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Gunter Nezhoda

3 Years Ago

What Many Don't Know, You Need This, Especially For Art

I can't say it enough, your computer screen needs to be cleaned FROM THE INSIDE once a month. Unbelievable how many people don't know this.
You need this:

Gunter Nezhoda - Member of Q - the collection The Elite Online Gallery where published and award winning photographers show their work

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Bellesouth Studio

3 Years Ago

Does he use his fur for a towel when finished? cute!



David Charles Weed

3 Years Ago

LOL... that would make a great screen saver


Joy Watson

3 Years Ago

Ha ha ha Cool


Darice Machel McGuire

3 Years Ago

LOL, thanks for the laughs.


Ifourdezign -

3 Years Ago

HA!! Hilarious - mindue there is NO WAY I'd let him near my baby iDave :D


Melissa Bittinger

3 Years Ago

arr, arr, he kept getting closer and closer too!


Diane Macdonald

3 Years Ago

So funny.!I've posted it on my facebook page. Thanks for the laugh!


Ifourdezign -

3 Years Ago

Actually...on a serious note about cleaning screens.

I don't know how many of you here own a large 27" imac, but I had the dreaded dust mite last year. I cover iDave (yes he is named) every night.

I still get the odd one now and then, but usually on the outside. They are the teeniest things ever that get attracted to large LED screens. Only you get one of these little B*****ds inside and you could go crazy! Thankfully mine went....eventually, but 'cause the mac is /(soon not to be) under warranty, I didn't want to risk removing the screen with suction pads and have it break!

It brought about a whole new meaning to millennium bug!


Matthias Hauser

3 Years Ago

LOL, thanks for the laugh Gunter!


Jack Torcello

3 Years Ago

Just think of the fame and wealth had that young pup
got paint on its tongue - a new Jackson Pollock?!?!?
Do excuse me, I meant Pollick, didn't I? :-D


Dan Carmichael

3 Years Ago

I am not a big fan of "cutesy-poo" videos, and like cat videos even less. But I have to admit you came up with a good one here. I showed it to my wife and she loved it so much she asked for the link so she could pass it around her office. Thanks for an enjoyable moment. (BTW, your "lead in" presentation was excellent!)


Gregory Scott

3 Years Ago

Now they need a mouse-sized version, or smaller, to clean fungus from the inside of an otherwise good dSLR lens.


Bradley Clay

3 Years Ago


I have a 27 iMac. its actually very easy to remove the glass. I do it once in a while and blow the dust out of the fans etc...


Megan Dirsa-DuBois

3 Years Ago

That's adorable and unexpected! For a minute I really thought I was doing something wrong.~


Alexander Senin

3 Years Ago

Thank you very much! I helped him to clean my monitor from outside. Using the same method. ))))


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