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Fanny Chu

3 Years Ago

What Is Your Favorite Character? I Need Your Help!

It is called "Text Message." It is hand-printed with glowing medium, which gives an effect of an invisible message in the dark. (visit link to view message closely) The concept of this artwork is "One Design Two Experiences." I do not intend to promote this project here, but I DO need everyone's help here to simply reply to this question:


This is just for me to have an idea of what kind of character everyone loves. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts!
For more info, please visit

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See My Photos

3 Years Ago

Good Luck on the project. I don't have a favorite character. Once had a name tag with my name in Korean. That was about it. Here is a link for you. It shows most popular when it comes to tattoos.


The chinese character for the word "prosperity" (phonetically "fook"), placed upside down, making it phonetically sound like "prosperity is here" in chinese.



Mary Bedy

3 Years Ago

As one who does not read Chinese or Japanese, I like the symmetrical characters, Fanny. That is the ones that are the same on both sides.



and good luck lol


Alfred Ng

3 Years Ago

I read and write Chinese, each Chinese Character often has more than one meaning when in combination with other character could means something different all together.One of the common mistakes for non Chinese is randomly choosing a Character to combine with others not only not make sense it could end up with embarrassing result
For example the character "chicken" is a Cantonese slang for prostitute and calling chicken means hiring a prostitute, the male version is "duck" .
Eat Tofu,(吃豆腐 ) is used to describe a man who is a pervert, who try to touch women against their will..


Jack Torcello

3 Years Ago

My fave Mandarin character is the one for "you"
which looks like an italicised small letter t with
a long tail. Le (as in "due le") is also cool, like a
very skinny number 3...


Alfred Ng

3 Years Ago

Jack, Mandarin is one of the chinese dialects also the official dialect spoken in China however in writing no matter what dialect one speak they use the same "Chinese character". Chinese characters have the traditional and simplify version.

this is the Chinese Character for you, 您


Gina Hyde

3 Years Ago

Dragons are extremly populaer
Hop, Faith, Unity, kind gental... Those I have seen in shops.. I wouldn't rely on tattoos though because their meaning sometimes are not right.Which is extremly funny when it says the wronge thing lol


Roger Swezey

3 Years Ago

My favorite Chinese character was Charley Chan...Loved his movies and how he was able to solve the most perplexing murder cases.


Fanny Chu

3 Years Ago

Thank you very much for everyone's participation and thoughts! I really appreciate them all!


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