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Viet Tran

2 Years Ago

Your Thought Of Art And Poetry

Please feel free to drop by and leave your thought, your art, your music, your poetry, or whatever you wanna share. Enjoy your life and your art. Thanks for dropping and leaving your footprints on this thread . Have a restful day and night.

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Viet Tran

2 Years Ago

Sell Art Online

The Sorrowful Autumn
(Specially written for my friend artist Fred Jinkins)

Summer is drifting further away
leaving behind an adoring sensation

Autumn is coming
a confusing moment
as the breezy wind rustles inside tree canopies
when it’s blowing colorful leave.

White cloud forms a mournful headband on the sky
during the long funeral;
it grieves for the dying summer.
Hot and dried weather would be fully buried
under layers of soggy leaves and rainfalls.

As if it were yesteryear,
farewell footprints
from the last Fall
could be seen
on the olden trail.
Somehow it arises inside my inner self
a wild-wild dream of strolling around on the lost path again.

Life in exile is always as painful as it would be
I often feel as if I were a dying leaf
very far away
from the main branch
of my former homeland.

My emotion has been entwined like a tangled roll
that would have ever been undone
to its original norm
and form

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet

Triste Automne

L'été dérive plus loin
laissant derrière lui une sensation adorante

L'automne arrive
un moment confus
alors que le vent souffle dans les auvents
quand il souffle des feuilles colorées.

Le nuage blanc forme un
bandeau de deuil
sur le ciel
pendant les funérailles longues;
Il pleure l'été mourant.
Le temps chaud et sec serait entièrement enterré
sous des couches de feuilles empilées et de pluies.

Comme si c'était autrefois,
empreintes d'adieu
depuis le dernier automne
pourrait etre vu
sur l'ancien sentier.
D'une façon ou d'une autre, elle se pose à l'intérieur de moi-même
un rêve sauvage de se promener sur le chemin perdu à nouveau.

La vie en exil est toujours aussi pénible que ce serait
J'ai souvent l'impression d'être une feuille mourante
très loin
de la branche principale
de mon ancienne patrie.

Mon émotion a été entrelacée comme un rouleau enchevêtrement
cela aurait été annulé
à sa norme d'origine
et forme

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet


Bill Tomsa

2 Years Ago

In the southwest autumn is welcomed
It signals a time of cooler weather

A time to enjoy the desert outdoors
It signals a time that's always better.

Photography Prints

Bill Tomsa



Viet Tran

2 Years Ago

Nice to see you dropping by, Bill. Have a restful evening, my friend.


Bill Tomsa

2 Years Ago

Thank you my friend and same to you.


VIVA Anderson

2 Years Ago

Hello my friend, good to see you here again amongst us and for a start, I just feel it important to post a quote from my collection of quotes.
This one resonates so much for me, it is about art, life, love.............and, shall be back soon with more to share...........thanks for the thread.
Always glad to share art, life, love, with you. I might add another to this post in the way of Art.........mine, of course, lol..............VIVA

Sell Art Online


VIVA Anderson

2 Years Ago

As to sharing Art...........hope you like this: it has the most visitors, and is my favourite, too.................................

one of the quotes I chose for this, in the description........................

"I'll dip my brush into the sunrise, and the sunset, and the rainbow. " ~ Robert Browning to Elizabeth Barrett.

Sell Art Online


Viet Tran

2 Years Ago

Good morning my dear friend Vivian. Thank you very much. It's nice to see you dropping by and leaving the quote and your awesome painting. A nice day and a restful weekend to Tom, Vivian and everybody.

An echo to y painting Rainbow Clouds


What's going down must go up
sooner or later

The sun always comes out after heavy rain;
we might see the clear sky
with a beautiful rainbow
in full spectrum

So long as we keep our hope intact,
everyone one of us will see the bight sunlight
after many days
the dark.

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet


VIVA Anderson

2 Years Ago

Thank you, Viet..........I find your thoughts so uplifting........and am honoured to have inspired you..............We see the light, it is, fantastic.


Natalie Holland

2 Years Ago

Nice to see you, Viet!

Sharing one of my favorites quotes.......Follow your heart but take your brain with you. - Alfred Adler


Viet Tran

2 Years Ago

@ Vivian: How is the weather in Sidney, my friend?

@ Natalie: Long time no talk. Nice to see you dropping with your favorite quote, my friend. I think when you follow your heart, you'll lose your brain. Have a restful evening.


Viet Tran

2 Years Ago

Art Prints

"You don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear." ~ Oscar Wilde

An echo to the quote by Alfred Adler: "Follow your heart but take your brain with you."

