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Randy Rosenberger

3 Years Ago

Highlighted ( For My Use Only ) Please Do Not Submit To This Thread

All submissions to this thread will be FEATURED, on our new "Special Highlighted Artists'" Thread.

Please submit only one per week per member, and these will go into our FEATURED SECTION of our HOMEPAGE, each and every week, while I will choose 10 from this thread to POST AND FEATURE!

This is slight change to give you more promo, as we used to do 8, but now 10!

Please remember, no black and white, sepia, or nudes, and no dark pieces, but keep your submissions bright and lively to attract attention to future members and buyers.

If you are not sure how to post on this thread, you have me administrative to ask, and ye shall receive info of exactly how to join this thread, and promote your great artworks.

Post only the address or url, and it should be in blue if done correctly. No full pictures please, and that is for space saving and my time. Thanks!

1. For posting just a LINK, go to photo you want to copy link for, then on the top in your address window, highlight the url for that photo now showing. Copy it. Take it to where you want to paste it. Click paste and only the link, in the color of blue should appear where you pasted. If in black, it won't work! TWO OPEN WINDOWS WORKS THE BEST WHEN DOING THIS!

BEST of luck,
Forever, Elvis

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Nikolyn McDonald

3 Years Ago

Just realized I posted too soon.


Randy Rosenberger

3 Years Ago



This discussion is closed.

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