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Sean McDunn

3 Years Ago

Disabling + Other Updates


If anyone wants to remove all of their content from (or any of our other domains), it's very easy to do:

1. Go to your "Behind the Scenes" page.

2. Click on the icon that says "Domains" (it's right up near the top).

3. Uncheck any of the domains that you don't want to sell on.

4. Click "Submit".

It's that easy. Just uncheck the box next to, click submit, and you're done. If you do that, your images and your profile page will instantly be removed from, and you never have to think about the site ever again.

Other Updates

To answer some of the other questions that have come up:

1. We will begin selling Samsung Galaxy cases sometime in August.

2. You will be able to rotate the phone cases to better suit horizontal images sometime in August.

3. The buyer will always be able to resize and reposition your images on the phone cases (just like they do with greeting cards). There is no need to upload iPhone specific images.

4. If you have prices set for iPhone cases, the iPhone cases are now showing on your Artist Website.

5. You'll be able to control which products appear on your Artist Website next week.

6. There is absolutely no reason to worry about "duplicate content" penalties from Google if you have your images for sales on multiples domains such as FAA,,,, etc. We have been displaying content on 10+ domains since 2006 without any problems. We know how to code everything correctly.

General Summary About

Absolutely nothing is changing on FAA, and if you follow the instructions, above, and remove your content from then, literally, nothing has changed for you.

We bought for two reasons.

1. FAA isn't a great name for our international members (and potential buyers), and instead of continuing to buy country-specific domains such as, etc... we needed a universal name that everyone could use. is that universal name, and it's a great name. It's short, it's memorable, and it gives a little indication of what we're all about (i.e. images).

2. We needed a domain name that would allow us to expand into new product categories such as iPhone cases, puzzles, etc.

That's it. If you don't want to participate in, that's perfectly OK.

Think of it this way. is the "parent site" that sells all products. FAA and the other Fine Art domains are specialty sites that only sell a sub-selection of those products - the "fine art" products.


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Rona Black

3 Years Ago

Sean, thanks for increasing the potential to sell our work. Looking forward to the new product lineup.



3 Years Ago

I agree with Rona Black and would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to FAA, Sean, and Abbie for all they do for us to make all of our great sales possible for so little money...THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU once again!!!


I like the idea of increasing our product offerings and, thus, potential sales; I also like that those new products are not being sold on FAA.

As a bonus, it's already obvious that setting up art-products through Pixels will be much more user friendly than doing the same on the Big Z (aka The Big Headache).

Only good can come of that. :-)

Thanks, Sean; can't wait to see what else is hiding up your sleeve!


Phyllis Wolf

3 Years Ago

Yeah! That was simple to take care of. Thanks again! I appreciate the choice!


Richard Rizzo

3 Years Ago

I agree with the others.. thank you Sean


Roger Swezey

3 Years Ago


Re:.. "The buyer will always be able to resize and reposition your images on the phone cases (just like they do with greeting cards). There is no need to upload iPhone specific images. "

This doesn't seem true in this situation, when a customer wants the full image on the iPhone case.


Roseann Caputo

3 Years Ago

Hi Sean,

Thank you. For allowing us an easy way to opt in and out of any of the sites. Also, for providing us more options to sell our products. I like the idea of keeping the two aspects separate.

Will you plan a different look for Pixels? I really like the logo.

Also, I don't know if you caught this comment in another discussion thread, but as you may have noticed, many people here sell on other sites such as Cafe Press and Zazzle. People have been looking for an alternative site to sell on, but one that will address the problems people were having on those sites. I hope that is also another goal you have with Pixels.

I think for now I will opt out of Pixels and see how the shake down goes. The last thing I really want to get into is another site with another set of issues.



Awesome Sean! That's why FAA is FAA, Sean is always taking care of us, thanks Sean. This will give us the best of all worlds. I liked having the separate domains and the way it was set up, but for those who had reservations, now we all have a choice. -W




3 Years Ago

For the markup, I've set the markup for the iphone cases to $10, but on my artistwebsite ( and I suppose on ) they're still set at $4,50 markup.