No Logic in Romaine

She prefers to take the brain with her,
whenever, she follows her heart
on the path

Alas, it’d be totally worthless;
simply, ’cause, there’d be absolutely
no logic in love
the brain
to comprehend.

As soon as, she falls into it;
her mind is blind;
her heart is lost
she’s drowned
‘til she hits the bottom of the ocean o’ love
and gets stuck there for the rest of her life

It's nearly impossible say good bye;
unless, she wanna get out of it
a troublesome mind
and a shattered heart.

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet


VIVA Anderson

2 Years Ago

Viet, the weather, ahhhhhhhhhh Sydney.............it is already balmy in daylight, still chilly at night, and DRY.........I give thanks.............considering the weather worldwide...........
I pray for the wellbeing of our fellow humans enduring nature's 'gifts' to remind us of how powerless we really are..........the lions know.
Here's a weather image for you from my main street in beautiful, ritzy Mosman, just north of city centre, across the Harbour Bridge...........a recent photo.........
an Aboriginal name of the Whale..........The Aboriginals were our 'first' settlers 40,000 years ago!

Art Prints


Viet Tran

2 Years Ago

My dear friend Vivian. Thank you very much for your reply. You're lucky to live in Australia - a rich country with abundant natural resources. I love Aussies's romantic accent.

I’m poetically inspired by your comment "I pray for the well-being of our fellow humans enduring nature's 'gifts' to remind us of how powerless we really are..........the lions know.".

Pollution: How Would We Deal With It?

It’s up to us to take whatever best
for us and for our own lives.
no one would dare

Why would they would care?
their loved ones.

go ahead
keep praying
if you truly believe in God,
who knows
He might help you cope with your own mess.
would do
whatever make you feel at ease
from the cluttered rubbish which we've dumped around our own home.

I myself believe
I’m the one
who has dug up my own hole
fill it up by myself
if I wanna get out of it.

It time for us to stop polluting:
the air we breathe,
the food we eat,
the water we drink,
the space we live in…

What the heck are we waiting for?
Let’s do it together
in our own way.
you pray;
I act.

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet


Peggy Collins

2 Years Ago

they have crazy eyes
that shine like devils in the dark
They leave their mark
on my innards
in ways i can't describe

they have hopeful eyes
that beg you to love them
I never want to leave them
on this plane or the next
they are my favorites

papillon dog art


Viet Tran

2 Years Ago

Nice to see you here, Peggy. Thank you for your poems: Kats and Dogs. . Victoria's sky is clearer, because we have got some rainfall in the at two days. I hope the wildfire smoke would have been cleared up in your area and you would breathe fresh air too.


Peggy Collins

2 Years Ago

Hi Viet. Yes, we got some rain yesterday finally and it might happen again today so the smoke has cleared away. We've had about three weeks of smokey skies here on the Sunshine Coast. We really need more rain though, don't we? I just went for a hike and the air is intoxicatingly fresh for a change.


VIVA Anderson

2 Years Ago

Thanks, Viet, for your insightful response to me, and I think your words.............
Let’s do it together
in our own way.
you pray;
I act. "

should/could easily be the mantra for all humanity.


Kenneth Agnello

2 Years Ago


My thought of the day is I am glad you are back with the thread...was wondering how it disappeared. Glad to see your return! Keep the writing and poetry a'coming.


Viet Tran

2 Years Ago

Good evening EVERYONE.
Thank you very much Peggy, Vivian, and Ken. I appreciate your dialogues that make me feel connected to the outside world.

@ Peggy: Happy to hear that the air quality on your Sunshine Coast is much better now. In Victoria, the sun is back today and the atmosphere has becoming little bit murky by the end of the day. According to the local weather forecast, it'll be sunny in the next two weeks. Therefore, we may breathe the badly smokey air again.

@ Vivian: The world, we live in, has increasingly drifted apart. It is too far to build any bridge between the left and the right. Anyway, you and i won't be here to witness the doomsday of mankind. I think we'd better take the best of each day, don't you agree?

@ Ken: Nice to see your dropping by my thought-provoking artist. The past has gone, wouldn't it be better to leave it alone? In addition, it seems impossible to predict what would be in the future. Let's celebrate this instant moment, my friend.

Enjoy a restful evening,


VIVA Anderson

2 Years Ago

Good advice, Viet......thank you.
I'm glad to see Kenneth back, too.


Karen Newell

2 Years Ago

Art Prints

Embracing a Dream

I met her
in a dream
last night
our hearts
began to heal.

A sacred needle
of peace
with infinite love
patiently began to sew
the scars
of our long separation.

Karen Newell


Marlene Burns

2 Years Ago

MY only contribution to this thread will be to sit back and luxuriate in your words, Viet, that scream across miles with such quiet truth.....


