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Nicole Poston

3 Years Ago

Beach In New Zealand

This is my latest project of one of the New Zealand beaches. I drew a close version of the picture my sister took during one of their family vacations there. Tell me what everyone thinks please!! I have begun to enjoy drawing and working with my hands again. This drawing took me two days (about 15 hours) to complete.

I would appreciate any level of constructive criticism on my ability to portray this beach. I have finished this drawing and it is up on my page if you would like a closer look, along with two others I have completed. I am wondering how my work is being perceived and so any comments would be appreciated for my future pieces. :)

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Fran Riley

3 Years Ago

Hi Nicole! I like your colors and love the wood! The sand is nicely done. The horizon is crooked however and your signature is cut off in the image you posted. Otherwise ...good job!


Ken Krug

3 Years Ago

Nice work, Nicole, I like the way you have divided the main spaces. Yes, in this work the horizon I would make it level. The low mountain on the left along the horizon might blend in with the sky just a little too much, maybe do something there to differentiate that. The waves on the sand make it look to me like the grade is going downhill somewhat, but maybe that's how your photo reference was? Not to mention too many things in one critique, but you can use ideas for other paintings, the rocks on the right of center, if you varied the spacing between them, it would create more interest. The birds in the upper right corner, just my take on it, are tucked a little too far into the corner, but they are nicely drawn, I like how they echo and pick up the feel of the driftwood, opposite. Very nice painting! It seems you have captured the feeling of the location.


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