^ Nevermind, the price and markup has changed now ^


A M Johnson

3 Years Ago

This is awesome. Thanks for all the clarifications too. :)


Phyllis Taylor

3 Years Ago

Thank you Sean. I also like the idea of selling additional products but on a different site!


Donna Proctor

3 Years Ago

WOW Sean -

Never let it be said again that you won't accommodate the artists on FAA. That's huge of you to allow those on FAA who want no part of Pixels, to distance themselves from it all together. Kudos to you! I'll be keeping all of my options, like so many others - open.

--Donna Proctor


Mike Savad

3 Years Ago

is there anything in the works to sell these products on this side of the site? maybe just for premium or something? more people go to this site, then the artist one.

and while i have you on the line, is there any updates on that direct deposit thing? thanks

---Mike Savad


Carrie Cranwill

3 Years Ago

I think it is great and can't wait for more products to roll out, thank you for the opportunity to expand our visibility.


Sean Thank you so much.. I appreciate all you are doing for us ... Love the new site.. but still can;t get on.. I type into google search and it doesn't come up with my site..


Janice Drew

3 Years Ago

Very user friendly "Behind the Scenes" application, Sean. I am keeping all the options open. The more people I can reach, the better. Thank you for giving us other products to sell through FAA.


Sorry to all.. I was doing something wrong Thanks for the help Wendy.


Andee Design

3 Years Ago

Will we be able to promote each product on a single images without promoting the entire image?

This is a great feature to promote that one item that would drawing someone in off of Social media

Zazzle has this and it will also show up on a blog post as well which is really nice... I am hoping

I have a chance for sales here and not have my work discounted or tempted off with someone

else's goods like Z does. When I market myself I would really like to benefit from it. Thanks!

I am opt in all the way... but those check boxes... if the ones that do not want to be on those,

decide later they want back in is it as easy as checking that box again? Or is there a 24 hours

wait or more to get it back up and running for them on those other sites?



You should not be typing full addresses into a search box

You put it in the address bar at the top of your browser, not the search


Mary Armstrong

3 Years Ago

This sounds like a good option for many artists wishing to have their art/designs apply to other products. Good Luck!


Luke Moore

3 Years Ago

So how do I use the bulk edit tool to remove the iPhone/cases for my current print offerings. Just went through each last month and selectively chose to not offer the largest or the largest couple of sizes on some of my prints, etc. If I use the bulk edit tool and leave iphone/phone box blank... Then it will automatically offer all all the print sizes, some of which I might have decided not to offer. It looks automatically at the file size and puts the default in there.

I would like to offer iPhone cases but not on all of my images on Pixels/FAA. Also I realize on new images that I upload I can either decide to opt in for phone case through the upload screen or through the default screen.

Not really sure I want to go through all my images to remove phone case either. It bothers me that when i decide to only offer certain print sizes on certain images the bulk edit aways wipes that out puts in all the sizes again. Not sure if that all makes sense.


Chaline Ouellet

3 Years Ago

Thank you for the opt out option!


Donna Proctor

3 Years Ago

Just a Suggestion - for those like me who don't want to go searching for the information Sean provided, at a later date - I just copied and saved it to my computer for future reference. If we do that, there won't be a need for FAA to repeat themselves, over and over, down the road :)

--Donna Proctor


Just take yourself off Pixels if you do not wish to sell all the added extras coming up

However if you DO wish to stay there you can disable the prices which takes off the cases

You can disable iphone cases for all of your images using the bulk editor without affecting the print prices or greeting card prices for your images.

When using the bulk editor, simple uncheck the box that says "Change Prices for This Product" next to the products that you don't want to change, and you'll be all set.

