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Diana Angstadt

3 Years Ago

Not Purchasing Our Art? Exposure Can Mean Bigger Things...

Without focusing on just selling our framed photos/paintings, we should also think about just having our work out there and possibly being contacted by someone who has a "broader" interest. I was contacted by a company in New York who did not want to purchase a framed print from me on this site, but wanted to actually purchase commercial licenses from me for photos on FAA and others that I have of a particular "subject and specific place/area". SO, there is always that possibility too. That I why I like to put a varied subject matter on FAA.... including food images, portraits, etc. Because you never know if someone sees some portraiture that you do and wants to not necessarily "purchase" a pic, but to hire you to do a portrait portfolio... Just something to think about. A photo of artichokes may not sell on here, but perhaps a supermarket or deli may want to hire you to do a theme of photos in their establishment.

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Marty Saccone

3 Years Ago

Hi Diana,.....Marty here

I can see that you work very hard and diligently too on your images which you post to your FAA portfolio.

I especially love your still life work,.... with fruits, flowers, vegatables, bowls, vases and various other tasteful props.
You have a fabulous eye for design and light in those images.
I would think you have a unique market with just that type of images alone, excel at it that well Diana.
Your still life setups are actually inspirational to those of us who are not so talented.
I sometime wonder how you do it all.

Your subject matter does covers a large spectrum,...and I can see how it might open doors for you.

That's very good strategy on your part.

The best of luck to you and keep up the wonderful work,....I always take the time to enjoy each image of yours.



Janine Riley

3 Years Ago

Just went through your Galley - Marty is right, quite impressive .

& how the heck did you get all that work uploaded......


Michael Hoard

3 Years Ago

Greetings Diana I did read your forum discussion info and you mention this place wants to purchase license from you. Why don't they just hire you outright, are you aware that the photos of the Jewelry are copyrighted works of art by the manufacturer, the images of all the jewelry the reason they did not want those images a responsible agency would not purchase images of someone else might want to investigate that as well. You do have a keen eye for commercial photography, are you referring to a license to use a particular photo you have uploaded, great layouts and designs.....job well done. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo...I too was contacted by an advertising agent in New York and she told me of all the works she had seen in my gallery stood aside from all others, she further explained to me my work was exceptional and extraordinary most worthy of marketing. from the hundreds of gallery's she had viewed my gallery had its own unique photographic signature., .as Janie asks, how did you upload so many photos in such a short period of time. Happy St. Patrick's Day, Michael


Diana Angstadt

3 Years Ago

First of all I would like to say thank you to Marty, Janine and Michael... Michael... you are right... my jewelry is not commerically saleable, those photos are just for my personal enjoyment... I am aware of the commerical license laws, as I am under license with Getty Images. So... I can only license things/places, etc. that are of public property and domainand within the jurisdiction of such. We all need to be aware of that, because from what I understand, we as photographers are held responsible more than whomever purchases our works... better being informed than not. There is a downloadable "Photographer's Right" bible that I have printed and keep at my side at all times..

Thank you!!! I am so appreciative and humble with anyone who says nice things about my work. I can't wait to now see your works!


Michael Hoard

3 Years Ago

Greetings Diana, I pretty much thought you were aware of what I brought to your attention, likewise here on my end, I am glad you made everyone aware of license etc, it is very important tool to remember, such as my unique group I administrator I informed everyone it is there responsibility to check any copyright laws here in United States but globally. and I do understand as a photographer you want to demonstrate your ability for layout and design and what quality of work you achieve.....

I have to laugh, sometimes when I am out in public I will tell bystanders politely could they move, I could not include them in the photo because I have no more release forms, they smile and say oh excuse us.....

and as you mention photos in the private and public domain, the rule of identify is generally relaxed especially during Mardi Gras, there is no way possible to get photo releases of the hundreds and hundreds of bystanders they are in the public domain so snap away.


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