Viet Tran

2 Years Ago

Good morning all. Thank you Vivian, Karen, and Marlene. Your conversations have given me a good feeling of having human touch with you.

@ Vivian: Go with your comfy flow, my friend. Don't take my lousy advise, otherwise you might end up in a ditch -lol.

@ Karen: Long time no contact. Interesting to read your nice poem and viewing your new artwork. I hope to read more.

@ Marlene: You're a very talented artist. Each time, you drop by, you inspire me by your creativity. It makes me think of how I could bring my poetry to your creative level.

A Note to my friend Ed Meredith: I hope you are safe and sound while Irma is pounding on Florida. Take care, Ed.

Enjoy your day, my friend


Viet Tran

2 Years Ago

Photography Prints

True Love Has No Sex

She is very attractive,
Her eyes are in deep blue
as the color of a mystic sky
one of van Gogh’s paintings.

Her gentle nature makes her
a perfect female
the best dream
every man.
He feels very relaxed in his trouble-free time with her.

Unlike his former relationship with other females,
he falls in love with her
from his heart
without any sexual desire attached.

He enjoys putting her on his lap,
running his fingers through her hair
to sense the softness on her neck
listening to her moan
of purring in orgasm…

After going through hell from different failed relationships,
he has totally lost trust in women
in general.
he can only rely on her
he has never considered her as a pet
but a trustworthy companion for the rest of his life

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Tran

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Jim Taylor

2 Years Ago

Art Prints

Late Bus

I saw you waiting for that bus
the one that is always late
in between a dream

you looked so patient
as you let the wind caress your hair
I thought I heard some tires moan
or maybe the breeze through the trees

I hope your safe in the night
on that bench alone
hoping your bus arrives soon
under an old street lamp like moon

Jim Taylor 9/10/2017


Manuel Unsui

2 Months Ago

Through silence
Meet the infinity


Jim Taylor

2 Months Ago

Karen I will refuse the chip!
Yes Tony!
A response to Ed.

Rainbow grasping

where's the rainbow
seems the closer I get
the farther away it seems to be
it’s in the distance like most everything
I have exhausted most of my energy
my tank is low
my horizon wide
the colors infinite

I finally quit grasping
as I sank down on comfortable grass
and there it was

James 4/25/2020

Art Prints


Leonida Arte

2 Months Ago

Touch of Heaven
Amazing Poems of Monica B Twitter @_Being_Benign inspired by art of Leonida Arte

April bliss swaying in the seas
Wanton waves beckon flaunting their moves
What a symphony lies in summer breeze
Euphoric nature allure the trees
Magenta morning floods the garden
Giggling silence Touch the Heaven
Love is d language of heart
Paint world's canvas in this divine art

Photography Prints


Giga Gorgisheli

2 Months Ago

Photography Prints


Karen Newell

2 Months Ago

I am far
from defining
this from
The reality
of income
is where
it is at.
Every thing
is zero
right now.
It is
your haircut....


Ed Meredith

1 Month Ago

Sell Art Online

I Satyr

i belong to the brotherhood of satyrs
lovers of wine
music and sex
we of myth and mirth
are a lewd and lustful bunch
and never happier when
fueled by great quantities of the grape
and in lecherous pursuit of some hapless nymph to ravish

ed meredith


Jim Taylor

1 Month Ago

Nothins Easy

nothin’s easy

a business client use to say that
every time there was an obstacle
I don’t know why it stuck all these years

go down easy
to easy street
stop at every tavern
puke until it all comes home
sit on a bench
be bored
that’s so easy
perhaps I should walk a thousand miles first
rock those aching joints
in that rocking chair
if they don’t ache
they haven’t been any where

it’s true
the dues always come true
when the piper holds his hand out

James 5/4/2020


Karen Newell

1 Month Ago

A Feast for the Owlets

I woke to the
incessant screams
of a bunny
being disemboweled
by an owl.
The shrieks
finally faded,
carried off,
across the dark sky.
The whip-poor-will
began to sing
her melancholy song,
and the owlets
were happy
with their feast

Karen Newell


Jim Taylor

1 Month Ago

An echo to Karen's poem.

