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Cristina Alexander

3 Years Ago

Need Help On Uploading

Hey guys I'm new to this. I'm having issues when I upload art and I look to edit image there's no rotate button for me to move the image because it's been uploaded sideways. Please, some advice would be helpful. Thank you!

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Roy Erickson

3 Years Ago

Cristina - you will have to upload a new image. First you must put this in your photo editing software and turn it right side up - make sure you save it that way - then upload it - just use the edit function under this image. It will delete this sideways image and you will upload the new correct image - I'd suggest you add an a or a 1 to the name when you fix it before you upload.

rd's AW site


Kathi Shotwell

3 Years Ago

I would go to your art in your image editing software and rotate it there. Then go to this image here on FAA and click on "edit image" and re-upload the one that is rotated to the correct position.

As an alternative to doing it in your image editing software, you may be able to rotate it with Windows... but I don't know if that degrades the image (it used to but they may have improved that function since then).

In the future, you need to rotate the art before you upload it. You can't rotate after.

Welcome to FAA, Cristina!! Very nice painting btw! :)


Kathi Shotwell

3 Years Ago

Roy you are faster than me today... :)

Cristina, I've replaced images with the same filename and no damage. Good reminder about saving, too.


Elizabeth S Zulauf

3 Years Ago

Roy is correct, its better to change the name... some people have had issues with images not showing up correctly after they re-uploaded with the same name... this is the advice I gave them via private email:

"I have noticed that if I make a change to an image and re-upload it with the same name, it doesn't always change on the FAA server side to show the new image. However, if I make a change to an image and give it a slightly different name before I re-upload it, it will change the picture to the newer one.

It's kind of like having to trick the server so it knows its looking at a different file."


The name of the image has nothing to do with whether an image is reloaded properly or not


Cristina Alexander

3 Years Ago

Thanks Kathi for the compliment!

Ok well when I took the pic it was upright but no matter how I rotate it before hand it keeps going sideways. Btw I'm doing this on my mobile and maybe I need to do it on a computer...? I will try changing the name and see how that works. Has anyone tried uploading their work by smart phone?


Gregory Scott

3 Years Ago

The name has to do with the url, which may affect the browser cache. Try hitting f5.



You can rotate the image in some of the mobile editors but you MUST save it before uploading and then it will be the right way around


Cristina Alexander

3 Years Ago

I had to crop it so it would save. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!


Kathi Shotwell

3 Years Ago

You're welcome, Cristina. I love your theme.


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