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Maggie Vlazny

3 Years Ago

Marketing Just A Page From Faa?

Hi Everyone - I'm wondering if people market the whole site on search engines etc or have
you tried single pages of one image? If so, any luck?

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Gregory Scott

3 Years Ago

I have a new strategy. I will mainly market my own website,, and individual images there will be linked to for iphone cases or future specialized products, or for all other purposes.

This is because NOTHING to your AW site is generally indexed on search engines. (Refer to recent threads on nofollow tag and canonical tag.) In short, the way search engines score things, FAA/Pixels is penalized for having nearly identical AW sites, so FAA/Pixels tells search engines to map all our AW pages to FAA!! Your publicity linking to AW does you virtually no good at all on your AW site with regard to search engines. The only good it does is those people who actually follow and see your links.

Using my own (completely own) website as the focus of my publicity give ME better search engine scores. Yet every link of every image to where they can buy the print on AW also strongly benefits FAA/Pixels.

For an example of how this looks in practice, look at my custom iPhone Case indexes tab on my website. (There are two, one compact, for the user, and one descriptive/verbose, for the more interested user and for search engine indexing.)

Another advantage of doing this is I can optimize my own thumbnails and watermarks.
For a good example of this, large panoramas just don't show up well on FAA.
Check out my panoramics index:


Maggie Vlazny

3 Years Ago

Thank you Greg- first, your panoramas are GORGEOUS!!!!

Actually I've never tried even marketing my AW bz I always have my own website as well.
I've kept FAA as my POD and just link my images to them for printing, framing, buying options.

Re: the cases. FAA recommends a $5.00 mark up. Have you sold any cases yet?

Thx for the feedback.


Mike Savad

3 Years Ago

i do them one at a time and every now and then do the whole page. but thats in twitter and such. for places like google they index the whole site and they only start in the root.

the cases just came out and you can only find them on 2 sites, not even on this side where people see you the most. most places don't know we have them yet.

---Mike Savad


Kathi Shotwell

3 Years Ago

I go by the image when marketing online, and my own site for business cards etc. I have links there to the sales sites. Though, not pixels yet. It's past time to update my website anyway, so will do that soon.
Also I recently learned there is an FAA store/shopping cart widget you can put on your own site, much like the FB one. I'll try that too.

Re sales of phone cases, I think it takes a few weeks for things to work their way up in Google... I may be wrong about this though.

I'm wondering if the phone case sales will appear or not appear on the FAA sales announcements page that appears when we log in, or if they will be limited to the Pixels log-ins... I don't mind either way, just wondering... like will they be totally separate and we'd need to log in to each site to see the sales from each site?


Mary Ellen Anderson

3 Years Ago

Great work Gregory. How long you had this in place, is it working? Images are great, but layout is a bit hard to read (word wrapping, text placement and font, table grid). Now will you do links back to FAA for your prints?

You need a keyword search of your site and popular search defaults.


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