The way

It’s natures way
as the rabbit screams
The owl is cute
when it isn’t hungry
hungry animals
and humans
look out
can’t we all just go to the grocery store
and forget about the rest
all I want is to rest in peace
peering through my bedroom window

James 5/17/2020


Kevin Callahan

1 Month Ago

You can’t eat peanuts
with dignity

Consider the lowly peanut:
Shell on/shell off
Bathed in chocolate white or dark

Peanuts, the staple of parties &
Dark denizens of cocktail lounges
Though (sadly) no longer jet planes

One can nibble on chocolate or cheese
Eat fresh fruit with delicate ease
But, there is no dignity in eating a peanut

Think about it…
Eaten by the handful
even dunked in a cola

The most delicate among us will daintily place
Betwixt mouth and tongue

Here’s the thing
they must be masticated,

In my mind’s eye, I see myself
Three fingers and thumb
grasping loose nuts in the bowl
Limp wristed
Jaw & lip thrust out
Simian-like as I drop the pellets
into my eager mouth
Chomping in sublime satisfaction

No, it’s not possible to eat peanuts with dignity
But you can
Throw ‘em
Toss ‘em
Chew ‘em
Enjoy ‘em
And I do


Jay Jay

1 Month Ago

In time, only dust awaits
So why worry what is today?

This earth is billions of years old
So enjoy the time you have now
For the clock of nothingness keeps ticking!


Karen Newell

1 Month Ago

Running From the Shadows

In the maddening
shadow game
everything seems lost,
inspiration is gained.

Government greed
escalates pain,
so many false flags
perpetrating blame.

I am healing,
somewhat sane,
in this maddening
shadow game...

Karen Newell


Kevin Callahan

19 Days Ago

Nice Karen. Here's ab it of humor, it seems that's what I am writing these days.

Thirteen Squirrels in a Tree

Looking out my window I’m shocked to see
The shaking and quaking of a single tiny tree

The sapling grows in the woods behind our home
The young tree stands apart, kind of alone

I gazed in wonder while counting thirteen squirrel
Exiting en masse from what surely was a party or a quarrel?

One after the other the beasts flew down the skinny trunk
Dispersing so quickly I thought I might be drunk

I knew not what to make of this phenomenon
Perhaps God is playing tricks and I am his pawn?

I have seen squirrels playing one, two, or three
But thirteen at once up one tiny tree?

What on earth were they up to, up in that itty-bitty tree?
All I can say is, DON’T ASK ME


Viet Tran

13 Days Ago

It works perfectly and my feet are on the ground. Thank you very much for your help, Abbie.

Photography Prints


Viet Tran

13 Days Ago



My Birth Village Bưng Cầu
located in Thủ Dầu Một,
Mội Chợ Mội Thầy Thơ.
Mội Chợ was at one end;
on the horse bathing beach,
kids played fun games
of shooting water at each other
with handmade bamboo pressure pipes
and bathed in the murky water.
Mội Thầy Thơ was at the other end.
Its water body was as clear as freshly filtered;
The old-growth Tram fruit tree was often laden
with its good yield
full of finger-sized fruit
in dark purple color
‘n deliciously sweet taste.
the place where kids got lots of fun.

The village’s school had just been built.
My brand-new school satchel
made from rush
its pristine fragrance
and its virgin look.
I had tried hard
“eh!, ah!..
the “a, b, c” lesson
in my kindergarten class.
I also made lots of tiny buddies.
with whom I blissfully played
all over our village.
Oh my wonderful childhood,
how joyful ‘twas!


Alas, the war had approached
My dad and I were evacuated to Market Thủ
where, I had continued my education,
‘til my graduation,
with a “Pri me” diploma.
Then came a family catastrophe.
I wiped off my tears,
left my loved ones,
moved to An Giang Châu Đốc,
and lived with an auntie of mine.


I attended Primary School Châu Phú,
until I obtained a certificate of graduation.
then my Auntie’s husband died at a battlefront.
Again, his death changed my life
I said good-bye
to aqua-blue water of River An Giang,
and headed back to my hometown.


At High School Nguyễn Trãi Bình Dương,
I studied hard and got good results.
I was fond of my Certificate Thành Chung.
Also, I was proud of my Diploma Brơ Vê.
At night,
I listened to,
and felt deeply touched by,
the song “Tình Ca”
ups and downs,
in the lengthy journey
of my mother tongue
for four-thousand years long.

Studying Vietnam literature,
I recited
the Tale of Kiều,
the amazing masterpiece
of renown Poet Nguyễn Du,
and “Lục Vân Tiên”
the popular Achef-d'oeuvre
by famous Poet Đồ Chiểu.
Inside my heart
of a teenager at his eighteen;
it has risen an amazing feeling
from the time of romance
‘n the ever-forgotten moment
at the first glance of love
I would feel an amorous dream arising within.


In spite of my relaxingly studying style,
I had also passed Tu Tai
and became a high school graduate.
Planning for my future,
I attended the National School of Public Administration
for becoming a government official.
My fancy desire somewhat smelled feudalism, eh?

