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John Crothers

3 Years Ago

When Was The Seed Planted?

I believe that the love of art starts at a young age. I also think adults usually contribute to that love. I know I spent many hours at a young age drawing. One of my first drawings was a zoo I made for my grandpa. I know I might be better at math if I would have spent less time drawing during math class and more time doing math when I was young.

Now I am encouraging my 8 year old grandson to draw. He is already making books and illustrating them. This past weekend he sat next to me on the couch and we both made some robots in Adobe Illustrator. Yes, he was using it by himself (with a bit of guidance by me).

I think he's hooked. He's on the path of creating. How many children have you encouraged to create?

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The whole Brownie troop, back then.......awards galore.........and to their Mothers, hehehe

Two outof three grandgirls........especially the home-made card artist.......all jewels,ribbons,sparkles........treasures !!


Christi Kraft

3 Years Ago

I grew up in a family of photographers and spent an awful lot of my spare funds on film and developing.

I also used to be a nanny and a teacher, so I've encouraged lots and lots of kids to create, in all sorts of mediums. :)


Mary Ellen Anderson

3 Years Ago

My son was in cub scouts and they have a contest called 'the pinewood derby'. All the kids with their parents are suppose to carve a race car to enter. We always entered but the first year it's a hotdog car, the 2nd it's a ferret, and the 3rd it's a covered wagon drawn by 4 oxen.

We were always in the finals too, and it's real cool to see the covered wagon smoke the grad prix flamed out race car. We were a shoe-in for the 'most creative'.

I do what I can - lol
--mary ellen anderson

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Melissa Bittinger

3 Years Ago

I try to avoid children if I can......but if I HAD to be around them, I would encourage them in wherever their interest was art, math, whatever, unless it was wicked or evil....then we'd have to get an exorcist or feed them sage all the time or something......


Edward Fielding

3 Years Ago

I teach classes on creative technology at the local art center. Robotics, Scratch, Arduino programming to fourth - seventh grade. They pick this stuff up so fast. I love this pre-teen age before they know everything.

Usually the type of kids that show up at my classes have exhausted their parents with their thirst for knowledge. I started down this path when I couldn't find enough things to keep my own son busy and couldn't find people who would teach this kind of stuff.


Heather Applegate

3 Years Ago

When I first started photographing marshmallows a couple years ago, my niece was 3 years old and I was living with her & her mother.
She would grab the marshmallows when I was done with them, set them up in her dollhouse, then proceeded to photograph them with her toddler digital camera. My little copy cat.

Last week her mom called me up to tell me she'd gotten an umbrella and a flashlight together to take pictures... when I visit for Christmas this year I'm going to have her help me set up a little mock studio and have her help me take pictures of her and her baby brother.


Marlene Burns

3 Years Ago

I taught art K-6 for 4 years...saw 800 kids a week.
By the time I retired, I was exhausted from the red tape, interfering classroom teachers and lack of supplies. BUUT, i did teach the classroom teachers a thing or two and convinced the admin that grades in art was counterproductive to the process.
I had tenure by the way, and could have stayed in the teaching side of art for another 26 and be totally burnt out and detrimental to their creative growth.
I wisely put my needs to be a full time painter first and used my forced savings from 4 year's of paychecks to launch my business.
Never looked back.
I still tutor privately, but not art.


LOL Melissa


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