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Teresa Wilson

3 Years Ago

All Star Retweet #3

First, make sure that you have a pinned tweet. Please change this at least every 24 hours so that we have fresh images to retweet.

Just retweet the “pinned tweets” of the LAST 2 twitter links in this thread, and then post the link to your own twitter TWEETS page (you get there by first clicking Home in Twitter, then click Tweets).

Note :
- You must wait for 2 other people to post their twitter links, before you post again.
- You must have a “pinned tweet” in your twitter account. It is recommended to change your pinned tweet before you post here again.
- If you have already retweeted (RT) the other person’s pinned tweet,choose another of their images to retweet.

Manual retweeting only. Please don't use any autotweeters or schedulers for participation in this thread.

Please don't make requests here for people to promote you in other ways or other media. Do not post image links or images. And no vote solicitation!

Enjoy and let’s all have some success!

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Joan Carroll

3 Years Ago

thank you Teresa, be back tomorrow

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