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Isabella F Abbie Shores

3 Years Ago

Alt And Title Tags


Search engines can not read an image, they only read words. On each site you place the image it may have a special category or subject that you wish the image to be found under. eg you add an abstract to three forums on three specialist sites about different things. On each site you would add the specialist word for the search engine to know that is an image about............(?)

Or, you have a dog and you want the search engine to know its a dog of a certain breed.
Or a landscape needs a place name


You add a descriptive (under 10 words) piece.

eg dog print for sale German Shepherd

The search engine then knows that is a dog, a print, a print for sale, and a german shepherd

It is up to you to change alt and title tags. No site does this for you. They may be different per site you are adding to, and they are only put in as you paste them to that site you are sharing on. You cannot save the changes here on your profile page


Look at your code for the images you paste in here. In it you can see

alt='Sell Art Online' title='Sell Art Online'

See there are two there, both alt and title (for different browsers)

You should change those to something like

alt='gothic lace photo by Isabella Shores' title='gothic lace photo by Isabella Shores'

The reason you use both is that some browsers see alt tags and some only see title tags.

The words should 10 or under

1. Grab the link code on your image page

2. Paste somewhere you want it, or to notepad

Which will look something like this

<a href='' size='20'><img src='' alt='Art Prints' title='Art Prints' style='border: none;'></a>

In it you can see

alt='Art Prints' title='Art Prints'

See there are two there, both alt and title (for different browsers)

On this image I change it to

alt='texas longhorn being rounded up oil painting' title='texas longhorn being rounded up oil painting'

The words must be 10 or under as search engines will ignore the others over 10

texas longhorn being rounded up oil painting

which will give you

texas longhorn being rounded up oil painting


alt and title tags are for other sites you share your work to
They are the description of that image for a blind person........ ie search engines who cannot 'see' the image
You add them per site and can change them at whim
they are very important
You need both, alt AND title as some browsers read the alt and some read the title

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Melissa Bittinger

3 Years Ago

Bet I'm not the only one who didn't know this! Okay, I'll practice.....NOW! Have to be careful to stay inside the ' ' Here's what I put in place.....dream shadows digital art by melissa bittinger and lavender sea digital painting by melissa bittinger


Melissa Bittinger

3 Years Ago

That didn't work!


Melissa Bittinger

3 Years Ago

dream shadows digital art by melissa bittinger

try again....HA, got it, must of deleted a character the first time
Thanks Abbie


I forgot to say, do not use any characters in alt and title tags, only numbers or letters

It should work

Grab the whole image code and pop it here

Change your tags


Hoover your mouse over the image and your alt or title will show




Melissa Bittinger

3 Years Ago

cool, I didn't know about the hovering, it shows the title. Yeah, one more computer skill learned. Now I want to know how to put things in bold and italics in discussion threads?

edit: I'll have to check back later, it's almost 4am again! and I'm here instead of in bed....I'll pay for it later too, boo.

Lots of tutorials there

See under discussions

You can practise here


Anita Dale Livaditis

3 Years Ago

wow, Abbie, thanks, who knew? I am giving it a whirl

Innocence Drawing by Anita Dale Livaditis

And so as not to bore Abbie, this was drawn impromptu with my touchpad while I was sitting on the sofa with my laptop, and I saw Innocence, one of my cats, lying in front of me, and thought her shape was so cute I decided to draw it. I later developed it further and put in my morning coffee and added color. I uploaded that one a while back but when going through my files, I saw this one again and really liked just the simple black and white drawing, so I uploaded it, too.

Edit - Cool, it worked! I hope that wasn't TMI Abbie. :)


Roy Erickson

3 Years Ago

I hate being slow - I just now figured out wth you were talking about. LOL


Anita Dale Livaditis

3 Years Ago

I know! Me, too! So slow!!!


Not TMI at ALL and THAT is what people should be doing when they add posts!!!!!

I love that sketch/line drawing/doodle


Anita Dale Livaditis

3 Years Ago

Abbie, sha! Thank you!!!!

You are right, it would make it more interesting. I hope people start doing it.