Listening to my professor’s first lecture
about Principle “TIÊN THIÊN HẠ CHI ƯU”,
my heart was suddenly submerged
in a heavy feeling.
Administration really means
The behave code of a government official
mustn’t allow me
to point my five fingers,
and demand the public,
to follow my commands;
while I wouldn’t do anything else.


The Đại Đăng khoa,
my engagement was somewhat unseen.
yet, the Tiểu Đăng khoa,
my wedding party
full of joys.
Then came the right time,
I could confidently
really high
in the outside world,
to show off my skills and talents
in public administration.
I also wanted to fulfil my desire for a lifetime career.


Building hamlets and villages was our first step
then we assisted residents to create their Huong Uoc,
(kinda village constitution
local customs
and basic rights for the people).
It would help carry on ancient tradition
of the public administration for hamlets and villages.
Communal Houses were renovated,
Community Meeting Halls were built for newly established communities.
This practice has its crucial purpose
of bringing back the essence of Tradition “Cái Đình”,
the common place
villagers could perform rituals and ceremonies,
the local officials, village elders and scholars
had discuss and settled all issues related to their villages,
and the public could organize festivals and other social events.

Establishing TỈNH ĐIỀN,
(Safe Hamlets/Villages)
Public land was subdivided
into three-acre lots
given to each household to build their shelter
and cultivate for their livelihood.
Each group shared one common water well.
Fifteen households were organized into a safe community
where they had enjoyed a steady life and well-being in the long term.


Our projects had been fruitfully blooming.
Unfortunately, Hanoi Communist Regime rushed in
and destroyed at will,
everything on its invading paths.
Communal House were converted to Coop Offices
and Community Halls became the so-called People Administrative Headquarters.
Administrators and officials of the former government
had to face their ill fates
in concentration camps
with unknown dates
o’ return.


Jungles and forests in remote areas of North Vietnam
were too dense
and ghostly dusky.
Mount Hoàng Liên was chilly ‘n foggy.
Two cassava cups a day had not taken away
the always-starving feelin’
in our nearly-empty stomachs.
Hard labor had transformed our bodies into skeletons.
Here and there,
on the hills and in the woods,
were scattered human bones of dead prisoners.


At last, I had been released
from concentration camp – a small penitentiary
and got into a much bigger prison
the New Economic Zone
of hardship,
o’ spilled blood
mixing with sweats and tears.
Buddhist Mantras helped me retain my inner peace.
I had nurtured “Mộng Quy Mã”,
my dream of moving to America for resettlement.


The Released Detainees Orderly Departure Program
was my rescue-raft.
Gone with wind,
my ten-years
of sufferings
n’ in griefs.
Waving hands of Liberty Goddess
and the Promised Land America
welcomed me to open a new chapter for my life.


Immediately after the gallbladder removal
still staggering on my feet
I joined in “Hội Tù”
(Former Political Prisoner Association?)
I stood side by side with my comrades
to continue our ongoing battle
against Vietcong
and Viet infiltrators
to protect the welfare of our community,
as we did,
in defense of hamlets and villages, in our motherland.


Ten years had passed.
Our battle was leading
to fruitful outcomes.
of the blue,
devil deeds somewhat got through;
Brothers turned to face each other
Comrades became foes
Dishearten had driven me to dormancy.


Flew away another ten years as fallen leaves
My bitterness had just been faded;
then came intolerable discontent
too much
to be ignored.
In spite of
my age
my health
I’ve had no choice but
to fight with my bare hands again.

Now, my hands are trembled.
only a worn-out pen,
I could unswervingly stab those evils to their end.
The OLD WARRIOR has courageously
excellent examples of his heroic ancestors.

Not much time in my life
I must save
for the last battle
to raise Cờ Vàng,
the yellow flag with three red stripes
flutteringly flying on my beloved motherland.

The Poem by Vietnamese poet Nguyễn Nhơn - (Apr.6,2011)
English Version by Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet


Viet Tran

11 Days Ago

Your Nation Is in Crisis
(To those American friends of mine who are at both extreme ends of the current crisis)

Your nation has become socially divided.
who’s right;
who’s wrong.
does it make sense to attest?

which’s true;
which’s fake.
do you gain anything to prove?

you may have a good sight;
yet others still don’t see it.
you could have a valid point
but others don’t condone it.

the more you talk,
the less your words get through.
the harder you blame,
the further you drive them away.
how could it be possible for any fruitful dialogue?

Your nation has become politically divided.
who’s on the right;
who’s on the left.
does it really matter?

everyone goes to the extreme
at the two opposite ends,
oh politics,
from each other,
as remote as the distance between heaven and hell.
what’s the rational way to bridge the dogmatic gap?

“freedom of expression”
allow anyone
to pointing a gun at others
and order them to submit.
alas, why have you kept playing the nasty game of tyranny?

