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Harold Shull

3 Years Ago

Double Trouble Took Second Place...

Hiya guys,

I just found out that "Double Trouble" took second place in this art competition I had entered into a few months ago.

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It kinda makes it all worthwhile.

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Congratulations Hal, very happy for you..........sure is worthwhile !!! Great image, great news..........V


Marlene Burns

3 Years Ago

"KINDA"???? make that completely!
I just burst at the seams with pride when I find out you are being recognized for your outrageous talent and tenacity!!


Darice Machel McGuire

3 Years Ago

That's fantastic Hal!!!! Congratulations.


Lara Ellis

3 Years Ago

Congrats! Congrats to your great model too! :-)


Mary Ellen Anderson

3 Years Ago

Congratulations Hal, one of my favorites.
I'm curious how you know which contest to enter?
--mary ellen anderson


Phyllis Beiser

3 Years Ago

Congrats! Personally, I think you should have won first place!!!!


See My Photos

3 Years Ago

Congratulations! That's one of my favorite images on this site!


Harold Shull

3 Years Ago

Hiya guys,

Thank you Vivian.

Marlene, many thanks. One of these days I hope to accomplish as much as you have in this art trip I am on.

Thank you Darice, Lara, Phyllis and Craig.

Thank you Mary. You asked me how do I know which contests to enter, that's easy...Of course I only enter in those that I know I can win. :)


Clif Jackson

3 Years Ago

Well deserved congratulations, Hal -- in my opinion your talent is unsurpassed.


Michael Geraghty

3 Years Ago

Well deserved Hal, I also think you should have had first place, masterful painting!.


Brian Wallace

3 Years Ago

Congratulations Hal!


Harold Shull

3 Years Ago

Thank you Clif, my friend.

Michael and Brian, thanks. This is turning out to be my best month in a while. Finishing up a Christmas card I do for a neighbor tomorrow, put the wraps on a painting restoration and today I landed a photoshop display job for a major cigarette company. I'm afraid I can't tell you which brand though. Once the job has been delivered, accepted and in production I will see. Great way to start off December. Lots of presents to buy.


Angelina Vick

3 Years Ago

Congratulations! =)




Roz Abellera Art

3 Years Ago

Great painting. Love it!

-Roz Barron Abellera


MM Anderson

3 Years Ago



Floyd Snyder

3 Years Ago

Way to go Hal!!

Should have been first place... but 2nd is excellent!

The cat in the window is just genus!! That would make if First to me.


Harold Shull

3 Years Ago

Thank you Angelina, Abbie, Roz and MM.

Thank you Floyd. "Double Trouble" has won first place, second place and honorable mention in 3 other competitions. I'm just happy that it has this kind of milage so I will be happy with second place again.


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