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Franshisca Delgado

3 Years Ago

Selling Photos???

How long does it usually take for someone to sell there first photo or drawing? Am i doing something wrong?

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J L Meadows

3 Years Ago

I really like this:

Art Prints

Well, speaking of sales, or lack thereof, join the club. I did make a sale this year - a greeting card - and I'm happy about that, but mostly this place has been a dead end for me. :( Wish I could offer encouragement, but I really don't know what works here and what doesn't.


Franshisca Delgado

3 Years Ago

ok thanks. I wasmt really sure how everybody else was doing in there sales. because everytime i log on it show a bunch of people who have sold photos or drawings. I was just like im the only one that nobody buys from.


J L Meadows

3 Years Ago

It can be very discouraging, I know. If the sheer numbers here aren't bad enough, there are those who sell images that belong to someone else, or who paint pictures of copyrighted characters. There were three of those on the sales page today. It just never ends.


Benjamin Yeager

3 Years Ago

It can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months to several years for your first sale. Your best bet is to keep creating and posting quality work. Tag it well. Promote it to your immediate network (Christmas is coming). It's always good to take advantage of your immediate area. Maybe you can go to a Fresno State football game and get good pictures in and around the stadium (sports are good sellers). Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks.

It's very competitive here. There are thousands upon thousands of good images. Look for a niche.

Good luck!


Angelina Vick

3 Years Ago

Money can be made in art but it's not a short sprint to the goal.
It's a highly competitive field filled with many who have loys of experience.

Life in art...a marathon. Figuring out your goals and how to achieve is nothing short of learning how to run a small business. Hard work


Margaret Saheed

3 Years Ago

Franshisca, I looked at one of your images and it had no description and about 5 keywords. You need the description for google (and interested viewers!) and plenty of relevant keywords for the FAA search engine.

I noticed you have no biography and only 19 images. As well as has been suggested that you promote outside of FAA, I suggest you do some extra work on your images also to increase your chances of them being found and attractive to prospective buyers!


Franchisca, more high-quality images (update frequently), and more keywords will go a long way toward getting your work seen at FAA.

Check out JC's marketing links in this recent thread --

Good luck!


Mike Savad

3 Years Ago

it could take 1 hour to never. it depends who is seeing it right now. however you only have 19 images which is a tiny little amount to show. you want a large collection because even if you draw people in, you may not have what they want. and you also have to advertise yourself.

those mushrooms are nice but they only come card sized.

you want to have images that are interesting and different - and eye catching.

Sell Art Online
this has noise in the sky - they probably won't print it if it does sell, but the buyer can see the noise and probably wouldn't get it because of that. not a critique, but i would clone out the stuff on the upper left.

Sell Art Online
the crop has to be removed at the bottom, and it doesn't have even lighting. it could sell, but not in its current form.

Sell Art Online
this has potential to sell but it's not for sale. it's too dark, the name is cropped off as well.

so you want to:
make sure the work is totally presentable
have lots of work that is eye catching and stuff you would hang on your own wall
advertise to people, they won't find you otherwise.

---Mike Savad


Franshisca Delgado

3 Years Ago

Thank you everybody for the feedback. I will get to work on this soon.I am going to go back and check my images and make sure they are cropped well and that i provide a description for all of them. However I am confused on the keywords, is that part of the tags? I tried to tag but am still not sure how to tag and what words to put, I have been told that I am not tagging correctly???

Next question is on the bio, what if I am not the everyday photographer. Im just happen to take a picture of something I like, I dont want my bio to uninterest someone who might be interested in a photo or drawing just because of my bio??


Angelina Vick

3 Years Ago

keywords are tags

Proper tagging, it's any word that applies to the image, avoid phrases, use the plurals, and put a comma in between in word.

Many people make art as a hobby. I don't think there is anything wrong with saying that.

Read some bio's and decide what is important for you to say.

Brief is good.


Mike Savad

3 Years Ago

Sell Art Online
guitar,guitars,instrument,instruments,rock,rock star,music,musician,sketch,drawing,black and white,string,string instrument,guitar player,player,play,electric guitar,metal,

there are probably other words that fit, add your own name as well.

for the bio, just put down what you like doing the most. tell people you like photography and i guess drawing would be the main thing. you can call it a hobby if you want, but it's not important. your mostly telling google what you do.

---Mike Savad


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