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Sean McDunn

7 Years Ago

Artistwebsites, Zenfolio, Smugmug... And More

About three weeks ago, every POD member on FAA got their own website (

You have to take this for what it's worth since I'm the owner of FAA... but these new websites are much, much, much more powerful than anything else you'll find online from other companies (e.g.,,,, etc.).

And... the FAA Artist Websites are a fraction of the price of these other sites.

Why are FAA's Artist Websites so powerful?

There are many reasons... but I'll start with the most important one.

Let's say you have a website with ZenFolio. Each time you upload a new image to your ZenFolio site, how will anyone know about?

When you offer a special discount... or issue a new press release... or advertise an upcoming event... who is going to read about it?

With other website companies, you're completely on your own. The only people who will see your website are the 5 - 10 visitors who happen to stop by each day or find you somehow via a Google search. The only people who are visiting your ZenFolio website, for example, are people who a) already know you or b) have been sent to your site through your online ads, your own marketing efforts, etc.

Your Artist Website is completely different... and it's thanks to the partnership with FAA.

Why is this important? is the world's fastest growing art website. We get millions and millions of visitors each month who stop by to find beautiful works of art from professional and up-and-coming artists.

When you upload content to your Artist Website... you're also uploading it to Now... instead of putting your artwork in front of 5 - 10 visitors per day... you're putting it in front of hundreds of thousands of visitors per day!

Your images will be shown to millions of people per month... your press releases and upcoming events will be broadcast to the tens of thousands of art collectors who subscribe to the FAA weekly newsletter... you'll receive comments and feedback on your images from tens of thousands of artists who participate in the FAA online community... the list goes on and on...

No other artist website can do this (e.g. SmugMug, FineArtStudioOnline, ZenFolio) because no other artist website has a partnership with the world's fastest growing art site:

The power of this partnership is enormous.

Let's say you're a landscape painter and that you want to sell prints of your artwork online. What do people do when they want to buy a landscape print? 99.9999% of the art buying public has never heard of FAA... or ImageKind... or RedBubble... or SmugMug... or ZenFolio. They have no idea that these websites exist.

So... what do they do? They go right to Google and do a search. Try a google search for landscape canvas prints. Who's the first link in the search results?

That's where you need to be... period... and that's exactly where you'll be with your new Artist Website. When you upload a landscape image to your Artist Website... it will instantly appear for sale on your website... it will instantly appear for sale on and it will instantly appear at the top of Google's search results.

It doesn't get any better. No other artist website can do that. Not SmugMug... not ZenFolio... not ArtSpan... not ImageKind... not RedBubble. No one.

Most artist websites do an terrible job of search engine optimization. The only way someone will find your images on those websites is if they type your address directly into their web browser (i.e. they know you already) or they do a Google search for your first and last name (i.e. they know you already). What good is that? You're just getting hits from people who know you already. You want hits from the millions and millions of people who are searching for generic terms such as "landscape painting", "skyline prints", etc.

Those are the "new customers" that you want to attract... and that's exactly who you'll attract with your FAA Artist Website.

I can't give away any secrets... but there's a reason that FAA is growing so quickly... and it's because I'm obsessed with search engine optimzation. Other artist websites (including those listed above) simply do a terrible job at it.

With other artist websites, you're uploading your images into the giant vacuum of the internet. No one knows that you've uploaded anything unless you specifically drive them to your site.

With FAA's Artist Websites, you upload your images, and then... they can be commented on by tens of thousands of artists worldwide... they can be purchased by millions of visitors who stop by FAA each month... they appear in Google searches within a matter of hours thanks to FAA's obsessive search engine optimization... they appear in the FAA newsletter... etc...

Take a look at your visitor counter for one of your images on ZenFolio... then take a look at your visitor counter for the same image on FAA. During any given time period, there should be a very noticeable difference.

Now... I'll move on to new topic.

In order to be successful selling artwork online, you need to have beautiful webpages that are well laid out and very user-friendly. You want your buyers to see something that they like... realize that it's for sale... and then be able to make a purchase with a few simple clicks.

That's exactly what your FAA Artist Website is designed to do:

Here's a page Zeana Romanovna's Artist Website:

The important criteria are:

1. The page is nicely laid out.
2. The image is large and crisp.
3. It's very clear that the image is for sale as prints and greeting cards (right side).
4. The starting prices for the prints and greeting cards are clearly visible.
5. You can preview the image in thousands and thousands of frame / mat combinations and make a purchase with a few simple clicks.