For example, if you want to disable iphone cases for all of your images:

1. Uncheck the box that says "Change Prices for This Product" next to the print products.
2. Uncheck the box that says "Change Prices for This Product" next to the greeting card products.
3. Delete the price for the iphone cases.

Click "Submit".

That will do it. Iphone cases will be disabled for all of your selected images.

Abbie Shores
Technical Support


JC Findley

3 Years Ago

But Donna, we love doing that..... At least I am pretty sure Abbie does. heh

On that note, I am taking my son to the Bronx Zoo. Yall have fun

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Gary Heller

3 Years Ago

This all sounds good to me, thanks for your efforts and your concerns/considerations to the artists here.
Direct Deposit option would be great, hope that's in the working.


Gloria Koch

3 Years Ago

Thanks for the update Sean. Personally, I don't see any negative sides to selling our art on more products in more areas around the world but it's great to have the option to opt-out for those who do.


Rose Santuci-Sofranko

3 Years Ago

Abbie, i just re-did all there a lag time before the phone cases show up? Still not showing. Thanks for the help.


Rose Santuci-Sofranko

3 Years Ago

Okay, when i click one one of my pics...the iphone is there....but when i click on the link for iphones in the left sidebar of my home page...nothing shows up


Michael Hoard

3 Years Ago

Thanks for the update, and all the support and dedicated work. Cheers, Michael


Cynthia Decker

3 Years Ago

Please forgive me if this has been asked - I looked through a few threads and didn't see an answer.

I have created a gallery to hold my formatted images made specifically for the phones, and disabled all products except phones for that gallery. That part works great.

Is there a way I can hide this gallery on FAA only, since it shows up as having no products available here?


Dan Turner

3 Years Ago

"Sean defaulted to Opt in days ago"

When does the change take effect? Most of the 100,000+ artists on have not opted in...including me.

Dan Turner
Dan Turner Fine Art
Dan Turner's Seven Keys to Selling Art Online
To Enjoy Dan Turner's Pinterest Boards, Click Here


I do not understand what that means Dan

We cannot hide galleries at present

Cases do not show on FAA at all


Ann Powell

3 Years Ago

Cynthia, I have done the same thing. Since apparently we can not upload images directly into pixels. I hope that option is coming. I have a gallery of small images I would like to use as phone cases that are too small for prints. It does look very strange to have an image here on FAA and not have any product. i did finally went in and at least added a greeting card option so there is something. Ii too would like the option to hide these image here on FAA where there is not corresponding product.


Dan Turner

3 Years Ago

Abbie, all of my work is available on To be sold on iPhone cases. I didn't sign up for that. We are being told this is Opt-IN. I didn't opt-IN.

Dan Turner
Dan Turner Fine Art
Dan Turner's Seven Keys to Selling Art Online
To Enjoy Dan Turner's Pinterest Boards, Click Here


Susan Wiedmann

3 Years Ago

Abbie, please add me to Cynthia's and Ann's request re hiding that folder on FAA, but keep it visible on AW!

Cynthia and Ann - thank you for posting those. I was going to start creating a folder, now I'll just wait.



That will be because you went in this thread asking if people wanted their prices kept on, saying Respect Dude! Thanks! Posted by: Dan Turner on 07/24/2013 - 3:40 PM Sean actually asked people to comment if they wished their pricing kept on

I removed them for you


Cynthia Decker

3 Years Ago

Ok then, formal request:

Either the ability to hide folders on either site, (which Abbie kindly explained isn't available at present) or the ability to specify upon upload where the image/gallery appears; FAA, Pixels, or both.



Things are still changing and we have some more updates in the works soon :)


Question re I choose pixels at the behind-the-scenes Domains, do I have to offer other products than my art - i.e., phone cases,etc. ???
Or......can I be on pixels for just my art ? not to sell other products. ?