Your nation has become racially divided?
who’s black,
who’s white,
who’s red,
who’s yellow.
the fact cannot be changed.
human being was born with it.

why keep blaming each other
skin color
and cultural heritage.

wouldn’t it be nice to have enough some air for your breath?
it certainly makes huge difference for everyone
you’d better take
“your knee
someone else’s neck”?
whether it has been done
deliberately or inadvertently.

systemic racism was the horrible past
modern human no longer tolerates
any form.

Your nation has become absolutely divided
she’s fully infested with unrests, riots, protests…
wouldn’t it be better
for her leadership
and her citizens
to take a break,
let your hearts be less emotional,
and wait ‘til your minds become more rational?

Don't you wana unite your divided nation
and make her great

Wouldn’t any peaceful solution be better
than your current aggressive way
of continuously
pouring more gasoline
into the raging wildfire?

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet


Viet Tran

8 Days Ago

Photography Prints

Modern Humans’ Bloody Entertainment

cockfights are forbidden;
dogfights are no longer allowed.
civilized mankind
condone no more
any form of animal abuses.

however, man-fights
in boxing rings,
the violent sport
with “its object
the opponent unconscious”,
are still legally fine
in the modern era.
isn’t it ironic?

man fights
neither in self-defense,
nor in protection of his loved ones
but for the gain of fame and money,

boxers in the rings launch into full attacks.
much worse than ill-fated animals
in cockfights
and dogfights.

guys in a boxing ring
wanna win big game.
they hit each other as strong as possible;
tough blows mercilessly rain on their opponents,
noses broken,
eyes black,
lips swollen,
face bruised,
bones fractured,
blood spilled,
or a full knockout on the ring platform.

hysterically crowd of fans
always scream,
shout aloud
to vent their exciting air
in the so-called entertainment.

it doesn’t make much difference
for fighters in the rings.
in the end
of their fighting career,
and the losers
endure physical damages,
psychological sufferings, and mental trauma.

of course, boxers have total freedom
to make their personal choices.
anyway, the entertainment industry
irresistible lures
of money and fame
to attract boxers to human-fights.

how would a civilized society still accept the form of human-abuses
in the so-called professional fights
neither provocation
nor any just cause?

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet
06- 22-2020


Viet Tran

7 Days Ago

My sundry thought of the day


what makes a nation great.
it’s neither her strong economy
nor her almighty army.
but her liberty
and democracy
which have been inspired
many nations
and people around the world.

what makes a nation great
it’s her freedom of speech and her free press
that doesn’t allow her government
to control the media.

the free press doesn’t have to serve
as a propaganda
for the ruling elite.
whether her almighty leader hates it.

regardless the painful fact,
professional journalism has ruthlessly exposed
her elected emperor fully naked
in the public

it doesn’t matter
how maliciously and deceitfully
it has exercised its freedom of expression
the mainstream media
in any sense,
not the “enemy of the people”.

what makes a nation great
it is the equality
her citizens
of different skin colors
and diverse cultural heritages.
discrimination under any form
must not be tolerated.
systemic racism should be abolished.

what makes a nation great
it’s the rights of the people
to rally and protest
in a peaceful manner.

her almighty armed forces
that are loyal to,
and in protection of,
her nation and her people.

those professional soldiers cannot be sent
crush protesters,
“dominate streets”,
and serve particular interests of her ruling elite,
like under those communist regimes or junta dictatorship,

what makes a nation great
it’s her Statue of Liberty
holding the glowing torch
and enlightening the whole world.

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet


Kevin Callahan

7 Days Ago

Just in Time
Given the power to design the perfect day
I could do no better than a day that resides within my memory

Late August, the weather a rare perfection
Low heat and humidity couple in a partnership of comfort

Driving into the city past a sprawling park, green grass, and copious trees
The sight of sundry squirrels cavorting about the open spaces

I’d driven my girlfriend to her college orientation, departing from our town two hours distant
Myself? A transfer sophomore who felt he “knew” the college experience

Arriving on campus, we made-a-plan to meet a couple of hours hence
Meandering around the quad I was soaking in the ambiance of our soon-to-be home

From car radios and transistors, the songs of the day colored the air
Supergroup Chicago held sway on the charts with three major hits

25 or 6 to 4, a tune apropos to higher learning, seems to tell a tale of what lies ahead for us
The lament of one who has studied all night and can no longer function. A portent? Perhaps

Sans crystal ball who knew their hit “Color My World” would reverberate throughout my life?
Because just over a year later “Color” would become our wedding song

We’d enrolled in the same college, in love but not yet lovers
Determined to swim against the wishes of our families, alone, together

Early afternoon, I spy my sweetie bopping down the walk
Smiling, hips swaying, happy to be young, free and living a new reality

Times being what they were, we were both of legal age
I suggested we decamp for a drink, or two, even three?