Now, take a look at the same image on Zeana's ZenFolio website:

When looking at the page, please keep in mind that 99.9999% of internet users have never heard of ZenFolio, FAA, SmugMug, etc. You and I know about these companies because we're involved in the arts. Everyone else has no idea about these sites, at all... so when they visit them, they initially have no idea how to navigate the site... where the links are... what you can do on the site... etc.

So - as a casual visitor looking at the ZenFolio page for the "first time", here's what I see:

1. The page is nicely laid out.
2. The image is fairly small.
3. I have absolutely no idea that the image is for sale. The only indication that it's for sale is the small link that says "add to cart".
4. When you click on "add to cart", you can select from a variety of products (i.e. prints, coffee mugs, etc.) but you have no idea what the image actually looks like on those products. You can't preview it stretched on canvas or with frames, mats, etc.

When you make a sale on ZenFolio, they charge you a 12% commission... and then they charge you another $3 each time they mail you a check with your profits.

And... to make it even better, they charge you $100 / year!

FAA doesn't charge you any commission... in fact, we actually pay you a commission on every frame, mat, etc. that goes along with your order. Yes - we pay you a commission.

Also... we don't charge you anything when we mail you your profits each month.

And... your Artist Website is only $30 / year!

I'm obviously promoting Artist Websites with this post. I'm promoting them because I honestly believe that they're the most powerful websites that you can use to promote your artwork... and they cost a fraction of the price that other websites charge for much fewer features and much fewer visitors.

Other sites like ZenFolio are a little bit more customizable right now (i.e. you can change background colors, etc.). That will change as FAA's Artist Websites become more powerful in the coming months.

But you need to keep in mind that a customizable website is virtually useless as a sales tool unless it actually puts eyeballs on your artwork (i.e. visitors).

With FAA's Artist Websites, you're getting an unbeatable combination...

You get your own website.

On that website, all of your webpages have been meticulously designed for high search engine visibility using the same techniques that have made FAA the world's fastest growing art site.

You get your own built-in search engine.

Your images get rendered as 3D stretch canvases... 3D greeting cards... and with millions of frame and mat combinations. All of this is designed to catch the eye of your visitors and encourage them to make a purchase.

You get your own built-in shopping cart system.

You get your own built-in search engine.

Your images are automatically included on FAA where they can be viewed, commented on, and purchased by millions and millions of visitors each month.

The list goes on and on...

Instead of uploading your images into the vacuum of the internet... you're putting them in front of millions of potential buyers each month. No other artist websites can do that.

If you have a portfolio with ZenFolio, SmugMug, ArtSpan, FineArtStudioOnline, or any of these other websites, I highly encourage you to start pushing your traffic to your FAA Artist Website. The more links you point towards your Artist Website... the higher you'll go in Google's search results... and the more visitors you'll end up with. Websites from the companies listed above rarely appear in Google searches... ever. Pointing your links at those sites is an exercise in futility. You can't drive a website to the top of Google's search results unless the site is naturally designed for high search engine positions.


I'm obviously firing a shot across the bow of these other website companies. FAA's Artist Websites are more powerful... less expensive... and do things that other artist websites simply can not do (i.e. put your artwork in front of millions of buyers each month).

For a complete tour of what your Artist Website can do, please click here:

I'll stop here. I'm very interested in hearing feedback from members regarding what I've written. I'm on a mission to spread the word about FAA's Artist Websites to the masses. FAA's Artist Websites are already much, much more powerful than these other websites... and they're only going to get better with time.


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Marlene Burns

7 Years Ago

brian,...i think a concern for many right now is that their images are showing up on other people's artistwebsite pages.....


Brian, Marlene's probably summed it up best.
Just from me: thank you, and I'd gladly give bloody $30 to just be a member!!! I won't do pod because my pix are lousy repro's, but I'm still ecstatically happy. You do everything better than everywhere. And, I just love the company I keep here!


Sean McDunn

7 Years Ago


I'll fix that in the next 10 minutes. It's not an issue.



Donna Proctor

7 Years Ago

FAA (and recent forum discussions) has made me take a long and hard look at my images. Recently, I've spent hours redoing my images and I'm not even half-way through what has been uploaded here for the past 3 or so years. I've deleted so many images... I realized that I use FAA as the BENCHMARK for my online fine art and photography. Really... that's how much I believe in this site.


