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Wendy J St Christopher

3 Years Ago

Phone Cases - What's Inside?

Hey, guys,

I remember at least one of our early phone case purchasers mentioning that the pictured blue material, which looks like a layer of padding inside the case, doesn't actually exist.

Can anyone who's bought a case more recently let me know if that's still an issue?

I'm considering adding a Phone Cases page to my new website, but don't want to give the impression of that padding(?) being inside, if it isn't really.

For those who have no idea what I talking about, scroll to the bottom of this phone case page link, and check out the photograph on the far right side (labeled 'Inside View):


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Joshua House

3 Years Ago

Why not describe it to the buyers as not having it and allow those that receive it with to be pleasently surprised?


Thanks for the idea, Joshua!

Um . . . no. ;-)


Jeffery Johnson

3 Years Ago

Write it this way:

The phone case may or may not contain a padded or non-padded pad on the inside of your case.


Thanks for chiming in, Jeffery -- that's a lot of pads in one sentence! :-)

If the padding is still not there I'll just skip the phones, for now at least. People barely read online, and no matter what I say, potential buyers will only remember what they see in that picture.

When I looked at phone cases this morning, I was hoping either to find the picture changed to a realistic view, or to come here and find out that the product now matches the picture. If I ask you to spend $40 on something, I should be able to describe the item reliably.

No big deal either way. It's all pipe dreams, as I've never sold a phone case . . . yet! ;-)


Stepping away from my desk for awhile, but will let this run in case someone (an actual case-buyer) stops in.


JC Findley

3 Years Ago

Generally a phone, at least that is what they are made to have inside....


Jeffery Johnson

3 Years Ago

Now JC I thought folks were framing them in shadow boxes.


Heather Applegate

3 Years Ago

FWIW I've never seen a phone case with padding inside...


Edward Fielding

3 Years Ago

Usually they are a nice snug fit. No need for any padding.


JC, go take a nap. ;-)

For those not (yet) in Time Out, I'll rephrase my question -- in two parts:

1. Has anyone purchased one of our phone cases recently?

2. If you have, does the inside of the actual product look like the 'Inside View' pic in the description? (Some kind of blue something inside, or not some kind of blue something inside?)

If I make my question any clearer than that, it will be invisible! I'd just like to know if the actual case looks like the actual picture.

Easy, peasy!


Greg Jackson

3 Years Ago


I ordered my wife a phone case from FAA for her Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. It fits snug, and there is no blue padding inside the case.


Liane Wright

3 Years Ago

Yes, I bought 2 and they have a black lining like the blue one showing.


Greg, thank you kindly -- that's exactly the information I needed.

I've heard the fit is good, so wasn't concerned about that; only with the idea that many customers don't like receiving orders that look different than pictured. This was discussed when phone cases first became available and, apparently, the wrong picture is still up.

It's a minor thing, but needs to be fixed.

Thanks again, Greg.

Thanks, Liane -- darn it! ;-)


Jason Politte

3 Years Ago

The iPhone 5 cases do have a padding - the iPhone 4 cases do not. I wrote up a detailed review of both a little while ago.


Liane Wright

3 Years Ago

Mine was also the Samsung Galaxy S4. I bought mine the beginning of March, so I donít know if that makes a difference.


Greg Jackson

3 Years Ago

Oops, a correction to my previous post: I just double-checked the case on my wife's phone, and it does have a very thin black piece of foam in it. My apologies for the incorrect post I made earlier.


Marlene Burns

3 Years Ago

Wendy, don't smack me but inside a phone case is a phone....


Hey, Marlene -- JC beat you to that one by a few hours! I sent him to Time Out; I'd send you, too, but it's better to keep the troublemakers separate, when possible. ;-)

@Jason -- Thanks for the info; I'll seek out your thread in the a.m.

Thanks to Liane and Greg, for the updates.

Looks like I've over-thought this detail enough, so I'll close this down.

Thanks for the help and good humor, guys! :-)


This discussion is closed.

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