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Art Sandi

7 Months Ago

Post Up To 2 Links Comment/like/favorite 5 People Above Your Image

Post Up To 2 Links, Comment/Like/Favorite the posted links of 5 people directly above your posted images

No nudity, politics, violence or cruelty

Because I'm first, to 5 people who post below me I will comment like and favorite



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Carol McGrath

7 Months Ago

bad link


Linda Cox

7 Months Ago




Minnetta Heidbrink

7 Months Ago



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Big Skip

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Lori Kingston

18 Hours Ago



A pair of new ones, digital art, both made from the same digital drawing. :)

Jim, you and I seem to be on the same schedule -- I often find myself post right after you. I like it -- I like getting to go comment on your beautiful work. :)


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