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Rose Santuci-Sofranko

3 Years Ago

Art In Honor Of The Elderly....

I was missing my dad would have been his 80th Birthday... and he passed away 9 years ago this month (3 days after Christmas). While I was looking for a video in honor of him (In my daughters eyes), I found another that just said so much to EVERYONE who loves (or should love) their elderly parents/friends/neighbors...

If you have an elderly parent, cared for one...or should care for one...please watch this.....oh my I cried. I miss you momma and daddy..I'M SORRY for ever being impatient with you...I LOVE YOU!!!

Please share your artwork in HONOR of the Elderly...not mocking of making fun of them....

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Warren Thompson

3 Years Ago

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Rose Santuci-Sofranko

3 Years Ago

Thanks for sharing that sweet picture, Warren. God bless!



3 Years Ago

Hi Rose, since I had no artpiece about the elderly.
Just wanted to share this piece in memory of my mom
Both my father and mother had passed away, and both I took care until the end.
Both I still missed.
So on behalf of my mom I share this artpiece.

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Therese Alcorn

3 Years Ago

Hi Rose, this is a painting of my late grandmother, whom I adored. She is (still) the wisest woman I ever had the pleasure of knowing.....

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Barbara Griffin

3 Years Ago

Here are a couple of images that bring back lasting memories for me.

This is my grandfather's house that has many stories to tell. I can remember Granda lying back on an old wooden daybed, with one arm under his head and his ankles crossed. I may have been there five minutes when he would reach in his pocket and I could hear change rattling. He loved having a handful of change in his pocket for us grandkids. He would find a quarter and pass it to me and I thought I had a fortune.
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This is my step-grandfather who let me take his picture while he was making hay in 1967. I painted this from a black and white photo. I can see him running his fingers through his hair to straighten it before I took the picture. He died early the next year.
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Rose Santuci-Sofranko

3 Years Ago

Oh, thank you all for sharing a piece of your heart and your loved ones here. {{{HUGS}}}


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