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Lance Vaughn

3 Years Ago

This would be great if there wasn't a "sign up to continue reading" pop-up. I'm not signing up. I guess I'll never know the eleven reasons. :(


I just closed the Pop-up and everything was right there. A quick little reminder splurge to brighten up the night. :)


Floyd Snyder

3 Years Ago

Interesting... a guy with 5 so so images that are not even for sale is going to tell us why the rest of us are going to be losers.

What is with all the people on FAA that think they have some sort of genus insight that allows them to judge and to call the rest of losers and failures?

As far as I am concerned they need to look in the mirror to see their real followers.


Dean Harte

3 Years Ago

OP just posted the link and is not calling anyone a loser. Your criticism of his work is out of line - guess you do have the 'genus insight'?


Hiren Patel

3 Years Ago



Angelina Vick

3 Years Ago

Ya...9 is painful.

And the thing person can say "you have no talent" and another can totally believe you are fantastic.

Isn't there a difference between raw talent...and talent that is worked the refining fire of hours and hours of practice?

If we want something bad enough...we work for it.


Angelina Vick

3 Years Ago

I looked up your name Hiren, I didn't realize what a common name it is.

Are you paid to post those links? Like as an advertisement?

I think they are interesting...but as has been mentioned before, it's not really a conversation to throw up a link
and not talk about it.

I was wondering...why do you post these links?


Hiren Patel

3 Years Ago

@Angelina I am not doing any advertisement. I just like article and share here.


Angelina Vick

3 Years Ago

Oh I see. =)

Sharing information?

What did you think about this article?


Hiren Patel

3 Years Ago

Today photography is a passion profession. You have to be passionate, and you have to be able to elicit passion.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and about your passion Hiren. There is not much information about you or what you are attempting to achieve. Because of that it is easy to jump to conclusions without understanding.

I find this photo to be interesting and wonder what it is all about, and where it is from... ( I removed the image link and replaced with the browser link )


Mike Savad

3 Years Ago

so far hiren has only posted links from that one source. it would be nice for once if you could create some dialog and not just let the article do the talking.

---Mike Savad


Roy Erickson

3 Years Ago

The biggest reason people fail at photography is the failure to carry a camera with them - and second - learning how to use it.


The odd thing about that web site he linked is that so far everything i have seen puts photographers down, especially the 41 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULDN’T DATE A PHOTOGRAPHER I don't get it.




3 Years Ago

"I am not doing any advertisement. I just like article and share here"

It's not an article, but a product advertisement page disguised as an article. There are product placements all over it. "Just buy this gear and you will become a good photographer".


Wow... I gave it a shot but I guess Hiren doesn't really want to dialog. Perhaps he does just plant those and get points along the way. Should be a rule against that here in the forum. A minimum amount of words to preface the contention... he.. he.


Jane McIlroy

3 Years Ago

Let's give Hiren the benefit of the doubt, people. After all, how many times do we see threads started by posting a video for no apparent reason except that the person who posted it thought it was interesting and wanted to share?

This article does at least throw up a few new ideas and give some food for thought: "I don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade here, but when you take up photography, or anything else for that matter, there is a slight chance you’ll never actually be good at it." True, unfortunately, and a bit different from the usual "Anybody can do anything" sort of stuff.


Harry Lamb

3 Years Ago

Who would have known someone could fail? I never would have guessed.


Let's remember ... this is a discussion that was opened. The information that was provided in a link is not a discussion, good or bad in itself. The OP has some kind of responsibility to get in the pool and swim too. Newbie or oldie. Not just throw something out there and bail! Otherwise it may be better to just utilize the "Blog" option.

That said, the article brings back to mind some elementary basics that are good to remember.


This discussion is closed.

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