That way, even if someone's art is not one's cup of tea, one might give it a second look, and not just scroll by.


Absolutely :)


Andrew Read

3 Years Ago

Still but then Thursdays are the slowest day for my brain :D


LOL Hover over the two images in the thread....
see the writing? That is what you add to your images in the alt/title tags

Well, not what THEY have written LOL

Here is an example of what is put if the image is not there (hopefully it will show up in the forum)

this image has been deleted on its server

Ok it is not showing the words, which it would on some places but, if you hover at least you can still see what it says so normally your name would be there and the title of the image.

That means search engines (who do not actually 'see' your images), would see that instead so, it does not matter if the image is removed etc, your name and the image name is still out there


Mike Savad

3 Years Ago

to be honest up till this point i didn't even notice it was there. but now that i do...

---Mike Savad


Tom Druin

3 Years Ago

tea coffee cake by tom druin edit-interesting codes for me are like a foreign language.


Peggy Collins

3 Years Ago

Aha, how cool is that? Thanks for sharing this information, Abbie!


I should have brought it up before, to be honest but, you know what it is when you know something and do not even think that others do not. I have to thank Dan and Robert for reminding me


E B Schmidt

3 Years Ago

Took me several reads to get what you were saying. Testing to see if I get this...

Hairy Water Clover by EB Schmidt

EDIT: It worked. Cool! Thanks Abbie!



3 Years Ago

I am totally lost here...can someone help me out? Got in on discussion late and don't have a clue...


Barbara Griffin

3 Years Ago

Desiderata Watercolor Abstract by Barbara Griffin

Thanks for the info Abbie! Nice to know!


E B Schmidt

3 Years Ago

Karen - post an image in this discussion, but before you submit it, carefully look at the code and you'll see what Abbie is talking about.


Well done everyone !!

By Jove, I think they've got it!

Karen, it is fully explained in the top post. It is any image code you use from anywhere but we are talking about your image code next to the images


Alexander Senin

3 Years Ago

But we have no opportunity to change the code when posting a new picture to our FAA account, have we?

Big Skip

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Hi Dave..... The alt and title are purely for when you share your work on html areas. Like here, or on other sites that accept the alt and title areas

Hashtags you only add to areas that do not accept the code on social media...

On Twitter, Instagram, facebook, G+


Jane Ford

2 Years Ago

Thanks for the tip! I never knew about it.


Robert Woodward

2 Years Ago

I'll give this a try . . .

Sand Patterns 1

This should read as Sand Patterns 1, made at Sand Dollar Beach in Big Sur.


Julia Hamilton

2 Years Ago

New Waters Detail1


Linda Brody

2 Years Ago

I only see my tags in groups with the words: photographs, or canvas prints, or framed prints, or iphone cases, or some pillows...after my long list of tags. I have been a member since last August.... Am I doing something wrong??? See example in artwork below. This is for the TAGS... not the html > alt wording. Thanks.

Photography Prints


Fran Riley

2 Years Ago

Linda, not sure if you got an answer or figured this out. I'm not sure what you mean-if you are referring to your keywords then you should submit a help ticket I think.
Anyway, bumping this up too - good info for everyone especially with all the image threads.


bump for Nikolyn


Abbie ... is it necessary or would you recommend putting your artist's name in the alt/title area along with the description?


Nikolyn McDonald

1 Year Ago

Thanks, Abbie. Sent the link to my friend and am off to re-read.


Shawn Dall

1 Year Ago

yeah I always wondered what those were for haha..

you learn more by effing up and people correcting you than you ever do researching on your own!


Shawn Dall

1 Year Ago

check out mine:

Mechanical Dragons Red Pastel Tattoo Digital Painting by Shawn Dall

the first half has the 10 words needed - and then the part it will cut off promotes my art page - now that people are becoming more aware of hovering over pics I can use it as another way to promote my page - I know now I am hovering over more peoples pics to see what they wrote :)

I only did the promotion part for the title though, not the alt.. toss it up a little hehe.. only title shows up for me cuz I use chrome.

