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Leah Saulnier The Painting Maniac

3 Years Ago

Constant Contact

This might be something many of you already have(Constant Contact) to send email out to clients. But I just signed up with it after years of wanting to. I hadn't sent an email out for months when my husband got sick and didn't want to send the same old type of email with attachments to look at my work. I feel people were just deleting it. So I decided to try constant contact , so far I am very pleased! It let's you know who opens your email! It also give you a sign up form to put on the front page of your website for people to sign up as a contact for future news letters and emails which I already put on the front page here on FAA if any of you want to see. So just thought I would share my new discovery with other artist's that might want to investigate it for themselves for better more professional marketing.
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Heather Applegate

3 Years Ago

I loved using Constant Contact for other work I've done... but I prefer free, so I use now.


Thanks for sharing Heather, anything that makes a better email without attachments to open is better and more professional


Image World

3 Years Ago

i wonder how do people like me get contacts for email marketing who dont have their own contacts or any customer base ? Is there any site who provide contacts too ?


Marcio Faustino

3 Years Ago

G Nande,
You need to have a form in your website or a paper on your shows where people can put their contact if they want be informed about more works and events, etc. I have tried but I only have 3 contacts in my mailing list and it doesn't look like I will get more.


Image World

3 Years Ago

yes marcio. Even i got 3-4 emails of my previous customers who either filled my form or tried to contact me personally but not all visitors/customers fill form or contact personally so not many contacts i have. I also hesitate a bit to my previous customers to send email notifications marketing lol it would be better if some reliable agency provide emails of potential buyers for our marketing. Its ok to pay reasonable price for such marketing but it should be reliable and my doc.k should not be target for other spam lol


Marcio Faustino

3 Years Ago

This is what I always thought was funny. When I find so many texts telling about how much mailing list is effective, etc, etc. I am sure it is but only if you have e-mails address to send your email. It is the same to say how effective is to Advertise on the main street or on the main TV channel and everybody should try in order to succeed . But withiout telling that first you need to have +50k in your pocket.

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Loretta Luglio

3 Years Ago

I use MailChimp and it is very similar. You get loads of information on email campaigns and it's all very professional looking. I installed their sign up form to one of my websites and it works well. Nice to know who is opening your emails.


Chris Maher

3 Years Ago

Isn't the E-Mail Campaigns tool provided by FAA actually a free way to use Constant Contact's services? I wonder if there is any way to use the tools on the site with the FAA email tool?



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