Sunday, and the temps went from 102 to mid 70s......... I love it, and we are blessed to have this in mid Summer.


Billy Griffis Jr

4 Years Ago

I noticed William Cain's comment about earlier generations...I've thought about that a lot of times and found out something.

In earlier years, most houses were built not like they are today, but with 10 to 12 foot ceilings. Heat rises. I remember living in houses like that when I was a kid, no AC, usually just an attic fan and it was not hot inside. The heat rises to the ceiling, and when the attic fan is on it adds circulation to the mix, and the house actually stays fairly comfortable. Even without the attic fan it's not all that bad, you can climb a ladder and it's really hot at the ceiling but lower where you're sitting it's not all that bad. Often with just a window fan it's cool inside.

Trees also helped. These days a lot of people are eliminating trees tight beside the house so they don't get damaged by falling limbs in storms, or when a tree dies. in earlier days large oaks were left standing and helped shade the houses.

Cities are also hotter. I've noticed this many times. Leave town and turn off the highway onto the county road out to where I live, I can feel the temp drop soon as I get to the area where trees start to line the road. The asphalt and concrete retain heat.

I saw some Robins in town a few days ago pulling worms out of the ground with pot holders...


Janice Drew

4 Years Ago

I'm not a fan of the heat. Right now on the southeastern coastline of Massachusetts, it's 87 degrees. Humidity is around 50 percent. Certainly not as hot as some of you have it. We don't have central a/c. It would cost around twenty grand to put it in. We rely on five window units ande ceiling fans to keep the temps down. As a child, in same house, we never had a/c at all. I don't recall it bothering us. We were outdoor kids. No sunscreen then. I'd be very brown.

Nowadays with the heat, I venture out only early morning. Yesterday to catch the sunrise and fishermen heading out to sea. Today, I was at the grocery store at 6:30.

This is yesterday's sunrise at 5:27 a.m.
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