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Bradford Martin

7 Days Ago

Why Order Matters

Recently I posted a link in a Facebook group to one of my images as a comment to a post of a painting for sale from the same location. Today I sold the image as a card and 3 more similar cards. Looking at my recent visitors I see that someone browsed those images this morning. I could tell by the order that they landed on the image in the main order on my site. The link was to my FAA page not my AW. Hitting "next" there is a similar image. They browsed and purchased until they reached some unrelated images and then stopped browsing.(and buying from me).

It is no coincidence that the images are together. They were all not uploaded the same day. I purposely keep the image order organized in the main (images) view as well as in the gallery/collections view. That is how you sell multiple images.

I am not perfect at this by any means. Every once in a while I have to go through and place the newer images in order. It is no easy and not as hard as one might think if you have a system. I assign an order number to each subject. I boot similar images to the same number and then go and get them a little closer to where I want them. I have 880 images, but once they are done I only have to order the new ones. . I have sold multiple prints to the same person many times here including two medium wall prints last week and my record is 10 large prints on an order. It is so worth the effort to keep images in order. (Edited for clarity)

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James McCormack

7 Days Ago

Makes a lot of sense to me Bradford. Thanks


Mike Breau

7 Days Ago

Thanks Bradford!-Good idea!


Jeff Folger

7 Days Ago

What do you use as your organizational system


Abbie Shores

7 Days Ago

Do you want to do mine? ::Insert endearing, innocent, grin here::


Peggy Collins

7 Days Ago

Funny you should mention that. I'm sure you're right, Bradford, and it's on my ever-lengthening to-do list.


Bradford Martin

7 Days Ago

Jeff, I just try and keep like with like. Originally I did them in the order of my galleries. And if you do that first the galley order goes real fast. Moving the files around is a pain so I just assign a number to each subject and I boot all the images with that subject up to that number. So say I have new bird photos and the other bird photos are falling in at around 400 in the image order. Than all the new files get assigned 400. Each new 400 bumps the one already at 400 up a slot. So then you can get the images in more exact order later. Like getting all the sparrows together or getting the ducks all in a row. I am not saying subject is the best order, but it works for me. For some order of upload is fine.

There are more important things in life, but I do credit my multiple sales more to doing this than to having images in galleries. Because often a link to an image lands the person in the image view on your site, not in the gallery view or in the search.


Nikolyn McDonald

6 Days Ago

I don't keep my images in order - I do "arrange" them, but not in order. However, I have seen a definite and HUGE uptick in my Visitors log of "people" looking at 2, 3, 4, 5 similar images - same subject or location or style. I attributed it to Sean's coding change that now uses our first key word (or two) to auto-select additional images with the same keyword. I've been working my way through my images . . . takes forever and I can only stand to do maybe 10-20 at a time . . . with an eye to making sure the first couple of keywords are good for this purpose.

Although I do know that some "real people" and "real potential buyers" show Beverly Hills and New York NY and a few others as their location, I also know that many of those hits are bots. It's all fine with me and I'm NOT trying to hijack Bradford's thread, so please don't go there LOL

But I am curious as to whether the new programming could cause bot hits to look less random and more like potential buyers interested in a subject. I get Beverly Hills A LOT - more in the last few weeks than ever. So right now the first page of my Visitors has 50 "Last Visitor". Of those all but one are Beverly Hills - that one is Cupertino (I also think that's a bot). Many are random but in those 50 there are three groups of 4 images each that are clearly closely related to one another: Hot Air Balloons; Insects; and Flowers. And in those three cases, all four images were hit at exactly the same time, so to me they are clearly not real people.


Gaby Ethington

5 Days Ago

This is a great tip. I have started working on ordering mine, a little at a time but this makes such good sense to do. This board has such good learning tips! :)


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