Pauline Ross

7 Years Ago

I only know of FAA and not the others, so Im happy.

I was wondering if there will ever be a feature where one can add different art products to artwebsites besides print option. In otherwords if I had a sculpture to sell but I wanted to feature it on here to sell separate from prints. Is that a future possibility?


Bel Madani

7 Years Ago

Thanks Brian, we beleive in FAA. the main concern now as Marlene said is that others member`s artwork appears on others members websites.


Tony Hitch

7 Years Ago

$30 is a pittance for all this site offers I found it when I googled portraits prints celebrity To see if another wbsite I was on would show up never saw it FAA was first on the list and I was suprised I could become a member as easily and inexspensively as I did. So Thanks Brian.


Sean McDunn

7 Years Ago

Other artists' images appearing on your Artist Website is no longer a problem. I just fixed it.



Marlene Burns

7 Years Ago

you da man!


Sweta Prasad

7 Years Ago

Brian, Thanks for pointing out how FAA keeps the high resolution images in a secure location and shows the low resolution pictures. that is comforting to know - i have uploaded 3 scanned images (high resolution) while the rest are from my digital camera (soon to be replaced by scanned images). i would like to get your opinion on the image quality (scanned vs camera) if possible

i am new to FAA but will soon exploit the other powerful features you discussed in your post.

Keep up the wonderful work - i love the excitement and sense of pride you show in your emails. i am not a geek but speaking to my husband i understand the powerful features of FAA.


Charles Peck

7 Years Ago

Brian it is about time you came forward like this because too many don't seem to realize what a crazy good deal this is. The only thing I still use my other company for is to keep my domain site (my name) active, for quite awhile now everything I do is uploaded here first by several months.

While reading your description of the salient points of FAA I think I figured out a way to send folks directly to my site - I'll give it a try and see if it works.

Oh Yeah, thanks for being you.


Rolf Bertram

7 Years Ago

1) Agreed with the good deal. FAA offers ALOT for $30/year!

2) Brian, did you apply the lesser compression to my galleries? I still see strong compression artifacts. Is this the top of the line minimum compression you can do? Example of an image with strong compression artifacts:
Art Prints


Edward Sobuta

7 Years Ago

Thanks Brian, FAA just keeps getting better. I know of two artists that are thinking about joining FAA. I will forward them you excellent article and I think they will join. Before I found and joined FAA, I was going to build my own site. Your dedication to web placement is going to make FAA the top of the line of artist sites.


Frank Wilson

7 Years Ago

Dear Brian,

I'm probably one of your most aggressive promoters and many of the artists in Butte County and in Northern California and in many other parts of the country have been steered to join FAA as a result of my endorsements and by my advertising FAA. I would not go to this trouble unless I believed in everything you have stated above. I have my work on other sites as well with virtually no traffic other than the other artists who are also on the sites.

I have stated many times that FAA is simply BEYOND compare to other art sites in what you offer and for the most reasonable price to be found anywhere on the web! I have paid upwards of $400 for a small fraction of what you provide for FREE!

I will continue to steer my artist acquaintances and friends to FAA as it is simply the best that any artist could subscribe to.

Many Thanks!


Liza Faucher

7 Years Ago

Charles, I hope you can share with us, how to send folks directly to our respective sites.
And Brian, without a doubt this site is an excellent tool.


Marlene Burns

7 Years Ago

charles, is it time for a chorus of kum-baya?


Brian... at last! I have been waiting for a post like this for soooo long. I stand behind you all the way.


Sandra Bronstein

7 Years Ago


Thanks for the explanation. I think Zeana and I were only pointing out what our CUSTOMER base is telling us. I think that part of the issue has been resolved with other's images not appearing under our sites. Thank you for that. Perhaps you should check out some other sites on Zenfolio since they don't look at all like Zeana's page which you selected to use as an example.That site, like many others, is very, very customizable and I hope we will all be able to enjoy some of those features soon here on FAA. I still have issues with the search engine and I am aware that you are diligently working on this. In all fairness, not all sites charge $100 unless you ELECT to pay for the professional level services. I think you give us a helluva bargain for $30.00. Sure, there are other things some of us would like to see: clearer, less compressed images, a slideshow option, options for turning on and off specific features, ability to use our own copyrights or watermarks etc., etc., etc.

I know you are working on these and various other problems which arise such as the recent visitor counters and the like. I do appreciate your efforts.


