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Morgan Kool

7 Days Ago

New To Faa!

Hi everyone, I am fairly new to FAA. I created an account a little over a year ago and have just started uploading photos and selling prints. I was wondering if anyone has advice for getting exposure, gaining followers, etc.! Any help or follows would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much, Morgan

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Marlene Burns

7 Days Ago

Hi Morgan and welcome!
Use the HELP tab and take a look at the 5th discussion down for New Members. ;)


Brian Wallace

7 Days Ago

Hi Morgan,

The responses to your question that I've seen in the past will be so varied and sometimes contradictive, I hesitate to respond in a way that I hope can seem meaningful. That said, I will only suggest that you read the info FAA has provided and take the logical course of action(s).

Some of us are better at marketing than others and I'll never be well known in that category. I mainly do what I think are positive albeit small steps in that direction, hoping in the end it all adds up to something significant.

I do believe you must get attention in some way in order to get noticed. Some singers start off with a novelty song to get attention before they start to gain a following for more serious material. Use your imagination, be creative and try to stand out from the norm. Find your niche' and pursue excellence. I believe your own style will emerge automatically if you love what you do.

All the best,


Mike Savad

7 Days Ago

Marketing 101 by Mike Savad
Why Your Work May Not Be Selling - By Mike Savad
Evaluating Your Own Work To Sell – By Mike Savad
How To Critique And Edit Your Own Work For Better Sales
The important of Descriptions and Keywords by Mike Savad

i'd look around in the forum as the question comes up every other day.

a few things though:

1. upload more than 4 things,oh wait, 13 things.
2. upload only your very best images. things other people would have a hard time getting themselves.
3. have descriptions
4. you could ask for a critique if your brave enough.
5. some images have no tags

the few paintings i saw, looked enlarged to me. and may have trouble printing.

i prefer a bio that is in the first person. keep it simple to the point, and list the things you specialize in

generally you want to stand out against the pros, they are the competition. then you advertise. followers come when you help others, enter the contests here, groups, fall into cliques for commenting and such. sometimes there is a i follow you you follow back. i don't do any of those things myself.

but for now, you need more work up.

----Mike Savad


Edward Fielding

7 Days Ago

1. Create amazing work, the kind you'd buy if you were looking to decorate your home.

2. Create lots of it

3. Market your work and develop a following.

4. Follow your passion and develop a body of work around your interests.


Amran Hossen

7 Days Ago

I am also a new member of FAA. I think my work isn't up to the mark to get comments or reviews. I hope expert people will accept me as a student of them and will give suggestions to be a member of their community. Thank You.


Hans Zimmer

7 Days Ago

Hi Morgan and a warm welcome. Nothing other to add to the great advice already given than: it´s a marathon not a sprint - means you need patience! :o)


Mike Savad

7 Days Ago

@amran, unless a critique is asked for on a new thread, the only thing i will point out here is that you have really no keywords on anything, and no descriptions.

----Mike Savad


Bonjour Morgan....all of the above.


Floyd Snyder

7 Days Ago

Do not worry one bit about followers, views, comments. Work on getting your artwork seen OUTSIDE of FAA. All that other stuff are mostly FAA members, they buy very little and usually do not lead to sales. Those things will come on their own as you get people from OUTSIDE FAA seeing your work.

Read the thread by the owner of FAA called Transparency In Discussions

Then read my sales aide for new members. The 25-75 Rule For New Members

Best of luck to you all!


Robert Woodward

6 Days Ago

Above advice is all good. And welcome,



Bradford Martin

5 Days Ago

Here is my checklist for success in selling prints here.


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