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Angelina Vick

3 Years Ago

Feeling Like Christmas =)

I's been very commercialized, like most holidays...but I just can't help myself, Christmas is my favorite holiday.

When I start picking gifts, I can barely wait to give them to that person. ;)

I love how the neighborhood gets lit up with pretty lights.

Getting out the Christmas decorations...doing the tree.

The flow of generosity.

Every year, I feel very thankful...

Love it all.

How about you? What's your favorite holiday?

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Alexander Senin

3 Years Ago

The same. But in Russia, taking in account its history, the main holiday is the New Year Day, but everything else is the same.


Melissa Bittinger

3 Years Ago

Dang that reminds me...I forgot to send Angelina my wishlist! ;o)



3 Years Ago

I Love Christmas!!!
But for this year we have to tone down our celebration.
After what we had undergone from the devastating Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.
Despite of so much destruction, still going to put up our christmas tree,christmas decor and lights.
But this time were going to donate our christmas dinner, to those who got hit most.
But hey christmas is a time for family get together and cheer. So Advance Merry Christmas Angel and to my FAA family! I Love you ALL!!!


Janice Drew

3 Years Ago

I find reasons to like each holiday. The yuletide season is one of my favorites. I love the "wonder" of it all. My Christmas card for this year...

Inside reads:

"Tis the season through the eyes of a child
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"
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Bah hum bug! I prefer Thanksgiving. Just food and family. (Mostly food, though.) I hate Christmas only in part due to the fact that my mom died on December 22, 1992.


Lutz Baar

3 Years Ago

Xmas feelings my way:
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J L Meadows

3 Years Ago

Since my sister died, it's "always winter, never Christmas".


Bob Galka

3 Years Ago

Thanksgiving... still relatively untouched by commercialism.


A train with a wreathe on it is about as Christmas-y as I get.

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Janine Riley

3 Years Ago

I am very ambivalent towards the Holidays.

I have these warm glowy sense of idyllic traditions that I would like to nurture.

& then there is this thing; the thing that grows more every year like a monster threatening to swallow & consume all that we should hold dear.
Try to avoid it's existence, but more people go towards the frenzy of greed every year. & if you don't go along with their game - you're accused of being a Grinch & not having " Christmas spirit".

Plus the absolute animosity of the season in the name of that R word that we dare not speak.

I feel along the lines of Otil - feed & clothe those that are not as fortunate as us.


Angelina Vick

3 Years Ago

Greed...permeates everything.

I am not losing my joy in the celebration though.

The R word which shall not be named is indeed the source of my celebration.

Sharing a by its own unique nature, beautiful and perfect.

How it's corrupted by the giver or receiver...does not alter the beaty of the gift, in my mind.

I love giving. Genuinely. My time, my talent, my hard work.
And my gifts have been so appreciated by most that any experience contrary cannot overwrite my joy in giving.


Patricia Strand

3 Years Ago

I love the spirit of the holidays, the decorating, cookie-baking, seeing family -- all that. Once I cut Martha Stewart completely out of my life, I can enjoy it more. She made me feel so inadequate, lol. Thanksgiving is still my favorite, though ... food! Mashed potatoes, eggnog, a bit of rum, yum!


Bob Galka

3 Years Ago

I give gifts through out the year for no particular reason other than seeing something small ( on sale of course ;O) that I know a specific person would really like.


Angelina Vick

3 Years Ago

Lol@ Melissa!

I know what you mean JL. I felt the same way for awhile, but experiencing Christmas through my children's eye changed that for me.

I hope you find new reasons to celebrate Joseph. :)

True Bob. They just sell us more food! Lol


Angelina Vick

3 Years Ago

:) I do that too Bob.

Wow...glad I never got into Martha Stewart. Lol.

There is no perfect, but there are perfect moments.


Melissa Bittinger

3 Years Ago

''There is no perfect, but there are perfect moments.'' that Angelina :o) We should all keep this in mind.


Angelina Vick

3 Years Ago

Thank you! =)

I really enjoy the perfect moments when they arrive.

Speaking of which...I've never had egg nogg and rum Patricia, I think I'm going to try that this year. =)


Angelina Vick

3 Years Ago

There are so many ways to make a difference in people's lives. It's not about's about caring.


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