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Ryan Burton

13 Days Ago

Your Website

Who has their own website? I would like to see examples. I sell directly to local company’s and do not sell to individuals that often. So my website is really just a place to see what local photos I have to choose from. But I have been thinking of expanding it with a shopping cart and credit card transactions. Is this something you do? my website

Thank you,

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Matthias Hauser

13 Days Ago

Hi Ryan, this is my website / blog: (Matthias Hauser Photography)
This is my FAA Shopping Cart Widget integration:

Hope this helps :-)


Ryan Burton

13 Days Ago

Matthias, thank you for sharing. I am not looking to integrate FAA. I sell my prints direct to my customers.


Chris N Rohrbach

13 Days Ago

Hi Ryan. Here's my website - - RCNpaintings
As you'll see I integrate the shopping cart from FAA. I'm looking forward to seeing more examples of other artists websites too.


William Selander

13 Days Ago

I haven't done much with mine lately but I do have the shopping cart widget integrated in various ways. I am planning to do an overhaul one of these days when I get the time.


Jessica Jenney

13 Days Ago

Here is mine. I don't sell from my website.


Ryan Burton

13 Days Ago

This is great. Love seeing what everyone is doing. Did you build your own site? What do you like and what do you want to change? I want to add a favicon but would need to upgrade my site to do this. Is anyone doing their own print sales and processing payments?


Ed Taylor

13 Days Ago

Not really a website to sell prints and accessories like here on FFA but my business site is


Edward Fielding

13 Days Ago wix wordpress and bluehost - notice my cool favicon.

I don't process my own prints. I used to sell t-shirts and stuff - pain in the butt packing and shipping.


David Bridburg

13 Days Ago

While this is a blog, this is meant to have more access to Google search and SEO...etc.....

I need next year to decide what to commit to it. My work is not commercial, so this maybe a waste.



Carmen Hathaway

13 Days Ago


Hi Ryan,

Also integrated the FAA shopping cart on Digital Prints page (dropdown/top menu tab) on my site.


Joseph Westrupp

13 Days Ago

Spent the morning making my site use SSL. Thought I'd have to pay for it, but found a free way to do it, nice bonus. Always a pain messing around with CDNs, domain names, etc, but it was reasonably smooth going, considering (hopefully nothing breaks in the meantime).



Ryan Burton

5 Days Ago

Thanks for all the shares. If you have a website I would love to see it. Any tips on what to do and not do with a site?


David Manlove

5 Days Ago

Hi Ryan, here is my website

Admittedly I have not put a lot of effort into "designing" it, which it really needs, but, it acts as a focal point for everything I'm doing, a portfolio and sales tool however I'm struggling with taking it to the next level. It only scratches the surface.


Ryan Burton

5 Days Ago

Thanks, David, I have gone thru several changes on mine. recently I have tried to simplify the look and now have this


Marlene Burns

5 Days Ago

I've had this website for a very, very long time.


Design Turnpike

5 Days Ago

Hi - here is my website. I sell handmade original pieces made using vintage recycled license plates.

I design, program and manage all content seen on the website. I don't have a shopping cart, but utilize Paypal buttons and their interface to receive payments.


I do not sell directly from any of my websites - because I don't want the hassle of legal ramification in handling credit card info. I am now creating a couple of websites to support some themes (galleries/collections) in my FAA offerings. Here are a couple examples samples:,, .

~ Bill


Bill Posner

5 Days Ago

Here's mine, I use a company called SmugMug. Even though they have a built in store, my "ONLINE STORE" links to FAA under the doman of I try to keep them in sync, most of the newer images have a link directly to my AW if viewers are interested in buyting the image directly. I link my blog to a WordPress site Using the Artist Website for the store has been the eaisest way to set up a store for my images. I market other products other than the Tapestries, and Cards.

I find using seperate sites for my main sites, i.e store, blog works well.

Good luck


Jeffery Johnson

5 Days Ago

Jeffery Johnson | Photo Captures by Jeffery


RD Erickson

5 Days Ago

Over the years I have tried several times, even paid for, but never succeeded in creating or having a website. I don't understand the 'language' - and I usually hate the ones that are templates. So, I do without.


Ryan Burton

4 Days Ago

Rudy, I see you have a few photos on Amazon. Did you add these or was this through FAA? I have a few on amazon but I did not place them there it was thru FAA. How is it working for you?


Rudy Umans

4 Days Ago

Hello Ryan. We dont discuss other outlets here, but I will PM you later. (At the vet right now.)


Weston Westmoreland

4 Days Ago

I have my AW for the whole sheebang and then a dedicated site for Cave Art I launched some six weeks ago and that I am still working on. Got help from FAA to shape that one. It was tricky business, so thanks again :)


Delynn Addams

4 Days Ago

Hi All,

Great idea Ryan. I have many websites, blogs and social media sites to share.

Designer's Tryst is my newest.

I also have social media sites too.

My blog is...


I also would like to see other artist websites so keep the links coming and share.

Art Group Admin.


Here's my homepage website. I fulfill all my clients' orders myself and I use a very select group of professional labs that specialize in unique large format mediums.

I have great personal relationships with each lab and access to printer profiles so I'm able to make edits to best match their gamut.


Annette M Stevenson

3 Days Ago

Question: I have a website with a shop link to my pixels site. Do you lists both sites when you promote on social media or do you list just one site? Also I noticed when posting on instagram and listing my pixels address it does not automatically link to this site. People have to key the pixels address to get there from instagram. Do you have a way to post on instagram so people can go to the shop site easily?


Louis Dallara

2 Days Ago


Right now I use FAA/Pixels widget in my Wordpress site which I self host.

I have WooCommerce plugin installed so I can do my own thing, I have not configured it because its a lot of work.


Jeff Folger

2 Days Ago

I got a wake up call after my segment on CBS ran and my site couldn't take the immense traffic. I still dont know if I can justify moving from a shared environment to my own server. But I've been going down in the google rankings due to the speed of my site (
It was so slow...

you are supposed to ask , "How slow was it"....

It was soooooo slow that it was measured around 6-8 second load time. (No wonder google dropped me back a page in the search rankings)

I'd changed sub themes and reworked it to make sure gzip is running.

Tonight, a BIG difference! Gtmetrix says I've got my load time down to 1.1 seconds, now we're cooking.
I hope google and bing start to show me love for that change...


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