Sean McDunn

7 Years Ago


I just uncompressed that image you're referring to. Refresh the page and take a look.



Terrence OConnor

7 Years Ago

Actually I do not belong to any other art sites other than FAA.

As stated prior---I was in the process of starting my own website with all its challenges---higher costs----search engines and printing I would have to out source.

When I caught wind of the personal website by just being a POD member---No Brainer----you do not have to be a mathemetician to see the costs for this site is a fraction of anything else I looked into and all you need is bundled into a tidy package.

This is my opinion: With the internet supersaturated with artwork--a collective entity such as this may be a focal point where confused buyers may find all they need in a one stop shopping arena----Different mediums/ reproductions / original work---quality talent.



Andreas Freund

7 Years Ago

Hi Brian,

I totally agree to you that FineArtAmerica is the best artist webside on the internet right now. I am an expat from Germany and I live here in the US since 4 years now (that's the reason why my English isnt't perfect ;-) ). I also own an artist webside in Germany ( to cover the German market and FAA for the US market. I also created my own artist webside ( But with none of these two webside I am getting as many visitors as with FAA. And FAA is the only webside where I actually sold some pictures. So overall FAA is my favorite artist webside and I am really impressed about the features you are offering and how much work you still invest to improve this webside.

YOU ARE DOING A REALLY GREAT JOB!!!! Thank you for that!


Rolf Bertram

7 Years Ago


now this image looks absolutely perfect!!! - Same quality as the same image on Zenfolio. Can you batch-uncompress all of my images?



Christine Till

7 Years Ago

I'm with Andreas Freund: YOU ARE DOING A REALLY GREAT JOB!!!!
The images I was "crying" about image look now absolutely perfect.

Thank very much you for that, and everything else.


Richard Rizzo

7 Years Ago

Thank you Brian, for this great site at an unbeatable bargain.


Mushtaq Bhat

7 Years Ago

Brian I think imperative to speak here, well aware that I may not represent your average member here. I am aka webmaster of my own site, online publisher, and have also had some bouts with Search Engine Optimisation and I am also an artist and an FAA member. I have two other accounts at two art portals that I have never ever visited after creating them. Also I have looked at the more famous ones but I just did not want to join.

I responded within less than an hour to the invitation to join FAA few years back.
This is not my habit. Usually I need days to decide.

And never ever have regretted that choice nor my decision!
I instinctively felt the potential of your site. I was not mistaken.

My judgement in the last end is this

You are highly competent man in your field.
Enormously dedicated.
And you have integrity.
I trust you and would be willing to overlook some mistakes that you may inadvertently make _ they would be peanuts compared to what you have achieved in a positive manner.
Your whole career has an organic development _ FAA is that way your greatest piece of artwork and it was initiated by a simple need to help artists, who were in need!

And it all is reflected in and at FAA.

Clean layout, no clutter, wonderful page loading, absolutely high class SEO, fully functional streamlined navigation and an overall look that one could without exaggeration call decent _ unfortunately lacking at many famous sites, some of them quite overdone with excessive and uncoordinated use of widgets and gadgetry or flash.

It is one of the most user friendly sites that way.

And you and Beth are always somehow present _ which makes this site a Class for itself. Yes a class and I mean it!

I do not need to refer to all the advantages an artist here has as you mentioned them well yourself.

I received my card print that I ordered at FAA within just a few days here in Berlin Germany. Prompt I would say. And the quality was as I expected and am expecting from this site. Professional.

Of course we can not deny that is always a room for improvement and that there will be artists with very specific needs who may feel some shortcomings but here too the most important aspect is the responsiveness with which you react to all these almost countless inputs from the members. It is almost incredible, one would need a staff of dozens for that in the meantime. One has almost this feeling that one is calling a neighbour or family friend (includes also Beth) for help, someone strangely who is absolutely no stranger!

If all this is not unique!

And lastly the forums, think here too the artists have the possibility to expand their horizons, be it with technical aspects of art, art history or methodology or any thing concerning life and ideas, as well the opportunity to seek help or support each other as a community.

Thanks Brian, Beth and FAA and all folks I occasionally aggressively debate with and all those who have commented my work and supported me here!

Finally I hope your site does not also implement all that flash, Slide shows and crazy widgets _ if some one wants these features perhaps they should get it on their personal Sites against extra costs, in case it means we have to pay all more for POD service!
IMO Sleek Slide shows are for entertainment and not for serious buyers of prints or artwork!

