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Richard Hubal

3 Years Ago

Procrastination When Finishing A Piece

what to do. 16 commissions and not a bit of worry. Yet my mind is some where else. what to do what to do. I am blessed with the gift and so easy to do yet i do not take it for granted. my very close one is going through so much in her life, and i am affected by that. i do get the work started but i get too wrapped up with the outside/inside and can not stay focused. i can not listen to music while painting because it leads me to the past and sorrowful times. doesn'[t matter if it's Vivaldi or Avitt Brothers

what do you do when it is dark and yet you have to go forward to get it done. I do have God that helps immensely. i tried some vices, but i get tired and have good intentions to get it finished by tomorrow. 5 paintings and 11 sculptures... yes i can do it,,,

i can see them finished already...

deadline in 2 weeks...

tried yoga... it's cool

what do you do to get into the mode?

my father once said who was a writer and had some work in the New Yorker " i'd rather read it than write it... because, writing is such a lonely job, and Richard you as an artist will be lonely."

i still have passion. just need the drive, the mode... so what do you do to find the mode?

no sympathy since many would love it... it takes decades to get to this point... for some. others can do it quickly. it all depends where your at with life. saw too much this year... too much. maybe shock treatment - do they still do that now days?

just curious what you do to get back in the mode.

i'll read what you may offer and i might write back... never know about this mind i carry around. rh

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Mary Bedy

3 Years Ago

Richard, I know the feeling, although I do not work for commissions. That has to be tough. The last week, I have been feeling like I should get the camera out and "work" on still-life setup because it's the one photographic thing that I really suck at, but I have not had the drive or the desire to even to that. And I feel GUILTY for not getting out the camera. I mean to work, and work hard and get better and better, but all I can think of now is I need time off from it briefly.

If you have to meet deadlines, that's even harder to do. The only thing I can suggest is rather than try and force yourself to get into the mode and the mood, take one entire day to do something mindless and not at all related to your art. Don't think about it. Don't plan it. That in itself may clear the cobwebs and save you more time than if you try and plod through the work when you're not "feeling" it.

I don't know if that helps.....

EDIT - I just did a brief scroll through your gallery. You have some really interesting stuff there...


Marlene Burns

3 Years Ago

Hi Richard,
I simply keep my stack of bills within seeing range. I remind myself every morning that I am in business and need to approach this job with the same discipline, inspired or not, in the mood or not, as any other. I don't have the luxury of working when I don't feel like it.
I can already hear tons of protests from people claiming you cannot work when not feeling creative. Sure you can...who says all of your products will be spot on? Its the process that you need to stay engaged in.
And I just bet that most who disagree, have yet to earn a living from their art....just an observation based on the usual here.


Mary Bedy

3 Years Ago

We can still relate, Marlene. I've been making my living the same way for 32 years this month. Although it's a good job, and I still like it, there are days when it feels like Chinese water torture to keep doing it. But you have to sometimes just "suck it up" and do it. I was just suggesting maybe he could step away from it briefly, if that's possible, so that it's not a "chore" for him to do the work. I know I always feel much better at my day job after a brief vacation. That is, if I don't come back to a mess created by other people, which has been the case in the past....


Richard Hubal

3 Years Ago

i thank both of your suggestions


time is ticking

no stress... outside having a smoke

just do it
its harder when there are things that may be against your principles... things you really don't want to here connecting with the work. so when you create and you want to have a non bias approach, yet those stories and past that comes up. its almost like spam that gets in your brain. yeah... i get brain spam

any good music to avoid thought process but open to listen when creating? that might do the trick


Val Arie

3 Years Ago

techno...I can't think a thing when listening to it :)


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