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Peter Chilelli

3 Years Ago

Veterans Day

In the past I have asked for images/art honoring those that have served around Veterans Day. Since we are currently trying to cut down on new image threads, maybe this time we can just mention some friends or family that we would like to honor. I could name several more but here is my example:

My Grandfather(who I was named after) was awarded the Purple Heart after losing a lung to mustard gas in WWl. My father Louis was a naval aviator in WWll and his brother John, who retired a LTC in the Army after 3 tours in Vietnam.

Please, this is not a thread for politics and war discussions. Thanks!


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Carmen Hathaway

3 Years Ago

Thanks Peter for this thoughtful remembrance.

My father -- captured at Dieppe, WW2, declared MIA -- survived 3 years incarceration German POW camp.

Subsequently volunteered for Korea.

Donated his medals to the museum at our First Nations community where they were received with great respect.

~ Carmen Hathaway ~


Mel Steinhauer

3 Years Ago

Great idea, Peter!

My father, his two brothers and two cousins joined the Army in the weeks and months after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Dad was a mechanic on B-17s in England and kept a lot of them flying for bombing missions over France and Germany. Uncle Bob fought the Japanese from the Aleutian Islands all the way back to Okinawa and was awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart. Uncle Harold fought the Nazis from North Africa all the way to Berlin and was awarded the Bronze Star for volunteering to clear enemy mines under fire in daylight during a bloody battle at the Rapido River in Italy. Their cousins Clifford and Orville were killed in France and Italy.

My brother and I served with the Army in Vietnam. We lost friends during our tours and our cousin Raymond Bruce McKinney in November of 1968, shortly after he turned 18 and only 3 months after he arrived in Vietnam with the Marines. Bruce and two of his buddies volunteered as forward observers in an area strongly held by the North Vietnamese Army.

To all those heroes past and present, who were wounded in battle and to those who never came home.... Lest We Forget.


To-Tam Gerwe

3 Years Ago

@Peter, thank you very much for posting this, and thank your uncle for serving in Viet-Nam

@Mel, thank you and your brother for serving in Viet-Nam in 68. I was there.
I would like to thank to all of those Heroes, who were serving in VN for what they believed in! I could write a lot of more but I better stop and just say "Thank You"

To-Tam Gerwe


Jude Mcconkey

3 Years Ago

My thanks go out to those who served! Wow, Carmen, that is an amazing thing to read about your father!

My father served in the Navy in WWII and learned his craft as a photographer while in it. He photographed a lot of events, and also went up in planes to photograph the battles.


Bradley Clay

3 Years Ago

My grandfather Clarence Linsinbigler Sr. (my mothers Father) second generation German immigrant.

was in the invasion of Normandy on Omaha beach, aboard LST 307. his ship was one that mis judged the tide, and was stranded for 6 hours on the beach taking German shells. He spent the rest of WW2 shuttling troops back and forth across the English Channel.

He was Recalled for the Korean conflict and served on a communications ship in Italy.

Sadly he passed away last February. He kept a very good journal during his time inWW2. and he let me copy every page. I have many old orders, and cargo manifests from D-Day. I have top secret orders that were since declassified. I even have the Thanksgiving menu handed out to the sailors on the ship.

He was the most patriotic and devoted man I ever knew. It will be him I honor most this veterans day.


Peter Chilelli

3 Years Ago

As I read these I know some are sharing painful memories but they are both interesting and heartfelt. I hope to read more over the next few days. Thanks all who posted so far.



Jim Sauchyn

3 Years Ago

My father joined the Canadian forces when he was 17, spent some time in Aldershot in England and his regiment landed on Juno Beach on D-Day. They advanced further inland than any other unit in the British sector on the first day. Then they went on to liberate Caen, into the Falaise gap and then into Holland. He was wounded but wasn't disabled.
I have great respect for anyone who serves their country to preserve our freedom.