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Reb Frost

6 Years Ago

Hi, I'd like to know why.... when i post pics in my gallery (new ones) they don't show up on the "Todays new Artwork Page"? I just posted one a little while ago and i noticed it never showed up.. nor did some of my other ones in the past.. Could you please check out why that is happening for me. Thanks..


Reb Frost

6 Years Ago

Heres another one for you... hope i get a response to this one..

I just found my paintings on a site called BlackPearl Sims. The paintings are being used in a virtual realm.. Now i would really like to know how these paintings that are "ONLY" on FAA got to be in the hands of a virtual reality community used as decor in a SIMS house. (along with paintings by other artists) since mine are all watermarked on FAA??? But i don't see any watermarks on them on this site...??

But i thought i had better let FAA people know that there are a few other paintings on there as well.. possibly from other FAA artists being used. So if you do country scenes, or roosters, or cows, rolling hills with round trees or anything like that.. you should have a look at that page and scroll down it.. If my works ended up there so easily , then I wonder how many other artists works are being used in the virtual homes of SIMS and Second Life etc..?

While i find this somewhat amusing, (mainly because these SIMS seem to hang more of my paintings in their house than i do in mine) lol.. I also find that my work is not sufficiently protected.


Notified support of your post.


Reb Frost

6 Years Ago

Thanks Beth.


Paul Tokarski

6 Years Ago

Looks like the categories have been cleaned up a lot. I only found a few Digital art pieces displayed under Abstract Painting. A few months ago it was the first ten pages.

But the Mixed Media still has a lot of Digital Art, I guess a mouse and keyboard could be considered Mixed Media. Or are we just playing favorites?


Joyce Dickens

6 Years Ago

As a fairly new member here at FAA I am honestly thrilled with the user friendly site; I am showing my work on several sites and find FAA to be a notch above those on many levels.....KUDOS Brian and Beth for all you are doing to make this an enjoyable site!


Reb Frost

6 Years Ago

In the subject search area, why do my small pics in there all look blurry? When i click on them, i have high res images on my pages.. but the little pics all look kinda fuzzy?? For someone looking for a subject, they wouldn't chose one of mine based on that pic, because it does not look appealing when its not clear.
I am always working with either 12 or 14 M pix camera.. so why would the little pix be all messed up like that Sean? And I've noticed that not everyone's pics are like that.. so why are mine?


Ann Horn

6 Years Ago


Perhaps you could give me some advice. This afternoon I opened an image to add it to another gallery. I thought I had done so and submitted it, but instead of the newly corrected page showing, I got some kind of a strange page, an error page I guess. And now I find that the image, entitled "Timeless," is nowhere to be found on the site. Is it possible that it will show up later, or would you advise me to upload the image again?

Thanks for your help in this.



Ann, this normally can happen if you have more than one tab or page open when you edited.

I am not sure where the image is and when it has happened to me, (because I forgot to close tabs), I have had to re-upload.


Reb Frost

6 Years Ago

Oh hi there ... Do you think Sean could answer my question about the blurry stuff..that i asked earlier on today.. or fix it.. or explain it? I really would like to know why it looks like that, what causes that and how its going to get fixed.... and of course Beth, i never got an answer on my SIMS virtual heist of my pics... I suspect AMazon played a key role in that... because i find that some of my pics are still on there... even though I requested (twice) that they not be put up on there... Thanks and have a good evening.


Reb, all I can do is let him know of your post which I have done when you added it.


Carol Cavalaris

6 Years Ago

Thank you, Brian.
I'm new to FAA and became a member only a few weeks ago. I also signed up for the artist website.
It doesn't take long to realize this is a fantastic site and venue for artists, and how easy and user friendly everything is here. It is obvious to me that a lot of thought and work and care have gone into the development of FAA, and I am extremely pleased to be here. I'm really glad I picked FAA over some of the other sites. So kudos to you, Brian. You are doing a fantastic job.


Reb Frost

6 Years Ago

Thanks Beth..I know its up to Sean to respond really and , not you.... Lets hope i get a response. or at least the pics fixed.. You know.. I really have a laugh when i post anything on here that needs fixing and the next person who comes on is always praising FAA... lol.. Its too funny ... and it happens all the time.. (leverage? ) lol...