Margaret Saheed

3 Years Ago

Vivian, I have nearly finished going through my images on pixels and deciding which ones I want to offer as phone cases. putting my price on the ones I want, and deleting the $4.50 default price on the others. But I'm sure someone will tell you how to bulk delete them, or what other options you have. You could check the edit page of an image to see what yours are showing!


Susan Wiedmann

3 Years Ago

Vivian, you can be on pixels and not sell the other products. See Abbie's posting in this thread on 07/24/2013 - 10:51 AM,


Thanks Susan and Marg........I did go through all mine before the recent new change, and went through again to find the art offered as phone cases, so I changed them to blank pricing, but then I thought will my art show at without selling 'items'.......and you've answered in the affirmative, for wihich I thank you both so it happens, two of mine looked really pretty as phone cases, so I left them for sale and put a $10 price for me..........just for fun. I suppose I could just go there to to check my pages......that's too easy, lol, and last time, I couldn't get 'out', lol..............


Susan Wiedmann

3 Years Ago

Vivian, Abbie said on Thursday that everything isn't ready yet. Supposedly, next week sometime? And in August for Samsung/droid covers.


Jane McIlroy

3 Years Ago

Question for Sean: Designing images for products like phone cases would be much easier if we could upload .png files with transparent backgrounds. Is this something you would consider for the future?


Heiko Koehrer-Wagner

3 Years Ago

Thank you Sean!


Oh well .. I guess my question really was a stupid one... I guess I will figure it out myself


Patrick Witz

3 Years Ago

Hi Sean and others,

Thank you for creating more opportunities for sales and for offering a place to exchange information with other artists.

I have a couple thoughts, questions...

1) Phone cases, is it possible down the road to have the ability of turning the image to fit the main subject in certain images better on the case?

2) I sign in on and when I edit anything, I end up on FAA and no longer in Pixel. Found this out when I edited an image's phone price in Pixel and went to see it and couldn't, 'cause I was unaware of having been switched over from Pixel to FAA. How can I stay on Pixel if signed in on Pixel, and is there a way to go directly to Pixel from FAA? (I know the reverse is currently possible weather I want to or not)

3) Is there a way to make images a tad more secure yet clearly viewable? My daughter on her computer (as a buying guest, not signed in) screen-captured one of my images and she made a reasonably good 8x10 photo and cards by just cropping out the watermark in the bottom corner, and I assume she could of as well made a phone case cover from the digital image? I told her next time just ask me for it... but it got me to thinking... is there a way to increase the watermark size, put two watermarks, or have the ability to move it? Yes, I know it slightly detracts from the image, however, if the watermark was larger or there were two of them, it would be apparent that it's not a permanent mark. The Stock Photo sites have huge watermarks on their images and I heard some imbed them with some sort of pixel signatures. Theft is always a problem online...even from your own kids apparently.

4) Down the road, could there be an option regarding the avatar, square or rectangle, or have the ability to fit more or reposition an image in the square... this is really an issue with panoramas. Currently I'm including "xxxxxx Panorama" in the title.

Thank you for all your work and help. Best of luck with all the upgrades and cross-overs.



Jean Booth

3 Years Ago

Will there be an option soon to choose the position of each iphone case image in the gallery as there is on FAA with images? Sorry if it's been asked before - so much to weed through (I did look)!



Janine Riley

3 Years Ago

Hi Karin Best - there are 2 other threads showing the dimensions , they may be back a few pages now.


Crystal Wightman

3 Years Ago

"I sign in on and when I edit anything, I end up on FAA and no longer in Pixel. Found this out when I edited an image's phone price in Pixel and went to see it and couldn't, 'cause I was unaware of having been switched over from Pixel to FAA. How can I stay on Pixel if signed in on Pixel"

Patrick, I am having the same exact problem.

I sign onto Pixels and as soon as I do anything, I am no longer on, I am now on It's really annoying. I can't do anything dealing with Iphones or anything on Pixels itself.


We have a lot of crosslinking going on and Sean is aware

Please be patient, this will be sorted soon


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