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Luther Fine Art

2 Years Ago


This thread is Strictly Voluntary. It is intended to be encouraging and helpful in your artistic pursuits.


POST A LINK of an image you would like to promote, and then COMMENT, LIKE AND FAVORITE 5 ARTISTS DIRECTLY POSTING above you. Comments, likes and fav are all mandatory.

-Post your Fine Art America link *ONLY* (URL starts- http://fineartamerica.com/)

-You can participate as many time as you want, as soon as there are 5 new images above yours to comment.

3. Please be courteous and kind. Someone else's art may not be your personal favorite, but it doesn't mean it isn't well done.

4. People who just park their art and don't comment will have their art removed. Other artists will notify me. It isn't fair for other artists to put in their time and input and not to have it reciprocated.

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Luther Fine Art

2 Years Ago

Transferred from previous thread

Debby Pueschel




Luther Fine Art

2 Years Ago

Here's Debby's other link that I messed up when pasting... sorry Debby!



Luther Fine Art

2 Years Ago

Heather -- you did it exactly right!

Love your owls!


Cheryl Hoyle

2 Years Ago




Bob Corson

2 Years Ago



Luther Fine Art

2 Years Ago

Thank you Bob for fixing Cheryl's links...

Just a note for everyone... if you post a link, and you go back to edit your post, the link dies... it is an FAA quirk...

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