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Jessica Jenney

7 Days Ago

Yes! We will get the whoel story soon. Poor girl!


Newspapers have one goal (usually). If it bleeds it leads.


Chuck De La Rosa

7 Days Ago

Robert while I agree that more often than not news is sensationalized, this is good news and many people are glad to hear she is alive and safe.


Janine Riley

6 Days Ago

This is excellent news , although I am sure this girl may have an extremely tough road ahead of her for recovery.


Floyd Snyder

6 Days Ago

For a rather obscure state, Wisconsin has some really bizarre crimes over the years.

Remember Ed Geins the guy that made a lampshade out of one of his victims?

Then there was Milwaukee Cannibal, Jeffery Dahmer.

And then the murderer that killed the murderer. Christopher Scarver that beat Dahmer to death with a piece of gym equipment while in prison in Portage Wisconsin.

Wisconsin. You would expect this craziness form a state like California or New York or Illinois with Chicago being one of the murder capitals of the world. Not to mention Detroit.


Steven Ralser

6 Days Ago

must be all that cheese


Alison Frank

6 Days Ago

I was so happy to hear she was found. Seems like she escaped and ran for help. What a brave little girl! The man they arrested was only 21 years old. They don't know much about him. I'm sure those who knew him will say, "He was always so quiet. You'd never think he could do something like this."


Ed Taylor

6 Days Ago

It would appear from the news conference she was the target and her parents were just collateral damage. So sad.


Chuck De La Rosa

6 Days Ago

Yeah, someone at work told me this guy had been stalking her.

Floyd, CA has had far more serial killers than WI. Aside from Charles Manson, most aren't newsworthy because it's so common there. Stuff like this is a big deal here in WI because it's not the norm.


Marlene Burns

6 Days Ago

I'm guessing that what has happened to this poor child since she has been missing, isn't going to be such good news when it all comes out....


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