Ann Horn

6 Years Ago

Thanks, Beth. I'll go ahead and upload the missing image. No problem.


Sharon Mau

6 Years Ago

Aloha Sean .. choose an image . any image . in anyone's portfolio and you may have noticed the greeting card display is askew ....

I would like to see the greeting card display of our images rotated back to the way they are supposed to appear ... several weeks ago I noticed that for a landscape image the greeting card display is appearing vertical .. and for a portrait style image the greeting card display is appearing as a landscape horizontal image .. so if we could have this minor glitch repaired it would be wonderful for the way it is now the greeting card rotation is all wrong and causing our images to appear out of proportion and stretched .... Aloha mai e :))


Reb Frost

6 Years Ago

Sooooo.... once again (since this was not answered on Friday) ...... I ask.. could you tell me why.. in the subject area, the small pics of my paintings are blurry when other pics are not? My paintings on my site pages are fine.. but in the search, they are all blurry.. and icky looking...
I'd like to know why they are like that and if you can fix them please... when you get back from your weekend Sean.. Thanks


Reb Frost

6 Years Ago

Hello... I noticed today that the New Artwork for Tuesday, May 17th, 2011 is fuzzy... could you check on that pleez :) Its the fuzzy little pics.. when you click on them, they are fine.. but in the New Artwork.. they all look fuzzy...(like they are growing fur!!) LOL..


Reb Frost

6 Years Ago

Also.. there was a freak glitch... When i clicked on one of my pics (in card form) it took me to another page... which advertised cards BUT NOT MINE.. lol.. Whats up with that? If a client looks at my work, I would hope that if he clicks on the card thingy.. that it shows my work on the card and not a search engine asking him to choose a pic from the horredously large database.....!! The second time it worked.. but not the first time... so lets not confuse customers please..


Jack G Brauer

6 Years Ago

Brian, thans so much for a great website, you're the best available. I only wish I knew more about marketing on a website.
Jack Brauer


Reb Frost

6 Years Ago

Sean, i didn't receive my FAA update for the week..IT usually comes on Sunday.. but it never showed... can you fix that please.. :) and there are some glitches with receiving the comments in discussions too.. i don't always receive them and the other day, i got them a day later....



Reb, that has nothing to do with this post. Anyone else not receiving Faa emails re these discussions? is the post dealing with the email problem.


Reb Frost

6 Years Ago

Well i don't always get my emails from discussions and lately i was not getting my FAA thingy or getting it a day later..... and i don't really know where to post problems like that unless i go on the main board? Like just today, i found Google search under my name..... When you click on it, it does take you to my Montreal Lanes pic, but why is Pat Stevens website associated with it? And where should I post about stuff like that?

Montreal Lanes Stretched Canvas Print / Canvas Art By Reb Frost - Cached
Buy Montreal Lanes by Reb Frost as a stretched canvas print / canvas art.

Then of course there is this link that has been using my photo to advertise spiral staircases since forever!!!.. for advertising purposes..

Verdun Stairs Canvas Print / Canvas Art Artist Reb Frost Reviews ... - Cached
Verdun Stairs Canvas Print / Canvas Art - Artist Reb Frost Gallery Wrapped on 2.5 Stretcher BarsIncludes Hanging HardwareAvailable in a Variety of.....

and then i come across this one which associates Karin's name with my work... in the search engine...:

The Garden Of Eden Framed Print By Reb Frost - Cached
Buy The Garden of Eden by Reb Frost as a framed print.

and of course i still have works sitting on Amazon as well, just sitting there... though i don't know why as i was pretty specific about not wanting it on there..

Crazy stuff I tell ya! Why are these things still showing up? I thought that all got fixed a while back? So if you'd let me know where in here i should post about this the powers that be will read it and deal with it,... I'd greatly appreciate it... thanks :)


Do what everyone else does and post in the main discussions by opening a thread dedicated to a single issue.

Or email support technicalsupport- at -


Do what everyone else does and post in the main discussions by opening a thread dedicated to a single issue.

Or email support technicalsupport- at -


Reb Frost

6 Years Ago

Okay Beth, thanks for the advice... I just thought i was supposed to post it under "Help" on the discussions board.. since it is a question.. and I do require help.


No, just in the main discussions. You cannot post under help as that is just for stickies


Reb Frost

6 Years Ago

OOps! sorry Beth.. i didn't know.. I just posted in the main discussion group you suggested.. thanks :)


This discussion is closed.

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