My brother is a Gulf War veteran and fought in the British Army alongside the Americans, getting an American medal for some work there. Love you Simon xx

I always remember Uncle Harry also (actually a couple of greats)

He was supposedly a very good looking man of 20 when he shipped out in Worlld War 1

He died on his first day on the front which was his 21st birthday


MM Anderson

3 Years Ago

My late father served in the Navy Sea Bees in WWII in the Pacific. My nephew, Jared is currently in the USAF.


Bellesouth Studio

3 Years Ago

Thank you Peter!


My father was in the Navy in WW II, my mother was a Navy nurse, they met in the hospital and then later, married.

Three of my uncles were in WW II - Marine, Army, Navy - all returned.

Another uncle, too young for WW II, served in the Navy in Korea.

One of my brothers was in the Army during Viet Nam era, but he was stationed 2 years in Germany.

My father in law served in the Seabees in the Pacific in WW II.

My husband has a cousin who is a decorated Viet Nam war army pilot.

I had relatives on both sides during the Civil war - an gg uncle who was killed (Pennsylvania Infantry), and a gg grandather who was a Lt. Col. in the Confederacy

A great uncle who served in Spanish American war.

Another gg Uncle and gg grandfather who served in Mexican War

My gggg grandfather served in War of 1812

Another gggg grandfather was a Tory in the Revolutionary War, a Captain in the Loyalists

The other direct ancestors were all Revolutionary Patriots.

(Yes, I studied our genealogy!)


Bellesouth Studio

3 Years Ago



Phyllis Wolf

3 Years Ago

My Great- Great Grandfather...Revolutionary War. His uniform is on display in a museum in Charleston WV.
My Great the Union, Civil War.
My Grandfather....bugler in the Army during non-war time.
My father....Airforce, Korean War.
My brother..Navy, end of Viet Nam War.
Many other relatives and friends have served.

Most of all my son who just retired from the Army. Medical retirement. He endured two back surgeries when in service, one in South Korea and one in the States from an injury during service. He served 5 years.

( By the way, if wondering how my Great Great Grandfather was Revolutionary War and Great Grandfather was Civil War.....
My Great Grandfather had 13 children between two wives.( Second marriage after the first wife had died.) My Grandfather was the last child born when his father was 69 years old. I have a full page newspaper article about my Grandfather being one of the last living son's of a Civil War vet. My Grandfather died a few years ago at 96 )


Carolyn Marshall

3 Years Ago

My husband - Vietnam veteran, 1971-73, 432nd SPS, K-9
My father - Korean war
My brothers - Michael, Robert and Greg who served in Army and Navy
Several uncles serving all branches of service

I am grateful beyond words for the service of all of our veterans, past and present. But let's not forget our veteran families, too. They made/make incredible sacrifices in lost time with their loved ones or lose them because they gave the ultimate sacrifice. Then, many veterans and their families continue to sacrifice when they return due to PTSD; loss of legs, arms, sight, etc.; and too many health issues to count. Those of us who have never served or lived with someone who has, can never begin to imagine the real sacrifices they make. But, ask them if our country needed them, would they serve again and most would say without hesitation, YES! Our country's freedom and all it entails means more to them than any sacrifice they could ever make. God bless you all!


Roz Abellera Art

3 Years Ago

I'd like to honor my grandfather who served in the United States Navy during the 1st World War. He had to hide himself and his family during the Japanese invasion of the Phillipines during World War 2, because the Japanese were murdering all ex military men on the island,-he then joined the rebellion against the invaders. The US military base was in the Phillipines during this time and was a huge target during the World War. He fought with bravery and brought his family to the USA after the war.

I'd like to honor my brother who fought during Desert Storm and I would also like to honor my 2 other brothers who served.

I would also like to honor ALL Veterans who served and fought for our freedom.

-Roz Barron Abellera


Crystal Wightman

3 Years Ago

My husband, who served in the Army and National Guard and 1yr in Iraq. We just came home from dinner from the Olive Garden for giving free meals to veterans.
To my grandfather who was in the Navy, can not remember if it was WWI or WWII he served in.
To my father in law who was a captain in the Army.
To my husband's grandfather Army, served WWII.


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