Where to? Came her query. I hope it’s not distant?
Sez I, there’s a tiny bar, not far, to the Bon Ton we repaired

We located our hideaway tucked off a side street, dim interior devoid of patrons
Drinks ordered, coins dropped in the juke, we cranked up current tunes

The next few hours we spent sipping, speaking excitedly, talk of the future
We huddled at our tiny round table savoring our closeness, alone, together

Rising I retrieved our glasses to return them to our mixologist
I thought to save the fellow a walk around the bar

Turning back, I was met with an incredulous spectacle
My demure darling go-go dancing on the tiny tabletop!

Laughing, I sauntered back, gazing at her beautiful happy countenance
Grinning, I held up a hand to assist her descent.

Pulling my proffered paw, she stepped off, falling into my arms
We hugged cheerfully, laughingly, passionately, as if we would never let go

I think it’s time to go, I whispered in her ear
It’s 25 or 6 to 4


Kevin Callahan

5 Days Ago

Help! I've fallen to page two and I can't get up!


Viet Tran

4 Days Ago


Two prisoners from South Vietnam
kept their heads
while pushing a handcart
on Phuc Linh slope.

On the way
they tried their best to push;
On the way
they held it back.
On the way up, the prisoners pushed the handcart;
On the way down, the handcart pulled the prisoners.
In front of their eyes
a stiff hollow.
who paid any damn care for prisoners’ safety?

At night, the old prisoner
put his face against iron bars,
whizzingly struggled for breath
during his asthma
The young prisoner couldn’t sleep,
turning back ‘n forth,
missing the cool stream
in his hometown
Binh Duong,
the old-growth Tram fruit tree
with fruit
in dark purple color
‘n sweet taste.

Suddenly awoke
from his shallow
it’s the California’s blazingly yellow sunshine,
in the summer
o’ the United States of America.

(Summer in Cali reminds me of Mt. Truong Son)
Original poem in Vietnamese by poet Nhon Nguyen
(English version by Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet)


Kevin Callahan

3 Days Ago

Thank you, Viet.

Stoned in a Pandemic

What is that pain that cannot be ignored?
bit by bit I am in its grip
I write it off as my “bad” hip
then comes the ‘morn even water is disgorged

In the age of Covid I must doctor on Zoom
consensus is to the ER I should depart
Check-in/questions&tests they’ve started a chart
a scan I should have and none too soon

We’ve determined the problem — a large kidney stone
we’ll flood your kidneys to dislodge the culprit, we hope
All of my vitals — heart, weight, sugar, all dope
but you will need a catheter — eliciting a groan

Pain meds ordered, I said, “not so fast”
I’m allergic to opioids I must have an antidote
Meds that prevent intestinal havoc — the script was wrote
then pumped into my arm—no pain at last

The next two days are nightmarishly hellish
Bag after bag of saline drips into my body
Weight/heart/sugar all rise, I feel most shoddy
the stone refuses to move, its tenacity quite zealous

Pain meds begin to wear off quicker
deprived of my CPAP means I get scant sleep
Hallucinations plague, no good counting sheep
I long for my bed a shower and some liquor

At long last the doctor pops in to furnish the news
surgery on the morrow to destroy the obstruction
Microwaves and a stint to allow for suction
“great,” I say, this stone is giving me the blues

All night I sought relief but no, pain, weird delusions, and more
hoping against hope the stone would release
Seven bags of water in me, I was floating — good grief
pain in waves then float on a cloud then “more meds” I’d roar

Eventually morning arrived and I was surgery prepped
all I recall — doctor intoned he would give me a little something
Then I was climbing out of a deep dark pit, my mind into things bumping
little animals emerged from the ceiling — then back my mind stepped

Once awakened I realized I had NO MORE PAIN!
I wanted to dance giddy with delight
Back in the room another bag of water increasing my plight
I begged and I pleaded, no more liquid in me, it’s inhumane

I thank most especially the entire staff, working so hard
thus, ends my adventure in the age of ‘rona
I don’t recommend it I’d rather be ‘stone-a
“All’s well, that ends well,” to quote the Bard


Milija Jakic

3 Days Ago

There is a nice poem with a illustration by me:



A fish

My scales came out
from various poisons

Fins tired
from frequent movements

The eyes no longer see from the salt

But the heart is still pure
and it loves you


Kevin Callahan

3 Days Ago



Milija Jakic

2 Days Ago

Thank you, a poem is from a friend


Viet Tran

2 Days Ago

Dear Abbie: Please remove the following poem in case it is not appropriate to FAA's discussion board, or please send me a PM, I am happy to remove it as soon as I can. Many thanks for your time and your help. Have a restful evening.

