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Dave Dilli

3 Years Ago

Photos On Abc Criminal Minds Episode

Hey everyone,

I recently licensed two of my photos to be used on the set for an ABC Criminal Minds episode that will be based in Arizona.
The episodes are supposed to air on 9/25 & 10/2 of this year. I am really excited about it so thought I would share.

The photos are below:

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Pretty cool!

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3 Years Ago

Congratulations! Make sure you hit the record button.


Barbara McDevitt

3 Years Ago

Congratulations Dave, such great news and really nice images too.


Ed Meredith

3 Years Ago

That's great Dave... Congrats!!!


Rose Santuci-Sofranko

3 Years Ago

Very cool! Congrats.


Reb Frost

3 Years Ago

Congratulations! :)


Carmen Hathaway

3 Years Ago

Congrats Dave -- great news to share :)


Janine Riley

3 Years Ago

Excellent Dave ! That's why you are here. Very nice choices.


Randall Nyhof

3 Years Ago

Congrats Dave!


Big congratulations, Dave!

But . . . the series is produced by ABC Studios in association with CBS Television, and has aired on CBS for the last 100 years. Just so we don't miss a chance to see your work on TV, do you know whether the show has actually moved to the ABC network for the upcoming season?

Do I ask too many questions? ;-)


Cynthia Decker

3 Years Ago

I'm excited for you! What a great opportunity!


Dave Dilli

3 Years Ago

Thanks everyone,

Ha Wendy,

The license was with ABC studios so I just assumed it was going to air on ABC. I did not know that was actually a CBS run production - so I expect it will air on CBS. Shows how little I know about television!


Kathi Shotwell

3 Years Ago

Totally cool!!! I like that show and I will try to remember to tune in for those episodes.

edit: absolutely beautiful images, btw!


Anne Norskog

3 Years Ago

How wonderful for you Dave! Beautiful choices!


Kendall Kessler

3 Years Ago

Great! Congratulations!


MM Anderson

3 Years Ago



Val Arie

3 Years Ago

Congratulations! Beautiful images!


Mary Ellen Anderson

3 Years Ago

Beautiful work, congratulations.


Kay Pickens

3 Years Ago

That is so cool!!! Congratulations.


JC Findley

3 Years Ago

Awesome Dave!


Warren Thompson

3 Years Ago

Way to go! Make sure you remind us...


Cricket Hackmann

3 Years Ago

Those are gorgeous images -- I can see why they wanted them! Congratulations -- that's a show we watch regularly, so I'll keep a lookout for your artwork!


Jamie Frier

3 Years Ago

Congratulations. They are both beautiful.


Donna Proctor

3 Years Ago

Dave -

Congratulations! Your images above are stunning so it's no wonder they were chosen :) I love the show and if you remind us with a new thread as it gets closer, I'll be sure to tune in and look for your photography! How exciting for you... I'm happy for you :)

--Donna Proctor


Janice Drew

3 Years Ago

Terrific images! Congratulations to you.


E B Schmidt

3 Years Ago

That's really cool! And the photographs are wonderful! Congratulations.


J L Meadows

3 Years Ago



Lance Vaughn

3 Years Ago

Congratulations, Dave!


Melissa Bittinger

3 Years Ago

Yes, please remind us, I'd love to look for them on the show! Congratulations..


Angelina Vick

3 Years Ago

Very cool! Congratulations! Beautiful work.


Mel Steinhauer

3 Years Ago

Excellent work, Dave ! Congratulations and thanks for letting us all know!


Lara Ellis

3 Years Ago

That's awesome! Congrats!! :)


Marilyn Diaz

3 Years Ago

Fantastic news. Both beautiful pictures.


Christi Kraft

3 Years Ago

Congrats! They're beautiful images. :)


Gia Marie Houck

3 Years Ago

Excellent! Congratulations!
They are both beautiful images.


Christine Till

3 Years Ago

That's awesome, Dave. Big Congratulations :-)


Bette Orr

3 Years Ago

Fantastic, Dave! And such beautiful photographs too!! Congratulations!!!


Mo T

3 Years Ago

Simply wonderful news...Congrats Mike :):):)


Dave Dilli

3 Years Ago

Thanks everyone,

I will post a note just before the shows. Hopefully it will be possible to at least see my photos in the back of the set!


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