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Michael S

4 Years Ago

Travel Poster Vs Print Of A Traditional Painting

Hi there! I'm pretty new to selling my art works (doing this as a hobby)

I was always fascinated with travel posters. Does anyone have experience with creating and selling travel posters? Is there a demand on them?

My opinion is that it's more natural to have a poster as a print (the original may not exist at all, if it's designed in Photoshop). Also posters should be popular among tourists as a souvenir, right?

So when you travel to Paris, what would you rather buy - a print of a watercolor of Ethel Tower or an Art-Deco poster with a similar view?

What do you think?


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Benjamin Yeager

4 Years Ago

They do pretty well here. I'd guess maybe one sells every couple of days based on the random times I check the recently sold list. There are many in the public domain already (the old WPA-style posters) but the originals sell as well or better here.


Ethel Tower? I will assume you mean Eiffel?

Remember that prints of Eiffel Tower lit up are actually not allowed with out licence from them. It is copyrighted

People normally buy travel posters whilst at the place they are buying them I would have thought but, interesting question Be good to see what others think


Michael S

4 Years Ago

I am mean "Eiffel tower"


Floyd Snyder

4 Years Ago

I sell a large number of travel posters in my other Internet stores. Some of them are artist creations....

I would think that they would be killer if done right.

Check out this link and look at the posters from Anderson Design Group Collection. I am a dealer for these posters and they sell very well.

While you are there type travel in the search box and you will find all kinds of travel posters.

Look at the images by David Grandin.... they sell very well!

Good luck...


Floyd Snyder

4 Years Ago

The link is broken so you will have to cut and paste it into your browser.


Floyd Snyder

4 Years Ago

"Some of them are artist creations.... "

Well that was a stupid thing to say. All of them are artist creations. What I meant was artist creations that were never designed to be actual travel posters in a commercial sense.


People travel and either forget to take pictures or rather not add extra baggage to take home or they take pictures then go home and realize what the definition of a snapshot really is. But they still want to commemorate that trip with a special print so they come to ;-) and buy a print of a photograph done by a professional to remind them of all the fun and memories they had on that trip in that period of time in their lives. I sell alot of the golden gate bridge and cablecars. -W


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