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Abbie Shores

13 Years Ago

Rules Of Discussions - Updated April 2024

If posting for help, we need a full detailed explanation of;

What you expect to happen
What you are doing and where you get to before it stops
What does happen
Which browser and operating system you using

If you need to know about an order, (not a complaint, see Rule 1 for that) please always add your order number and never add your email



Respect yourself and others


Follow Moderator Instructions: Respect and comply with instructions provided by forum moderators. They are responsible for enforcing the rules and maintaining order within the community.

Manager Abbie Shores
Moderator David Dehner
Forum Helper Gill Billington
Groups Liaison John Hughes

1. Contact support for complaints, bug reports and Customer support; they will not be dealt with in discussion. CUSTOMER SERVICE Customer Service is for buyers with questions about new and existing orders / TECHNICAL SUPPORT, Technical Support is for members with technical questions about using the site.
2 No External Site Promotion: Avoid discussing or linking to other websites or platforms unless directly relevant and approved by moderators.
3 No Self-Promotion: Refrain from promoting personal businesses, products, or services within forum discussions.
4 No Spamming: Do not flood the forum with repetitive or irrelevant messages. Stay on topic and contribute meaningfully to discussions.
5 No Politics or Religion: Keep discussions focused on the forum's designated topics and avoid divisive subjects such as politics and religion.
6 No Shouting: Use appropriate language and refrain from typing in all capital letters, as it can be interpreted as shouting and disrupts the flow of conversation.
7 No Rudeness or Personal Attacks: Treat fellow forum members with respect and refrain from engaging in personal attacks, insults, or derogatory remarks.
8 Respect Privacy: Do not share personal information about yourself or others without consent. Respect the privacy of fellow forum members.
9 No Image Threads: Avoid creating threads solely for the purpose of sharing images. Including your own
10 Stay On Topic: Keep discussions relevant to the forum's designated topics and avoid derailing threads with unrelated or off-topic content.
11 Use Descriptive Titles: When creating new threads, use clear and descriptive titles that accurately reflect the topic of discussion to help others navigate the forum effectively.
12 Report Violations: If you come across any violations of forum rules, report them to moderators instead of engaging directly. This helps maintain a harmonious community environment.
13 No Trolling: Refrain from posting inflammatory or provocative messages with the intention of disrupting discussions or provoking emotional responses from other members.
14 Respect Intellectual Property: Do not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others by sharing copyrighted material without permission or claiming credit for work that is not your own.
15 No Spoilers Without Warning: When discussing movies, books, or other media with significant plot twists or endings, use spoiler tags or provide warnings to prevent spoiling the experience for others who have not yet consumed the content.
16 Mindful Posting Frequency: Avoid excessive posting or bumping old threads without adding substantial new content. Allow space for other members to contribute to discussions.
17 Keep Language Appropriate: Use language that is suitable for all ages and cultures, avoiding profanity, explicit content, or graphic descriptions that may be offensive or inappropriate.
18 Respect Diversity of Opinions: Recognize that diverse perspectives enrich discussions and avoid dismissing or belittling opinions that differ from your own. Engage in constructive dialogue and debate while maintaining mutual respect.
19 No Solicitation or Begging: Do not solicit donations, funds, or personal information from other forum members, nor engage in begging or panhandling within the community.
20. If bringing into a conversation numbers and study results, or world opinions, you must add the source link at the end so people can make informed decisions themselves and to back up your claim.


Updating of the guidelines:

This warning informs users that the content of this page is subject to frequent updates, with potential changes being made at any time, without the need for advance notice. It is therefore important for members to frequently visit the page in order to stay up-to-date with all recent developments. Doing so will help ensure that members remain informed and can take advantage of any new features or information.

Last Updated 23 April 2024

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Abbie Shores

1 Year Ago

All rules have now been updated

Read through and if you have questions about one or more, contact me direct


Abbie Shores

3 Months Ago

Rules are now on zero tolerance for a period of time. No grey areas.


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