Will “United States of America” become “Divided States o’ America!”?

on various occasions,
your almighty leader has enthusiastically declared;
over last three years,
he has successfully “Made America Great Again”.

it sounds quite amazing,
to understand how he has done such a great job
in the very short period
of his first
let’s have a look at his impressive records.

he promised to make Americans safe and sound
by keeping illegal immigrants out;
(especially criminals and drug traffickers
from the Southern border with Mexico).
so far, he has built just over one hundred miles
of his modern version
of the ancient China’s Great Wall.
his “so-called” impossibly penetrated,
long wall
from sea to sea
from east to west
along his empire’s southern border.
it has been paid so far
by Mexico
as he originally promised),
but from unconstitutionally diverted military fund,
at the expense
his soldiers,
on battlefronts.

he has been proud of the strong economy
and high employment rates.
out of the blue,
the pandemic came;
it has continuously destroyed his fancy dream.
first, he foolishly underestimated it,
everything was still under his control
‘til his empire has been totally
in medical hazard
(more than two point five million people infected
and over two-hundred twenty-five thousand deaths so far)
and financial jeopardy of at least two point four trillions in debt.

however, he has refused to take any responsibility
for his self-made disaster
of dealing
the pandemic.
anyway, how pathetic he is
to point his middle finger at,
and blamed China – the country
where the Coronavirus started
he called the “Kung Flu”.

not only would he be very arrogant in his nature;
but also has he been aggressively nasty,
in his actions
constructive critiques.
because of it,
he hates anyone who dares criticize him
particularly, the mainstream media
which he has called “the enemy of the people”.

he has made lots of political foes
in his so-called “draining the swamp”.
he has also launched trade wars
many of his nation’s loyal allies
for momentarily monetary gain
at the loss of longstanding well-being and stability of his empire.
anyhow, tariff is a form of tax on consumers,
(his own people, including his strong supporters
are the ones, who have been suffered
great deal
in his tradewars.)

it’s ironic, the poor with low incomes
have to pay higher prices
subjected to his tariffs.

he has so often played his racist card
on the white supremist
with “white power”
that wanna “Make America Great Again”
by bringing back the good old days of slavery.

like an arsonist,
he enjoys
setting fire,
pouring fuel into raging blaze,
and cheering the chaotic scene.
he has ruthlessly divided his united empire
he has driven huge gaps
the left and the right,
the rich and the poor,
the black and the white, etc.
which have become too deep to be bridged
unfortunately, his nation has been infested with unrests, riots, protests.

he has made everything into a fight
the right, the good, the patriotism,
on his side;
and the fake, the bad, the betrayal,
of course,
on the other side.
he has bullied
those whom he couldn't persuade
and those who doesn’t support him.

during the last four years,
since he ascended the throne.
his nation has been sinking
to her bottomless depth
o’ Covid19 pandemic,
o’ economic crisis,
o’ social uprising,
and o’ unbridgeable division.
oh no, he has completely failed
his mission impossible
to “Make America Great Again”.

now his time is about to be over
the emperor is desperately in need of
your votes for his second term.
he doesn’t care for
neither his nation,
nor his people,
but only his throne.

if he is successfully in his campaign and elected again,
what would America look like during the next four years?
and will her wound of division be ever healed?
or will the United States of America become
Divided United States

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet


Viet Tran

6 Hours Ago

HAPPY CANADA DAY to all Canadians

O Canada

our province has successfully flattened the curve
of the damned covid19 pandemic.
"phase three" has started.
quarantine is much less restricted.
much worry about infection,
nor countless fear of death,
people have looked really at ease.

that rely on tourism
are eager to welcome the good news.

the colour has turned from pink into red within the last few days.
a flock of unwelcoming visitors
has flown here
around noon
to celebrate
Canada Day.

it was just coincident.
anyway, they weren’t aware of the joyful event.
furthermore, they really didn’t care about it.
what had lured ‘em over here
that was not red maple leaf
on Canada flags
under sunshine.
but the red colour of,
and the sweet smell from,
those ripen fruits on the cherry tree in my backyard.

a noisy flock of starlings came for the feast.
I felt relaxed to rest my back on a lawn chair
and watched those noisy birds
swiftly descending,
‘n raucously fighting
red cherries.

they flew away after a couple of hours
leaving a mess
white dropping
on my newly-cut lawn.
the area under the cherry tree.

there wasn’t any public event for any big crowd today
also, no fireworks for families and kids tonight
however, ‘tis my best Canada Day.

Thao Chuong Tran Quoc Viet
July 1st, 2020


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