---Shawn Dall


Kelly Mills

1 Year Ago

Abbie!!!! I am so computer illiterate! Your explanation was amazing! I got it on the first try! I tried it on Google and it worked!!! Thank you so much!!!!


Lindley Johnson

1 Year Ago

I think I get what to do, Abbie, but I'm still not clear why or when. Is the why so that search engines will find the image better? The when - when you upload here? In discussions? on Facebook?


David Smith

1 Year Ago

Once again though, this only works when you post your own work and remember to make the changes. If you forget, or someone else posts your image in one of those endless "post the work of" threads here or in the groups, it's back to the generic "Art Print" tags.

We need to be able to permanently edit the tags.


Nikolyn McDonald

1 Year Ago

Do you know whether the search engines even look at the images that are posted in threads in groups, David? I have been able to trace my images on google back to main forum threads, to my own portfolio, to comments pages, and even to group home pages. But I have never seen one that was picked up from a thread internal to a group. I'm not saying they can't be, just saying I haven't seen one. Would love to have some information on that from someone who knows more about it than I do - which is just about anyone, I think.


Jane McIlroy

1 Year Ago

Good point, David - I vote for being able to edit the tags so they apply automatically every time an image is posted.


Is there some reason why the title and artist can't be added to the tags automatically via a batch file or something? Obviously the URL is, why can't it just be programmed to grab the title and artist info and append it automatically as alt="XXTITLEXX Art Print by XXXARTISTXXX"? Seems this would solve the problem anywhere they get posted, and would eliminate any possible errors inadvertently made by changing the existing tags.


David Smith

1 Year Ago


The only possible reason for not allowing large scale editing of the tags that I can think of is that the keywords "art print" and "art photo" being posted automatically thousands of times in the forum and in groups keeps FAA at the top of the search engine ranks. Or maybe FAA doesn't have in house programmers and it's not a priority to pay someone to write new code.


David, in my example the text "Art Print by" is not a variable and would appear in every tag.


John Turner

1 Year Ago

I'll give this a try . . .

panhandling teddy bear new york city streets by john turner

This should read as 'panhandling teddy bear new york city streets by john turner'.

Thank You Abbie


Richard Reeve

1 Year Ago

I'm in total agreement, Susan. I don't understand why it's not automatically added as title and artist. David, yes I wonder if you are right, although if it was a really big deal presumably it would mention as well?

Interesting about only using letters and numbers in the alt tags. I was using pipes as delimiters so I guess I shall stop that for a start!

- Richard Reeve


Nikolyn McDonald

1 Year Ago

And I want to know whether we should put different information in each (alt and title) or whether we can just copy and paste. Different really takes a very long time.


You cannot change all alt and tags at source. no image area does that, you always have to add your own. Each image is different and needs a different alt tag

Takes a minute only to add your own.

Alt and title can be the same.

No more than 10 words should be used so dont start adding titles and names. Just the basic description of the work really that someone would find if they put in a search for that item


Andee Design

1 Year Ago



Andee Design

1 Year Ago



Nikolyn McDonald

1 Year Ago

Thanks for checking in on this, Abbie, and for answering my question about whether alt and title tags can be the same (yes). I read another article someone posted a link to and it indicated that they should be different which is really a lot of bother.

You say, "No more than 10 words should be used so don't start adding titles and names. Just the basic description of the work really that someone would find if they put in a search for that item."
So don't put the photographer's name in? I thought the examples you used earlier had at least "by Susie Q" or "painting by Susie Q" at the end. And I thought certain words didn't count in the 10 - like two letter words and "the" "and" "but" . . .

I really try to do this every time I post an image to a discussion forum, esp the main forum, and it does take time and is a pain in the butt. Don't mind doing it but don't want to be spinning my wheels, either.


Stacie Siemsen

1 Year Ago

Well,I guess I've come late to this party. I just found this post and thought I'd try it. Thanks for the valuable info Abby!

yellow butterfly feeding on purple flower

I replaced 'Art Prints" with 'yellow butterfly feeding on purple flower'


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